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A woman who was arrested for stabbing a 49-year-old man in a Fairfield neighborhood was released Saturday, police said.
Saturday night's Powerball drawing produced a winner of the $429.6 million jackpot, according to lottery officials.
Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. The ticket was sold in New Jersey.The jackpot had swelled to one of the largest ever after 18 drawings. Sunday morning.Authorities say that's where they found 31-year old Leslee Brock verbally fighting with a man. Officers found the victim with a stab wound to his abdomen.He was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. These powerful verses are like a mirror.A If you will be brave enough to look honestly into that mirror, you will find that Paul lists fifteen powerfulA points about the love of God and how it behaves. The end of the pipe that contained the steel wool had black burn marks, which indicates burning. You could say thatA agape is a love that isna€™t based on response but on a decision to keep on loving, regardless of a recipienta€™s response or lack of response. The wordA makros may indicate something that is long, distant, far, remote, or of long duration. It can be translated as the words forbearance and patience.A The wordA makrothumia (a€?longsufferinga€?) is like a candle that has a very long wick.

It is readyA to forbear and patiently wait until a certain person finally comes around, makes progress, changes, or hears what you are trying to communicateA or teach him. In fact, the harder the fight and the longer the struggle, the more committedA agape love becomes. Like a candle with an endless wick, it just keeps burning and burning and burning, for it never knows how to quit. This,A of course, is contrary to human nature, which says, a€?Ia€™m sick and tired of waiting and believing.
In other words, God has magnificently bestowed on you sufficient love to be longsuffering in any relationship or situation.A Goda€™s love has literally been poured forth, dispensed, and shed abroad in your heart.
It supernaturally becomes stronger and more committedA the longer it takes to get through to the heart of the one who is loved.
Instead,A agape makes you want to bend over backwards to become what others need you to be for them! Thus, the word a€?kinda€? portraysA a willingness to serve and to change in order to meet the needs of others. Instead, it is always reaching out, thinking and focusing primarily on theA needs of others. This is a person so bent on getting his own way that he is willing to sacrifice anything or anyone to get it. He is so consumed with himself thatA he doesna€™t ever think of the needs or desires of others.
You see, real agape love doesna€™t think of itself first but is always looking outward, thinking of the other person rather than itself.

Now you must look into Goda€™s a€?mirrora€? and see what it tells you about your own life today. Are you more focused on people around you than on yourself?A If your answer is yes to these questions, then praise God for the great growth and spiritual maturity you have gained in your life. I realizeA that Ia€™ve allowed myself to get clogged up with my own self-interests far too often. I realize that the only way I canA become this selfless is to yield to the Holy Spirit so He can do a deep work in my life.
I am so concerned about the welfare of others that one of myA chief priorities in life is to become everything I need to be to meet their needs. Although God has given me my ownA dreams and desires, I never neglect to help others achieve their dreams and aspirations asA well. Can you say that you are longsuffering and patient with others, or would you have to admit that you tend to be short-tempered and quick to a€?blow your topa€? when other people dona€™t do exactly what you expected them to do?A 2. Can you say that you are compliant to the needs of those around you, or would you have to say you are continually demanding that others meet your needs?

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