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Six years ago, when I felt depressed with my first job as an auditor, I became committed to pursuing my passion and started learning more about my passion. Teaching other people how to do accounts: I felt joy solving difficult issues and teaching other people.
It took me so long to understand that the only reason why I did animation is because I wanted to help others learn more about themselves through stories and animation. Finding an Animation Job in MalaysiaLast month, I wrote a blog post on "Finding an Animation Job in Singapore". In Search of the Truth About James BrownOne Woman’s Crusade to Ban the Box on College Applications 20 Things 50-Year-Old Black Men Get to Do Without Giving a DamnWhen Nia Long Told Larry King That J. The Internet has allowed an underserved community to unite, but no amount of magic or fantasy erases the racism and sexism they face in the pursuit of their unconventional passions. Broadnax isn’t the only African-American woman who supports others in the embrace of interests and hobbies typically linked to geekiness. Of course, having a place to belong doesn’t mean that racism and misogyny magically cease to exist when you enter the nerd realm.
According to Broadnax, merchandise that fans buy from very popular mainstream nerd sites rarely include representations of characters of color, particularly female characters.

Ashlee Blackwell (second from right) discussing horror and horror fandom at a film screening she curated back in February 2014. However, even when the diversity issue is drawn to the attention of content producers, Broadnax said, they sometimes still refuse to address or acknowledge it. For Blackwell’s particular fandom, it is the misogyny that feels much more prevalent. While managing negative respones like these, she also focuses her attention on spreading the word about things like the fact that black women have been present in classic horror films from the very beginning. Of course, that is not to say that these self-proclaimed nerdy black girls haven’t had great experiences. A prime example was the recent announcement that Sam Wilson (aka the Falcon), who is black, will be the new Captain America.
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Well if you know me,you know my affinity for all things cupcake related, so I had to find out who made this cool shirt. I love the Sir Astro logo - it's so fly and seems to symbolize Nerdy Fresh's goal to exceed trends and stay above the fashion curve.
My 16-month old granddaughter will love learning shapes by sorting each shell into its own carton spot. I know my grandaughter will love to receive a pair of Dress-Up Wings–I just hope she doesn’t expect me to wear them! My granddaughter loves making handprints, face prints, and other designs, then watching them disappear. Both my grandkids enjoy these mini baskets filled with candy treats or toys that make Easter a little more special!
If we were paid or compensated in some way, we will let you know at the beginning of the post. But from my perspective, I’m just fine-tuning and recalibrating my life whenever I received new information about myself.
But I gave up the idea of being a school teacher because I don’t like to stand in front of a class of 30-40 students and teach. I used to give free tuition to my peers in school and I was a peer buddy in Animation Mentor for a year. So instead of asking yourself WHAT you love to do, ask yourself WHY do you love doing what you do. Even though there are many things you love to do, not all of them are equally important to you.

Even though it’s a business book for leaders, I am able to draw concepts from it and applied to my own life. It doesn’t matter if I do animation, write or give tuition, as long as I can share my insights and inspire other people to grow and be better, I satisfy my purpose in life.
Ashlee Blackwell has created Graveyard Shift Sisters, a growing community for black women who are into horror. The lack of diversity within the fandoms, as well as the lack of knowledge of black characters, is a much-discussed problem.
This prompted her to start regularly spotlighting black female characters from comic books. Even though I wrote a book on passion, I’m still discovering a lot about my passion to date. You don’t use your mind to figure out if you love something or not, you use your heart.
I prefer to teach one to one so that I can put all my attention on the student and help him or her understand the concepts. Even though Animation is WHAT I love, the only type of animation that I truly love are from Pixar.
So it’s not uncommon for a young black girl who may be into comics, science fiction, horror or anime to ask herself, “Am I the only one?
When she focused on the first black female superhero, Butterfly, the reactions to the post amazed her. But that positivity is dampened when they go on to mention the aggressions, micro or otherwise, that they’ve experienced or heard friends talk about. These are pets that parents will appreciate–nothing to feed, and no mess to clean up! I'm sure the line is going to expand as it reminds me of the first Phat Farm collection (back in 93-lol). And the main reason WHY I love their stories so much is because I can relate to them and learn something about myself.

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