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C program to find Inverse of Matrix : For a square matrix A, the inverse matrix is written A-1. Now let us see how to implement above explained method using C program which takes order of Square Matrix as input and then Matrix and displays Determinant and Inverse Matrix as output. Having a good product is one of the best marketing strategies, this is so simple and so true!

The code is very difficult and solving of determinant of matrix can by written with recursion techniques (except other parts of code).
The programme in c about inverse of nxn matrix is not compiled when tested what could be the reason ?
Well i have been trying to used to calculate determinant using this function by passing 2dimensional matrix of size 100 as an input,but the output i am not able to get instead displaying killed. Thankfully, a fan took the code and recompiled it for OS X Mavericks compatibility, and it works and looks great on Apple’s latest operating system. It’s a port from Unix or Windows and generates 3D flyovers and pans of a newly-generated city at dusk, streets filled with the lights of oncoming and departing cars, and skyscrapers lit and half-lit. Get C and C++ tutorials, C programs, C source codes, parsers, books, video tutorials for free.
A square matrix which has an inverse is called invertible or non-singular, and a square matrix without an inverse is called non-invertible or singular.

Please copy the code correctly and execute it with the help of Dev C++ compiler or Code blocks. After your item is shipped, please allow another 2-5 business days for metro delivery or 4-7 business days for regional areas.
There are several different methods for calculating inverse of Matrix like Augmented Matrix Method, Adjoint Method and few shortcut methods.
Today i have written a  C program to find Inverse of Square or say NxN Matrix using Adjoint Method.

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