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For this installment of Taiwan Shopping Guide, I will be looking at where to find popular Korean skin care and makeup brands in Taipei. If you're pressed for time, I would highly recommend two specific areas, East Area (??) or Ximen (??). Skinfood has quite a few locations in Taipei, but surprisingly there isn't one in the popular East Area. Currently, Sulwhasoo can only be found at one department store in Taipei and that's the Sogo Zhongxiao branch (closet MRT is Zhongxiao Fuxing exit 4).
I remember The Face Shop being one of the first Korean brands to come into the Taiwan market. There are two Tony Moly stores in Taipei, one is at Ximen on Hangzhong Street (???), look for the huge Uniqlo store and you should be able to find Tony Moly close by. Too Cool For School came into the Taiwan market not long ago and has expanded very quickly. At Ximen, Too Cool For School can be found inside Eslite 116 and also in an alley near the large Uniqlo store. Again, I hope this guide helps out people who are on the look out for specific Korean beauty and skin care brands when shopping or in Taipei. Scientists have found a planetary system some 5,000 light years away, which has two planets, resembling Jupiter and Saturn, orbiting around a star. South Korean scientists played an instrumental role in finding a planetary system that closely resembles our solar system.
The international coalition of 69 scientists and amateur astronomers found a star about the half the weight of the sun and two orbiting planets that resembled Jupiter and Saturn, respectively, about 5,000 light years away from the Earth. The international research was conducted by 69 scientists and amateur astronomers including three Korean scientists, Han and Park Byeong-gon and Lee Chung-uk of the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute. Han, who has been engaged in this field since 2002, complied and analyzed the collected data in Mt. The new method used by Han and his fellow researcher is called ``microlensing.'' When a heavy object like a star or a planet traveling across the universe gets in the line of the sight of another star, the gravity of the nearer star, or planet, can bend and magnify the light coming from the more distant one. This effect is similar to that of a bottle of water distorting and magnifying objects behind it, and ``What we are doing is searching for the `bottles' in the universe,'' Han said.

In the case of the newly discovered planetary system, the star displayed the magnifying effect for about one month. Short URLs redirect to a specified link while rendering a GIF preview on Facebook and Twitter. The East Area is convenient because you'll be able to find Dr Jart, Etude House, Holika Holika, Innisfree, Missha, Nature Republic and Sulwhasoo and Too Cool For School all within a short distance from each other on a strip of Zhongxiao East Road (????) between Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station and Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station. Specifically, I've seen Dr Jart at the flagship Watsons at Zhongxiao Dunha (closet MRT station is Zhongxiao Dunha exit 2). There's a store in East Area (??) in the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT underground mall and another store is on the first floor of the Xinyi Vieshow Mall (????). The large flagship store is located on Zhongxiao East Road (closest MRT is Zhongxiao Dunhua exit 7).
I don't think Watsons stocks Missha's entire range but you should be able to find a decent selection of affordable makeup and skin care. There's a store near Taipei Main Station on the first floor of Caesar Park Hotel (MRT exit 6) and the Ximen store is located near the huge Uniqlo store (closet to MRT exit 6). Sulwhasoo is one of the more premium Korean skin care brands and a bestselling product is its First Care Activating Serum.
Currently, there are only two locations in Taipei, one store located at Gongguan, (outside MRT exit 4) right next to Skinfood. The other store is at Gongguan (MRT exit 4), it's not far from the Skinfood and The Face Shop stores.
In the Xinyi District (???), you'll be able to find Too Cool For School at the Xinyi Vieshow Mall (????) and also at Eslite Xinyi (closest MRT is Taipei City Hall station and just look for Eslite Xinyi). Three Korean scientists contributed to the ``microlensing'' project, which can lead to more discoveries of planets like Earth and Mars. But planets like Earth and Mars are much harder to see from a great distance because in most cases they do not emit visible light by themselves and they are smaller than stars. Ximen's street mall is also a good option because this is probably already on every tourist's list of places to visit.
Other locations include Zhongshan (close to MRT Zhongshan exit 2), Shida (??) (inside the Shida night market on Longquan Street), and Shilin (??) (outside the main Shilin night market on Wenlin Road, opposite the gas station).

Holika Holika's BB Cushion Powders and Naked Face BB cream and face powders are popular products. There is also a smaller store located near Taipei Main Station on Guangquian Road (???), close to the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Building.
You can either take the MRT to Taipei City Hall Station or Taipei 101 Trade Center Station and then walk to Mitsukoshi A11. There's another store located at Ximen on a corner at Emei Street (???), again, it's not far from the huge Uniqlo (closet MRT exit is 6).
Walk past the Starbucks and Campus Books and you'll be able to see Tony Moly a few doors down on the main street. This location is easy to get to via the Taipei Metro, catch the blue line and get off at Zhongxiao Fuxing and take exit 14.
You can also find Etude House at the street mall at Ximen on Hangzhong Street (???), a few doors down from the multi-level Uniqlo shop (closet MRT is Ximen exit 6). Once you get onto the main road out of the MRT exit, you'll see Starbucks on the corner and Tool Cool For School is just a few shops down. They also have a store inside the Eslite 116 mall at Ximen.As for Mizon, currently this brand only sells through their online shop and have not opened any physical stores throughout Taiwan. Currently, and as far as I know, Primera hasn't opened any physical stores here in Taiwan. I always want to know about the Korean Cosmetic Brands and this post help to reduce my this curiosity.
I want to share my views about this because I found a very interesting website about these products and that website is All Cosmetique who provide a wide collection of Korean Cosmetic Brands.

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