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Basically, some kinds of tumors can produce little horn-like protrusions from the surface of the skin. Marine biologists with a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expedition in the Mariana Trench encountered a luminous red-and-yellow jellyfish in April, Scientific American reports.
With all due respect to web content management systems like Drupal and Joomla, there’s a reason why WordPress is king. 3D printing has been one of those “next big thing” innovations among early adopters and the tech circle in-crowd for a few years now. What luck!  The British Library recently announced the discovery of a long-lost medieval cookbook with, among other things, a recipe on how to cook a unicorn. As I recall, old sideshows would raise a young goat and use rope and what not to jam its horns tightly together, and after a few years, bam, unicorn.
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Over the years, twenty additional species of puffle (including real-world animal counterparts) were officially recognized and discovered. The Blue Border Collie and Orange Tabby Cat became the first two permanently adoptable puffle creatures just prior to the Puffle Party 2014.
There are Puffle Parties that have been held in either February, March, or April since 2009. Members can adopt up to 75 puffles, with no limit on the quantity of each colouration, while non-members can only buy up to 2 puffles of either red or blue.
Puffle Handbook: Although not a tab, the puffle handbook tells you how to care for your puffles, information on the puffle color, and tells you about their features.
All puffles cost 400 coins to adopt (formerly 800), except in the case of the Rainbow and Gold puffles, and most Puffle Creatures.
They are very creative and artistic, and are known to sculpt and paint perfect pieces of art.
Brown Puffles are the most intelligent puffles, as the Brown Puffle Cave where they were discovered is full of complex machinery. Like rainbow puffles, gold puffles had been rumored to exist years before they were discovered. Purple Turkish Van Cat Puffles were first seen in a drawing in the Doodle Dimension at the April Fools' Party 2012.
Reindeer Puffles were first spotted at the Holiday Party 2012 exit page, then on the homescreen; then confirmed to be able to become one.

I find it delightfully ironic that his first possible route involves something that, if I were to show you pictures of it*, you would probably request a unicorn chaser. The Mutter Museum has a wax model of the head of a French woman, Madame Dimanche, who had one of these tumor horns removed from the middle of her forehead when she was 82 years old. Rent, power, gas, cable, digital…every month, you’ve got to do the rounds, either authorizing online payments or sending old-school checks in the mail like your grandparents did. It wouldn’t, however, give you a classical unicorn which differs significantly from a horse in having cloven hooves, often a beard, and a tufted tail. Puffles were first discovered in November 2005, and were first adoptable in March 2006, being sold for 800 coins, which has since been reduced to 400 coins. Of fourteen, twelve are permanently adoptable for members, two Puffle Creatures are permanently adoptable at the pet shop, two are adoptable for non-members, and six were temporarily adoptable at Prehistoric Party 2014 and Prehistoric Party 2016. Snowman Puffles became available at the Frozen Party, and Ghost Puffles became available at the Halloween Party 2014, a Blue Crystal Puffle became available at the Merry Walrus Party, after appearing in the TV special We Wish You a Merry Walrus. Each puffle had their own special area (during the Puffle Parties) and, sometimes, there are discoveries of new species.
Their main sound is squeaking, as seen (heard) in Puffle Roundup and by mousing over the puffles in Aunt Arctic's igloo in Secret Mission 1. Here, you can see your certificate of ownership, tips for Puffle Digging, or send your puffle back to its natural habitat.
The Blue and Red Puffles are the only puffles that are available to both non-members and members. They were discovered on Rockhopper Island by Captain Rockhopper, who decided to take some back to Club Penguin. However, they have a wild side; they love to skateboard and they are known to catch on fire when they are feeling happy and strong.
They are also known for their ability to turn anything in to ice, or create slopes of ice from thin air. They play with rocket ships and dream of equations, complete with a graph paper background. Their existence was rumored in the community for many years before they were seen for the first time in the Puffle Party music video. Members can adopt a gold puffle by feeding their puffle a golden O' berry at the Pet Shop and waddling around until they dig up 15 golden nuggets, then activating the golden jackhammer in the Gold Mine. There are six variants (Blue Triceratops, Black T-Rex, Pink Stegosaurus, Red Triceratops, Purple T-Rex and Yellow Stegosaurus).

It’s open-source, SEO friendly, and streamlines the process of building and maintaining nearly any type of website. Puffles are small, limbless creatures who eat Puffle-O's and other foods native to Club Penguin.
The Rainbow Puffle and Gold Puffle are adoptable via quests starting at the Puffle Hotel Lobby and Pet Shop, respectively.
All puffles can summon hair brushes, bath tubs, and some puffles can summon color specific objects like a sleeping mask. A puffle only plays with its own toys (example: A red puffle will only play with bowling pins and cannons. There is also a yellow puffle named the Keeper of the Stage, which will appear when you pull the yellow lever on the Switchbox 3000. They are connected back to ninjas quite often, especially since the first white puffles were spotted at the Dojo.
It's a result of a backfired potion, which happens when you mix the ingredients in the wrong order. In 2013, the puffles were shown in a somewhat mix of their original artwork and the 2011 artwork (when coming out of animations they may also flash back into their original artwork). In the book The Great Puffle Switch, it is revealed that puffles can speak to each other without penguins understanding. The most famous green puffle is the Keeper of the Boiler Room, which sits on top of a speaker in the Dance Club.
It is also mentioned by Aunt Arctic in the newspaper that she had been trying to figure out the puffle language and that Rockhopper can communicate with Yarr since they know each other well. The best way to feed a puffle is feeding him one apple whenever the food bar is at a one-half point and 2 Puffle O's when it’s empty.
Each puffle has a different personality and style so players can find the one that fits them best.
These are all the puffles that have been permanently or temporarily adoptable in order of discovery dates.

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