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Sure somebody who can not afford to send their child, nephew or niece to college is going to waste some money on these classes. Just have your priorities in order before you splurge like that on some LV glasses, Cartiers or not.
Tau your wrong fab is my dude but kanye had them first on the wouldnt get far video, and everyone stop hating cause you cant afford to cop the glasses.
For that last commenter, for the trained eye the fakes are so easy to spot a mile away and instantly devalues the person wearing them – especially if they have other luxury designer gear on. I Wuld go nutz on deez ry cher deez my shit ima bee hella stuntin in deez wen i cop dem but ima get dem…u dam sho ima get dem! I was looking for a bank statement for my vision board, when I came across this awesome thread about a guy who found a millionaire’s bank statement in a cafe. Just take a second and imagine how much you could accomplish if you focused your time and energy on growing your business. This entry was posted in Master Key and tagged Millionaire's bank statement on November 10, 2013 by Walter.
Of course you shouldnt blow your rent money on glasses but if you can reasonably afford the glasses without being an idiot thats broke, behind on your child support and basically just trying to front why not by them. A designer’s dream is to generate enough buzz and prestige around their product so that they can sale it higher.
If you can build up enough hype around plastic and short metal, then you have truly arrived.

Everyone else buy what you want if your ballin or broke it’ll either benefit or bite you. What really caught my attention was that the millionaire who left the bank statement also wrote a very inspiring message along with it.
This millionaire bank statement is a perfect example of what’s possible when you make everything else secondary. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. Therefore wasting their money when they could have saved it or invested it and turned $2000 into $5000. My $20 joints does the same thing the ones yaa€™ll are paying all that money for except one thing: Breaking my pocket.
JUST A HIGH PRICE TAG ATTACHED TO IT TO MAKE US BLACK FOLK THINK WE HAVE SOMETHING OF VALUE! I accept paypal and credit cards via paypal and I also have these listed on my ioffer store. Doin good things if you got it for others comes back just as heavy as the bill collectors if you don’t. Kanye stole that title and he even says in his interview that he owes it to Pharrell cos he taught him a hella lot about stlye and LV. See you were really smart, you would invest in your future, a house and stocks & bonds.

Just have your priroties in order before you splurge like that on some LV glasses, Cartiers or not.
I guess with the leftover money, you poor people will just buy these crappy sunglasses and a 6-pack of chicken nuggets. I would much rather invested in a future for my children then on a pair of shades I would end up not wearing. Thata€™s whata€™s wrong with us ethnic people, we are always trying to keep up with Gatesa€™a€¦.Bill Gates spends 50 bucks on jeans no more than a grand on a suit and his eye glasses go for maybe 200 bucks.
I have them on ioffer, a place where you buy, trade, make offers, etc… I accept Moneybookers and paypal for credit cards and Postal Money orders if you want to mail in a payment.
Oh yeah they only made 500 of each color white, purple, red,black(got em) and teal ( got those too)!
I understand that it is cool and a lot more convenient to speak and type in slang, but I swear to God, I felt dyslexic when I was reading more then half of these comments.
Me personally I cana€™t afford to drop a stack on sunglasses, but if you can then thata€™s whata€™s up.
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