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She believes the rings tumbled out of her pocket in the 1960s while she was living in the Grant County village of Santa Clara, reports the Las Cruces Sun-News.
They were unearthed in a yard there years ago and have finally made their way back to her thanks to an observant yard worker, one woman's sharp memory and her daughter's persistence. Kirker had a habit of taking the matching white gold and diamond rings off and wrapping them in tissues while she cooked, placing the tissues in her pocket.
Gutierrez's daughter, Edna Salas, said the rings were unearthed years later when Gutierrez hired someone to clean her yard. She passed the box on to the Kirkers' daughter-in-law, who worked at a local grocery store. The couple lost an infant daughter in a house fire and, later, a granddaughter and great-grandson in a 2012 car crash. INSOLITE - Niamh Geaney, 26 ans et Karen Braningan, 29 ans, vivent toutes les deux en Irlande et se ressemblent comme deux gouttes d’eau.
She remembered having them in her pocket at church and suspected they had fallen near the home of Romana Gutierrez, where the couple always parked before celebrating Sunday Mass.
Gutierrez didn't know how to reach them, said Salas, so she put the jewelry in a small blue box. But he was skeptical that the rings were actually be theirs until the daughter-in-law described them. On pourrait jurer qu'elles sont soeurs jumelles et pourtant, aucun lien de parente ne les unit.Memes yeux bleus, meme sourire, meme forme du visage et meme coupe de cheveux… Si elles ne se connaissaient pas il y a encore deux semaines, ce n'est pas par pur hasard que les deux jeunes femmes sont tombees l'une sur l’autre. Car bombing was a popular mob tactic here in the 1970s and 1980s for two reasons, according to Dennis Arnoldy, a retired FBI agent."It's a pretty efficient way to do something.
Cette rencontre est le fruit d'une veritable campagne lancee sur le web par Niamh et deux de ses amis, Terence et Harry.
And it's certainly a way to grab attention," said Arnoldy, who worked on FBI investigations of Las Vegas street crimes by members of the Chicago branch of the Mafia.
Tout commence lorsqu'ils se lancent un defi insolite: trouver leurs sosies en un mois seulement.

The device that triggered the Monday explosion at the Luxor was not a conventional car bomb because it sat atop the vehicle. One of his tips is to make sure one of you is married in real life, because the goal of having an office marriage is to provide the companionship and commitment characteristic of a husband-wife relationship, while downplaying the passion, because that can lead to an office romance, which is another story. Nous voulons trouver nos sosies etrangers" expliquent-ils sur leur page Facebook et leur compte Twitter. And Martha wastes no time in reminding Fernando that the last time he cooked, he gave everyone diarrhea.
The afternoon explosion happened when the former FBI agent -- Las Vegas' first resident agent -- was starting his car, which had been parked in the garage of a downtown bank. Other tips include how to avoid polygamous work marriages and stick to your organizational hierarchy. Sur leur site appele Twinstrangers, ils racontent l'evolution de leurs recherches et sollicitent l'aide des internautes. At the time of his death, the lawyer was part owner, through marriage, of the land on which Binion's Horseshoe stood. Niamh, Harry et Terence ont recu de nombreux messages et photos venant des quatre coins du monde. Jusqu'ici, Niamh s’est revelee etre la plus chanceuse puisqu'elle a deja rempli sa mission en trouvant Karen.
News accounts have said Coulthard was estranged from the other land owners, who were his wife's siblings.• In January 1977, unexploded car bombs were found on two cars on the same night. One car was parked outside the Village Pub, a restaurant on Koval Lane, and the other outside the Starboard Tack, a restaurant on Atlantic Avenue. Je l'ai trouve grace au pouvoir des reseaux sociaux", s’est rejouie sur Facebook celle qui se decrit comme une "presentatrice de television freelance". Both restaurants were embroiled in labor disputes with the Culinary union.The car bombs were linked to a murder a few weeks later, that of local Culinary union boss Al Bramlet.
Elle realise en effet actuellement des videos pour un site feminin irlandais, Shemazing.La jeune femme, qui reside a Dublin, a eu la grande surprise de decouvrir que son sosie parfait n'habitait qu'a une heure de route de chez elle.

I know it did,” Fernando, 36, narrates while talking about his childhood spent locked up or sleeping in alleys. Tom Hanley, a notorious Las Vegas tough and labor racketeer, and his son Gramby Hanley pleaded guilty to the murder and were sentenced to life without parole. Elle s'est confiee sur ABC News au sujet de leur rencontre: "J’ai commence a me sentir ridiculement nerveuse, et je me suis demandee comment j'allais reagir en rencontrant quelqu'un qui me ressemble. Niamh et Karen se sont habillees et maquillees de facon identique et la ressemblance en est devenue encore plus frappante.Quant a ses deux comperes, ils sont moins chanceux qu'elle. Landra Reid, the senator's wife, discovered the device when, one evening, she checked under the hood of the Reids' car. The engine had been running rough for several days.Metropolitan police removed the device, which apparently was intended to cause the gas tank to explode when the vehicle started.
That April, Harry Reid had left the Nevada Gaming Commission after four years as its chairman.
Two months before the Reid bomb incident, another former Nevada gaming commissioner, George Swarts, had been targeted with a car bomb, which also failed. The era was marked by confrontations between Nevada gaming officials and casino owners and managers over hidden ownerships and skimming operations at the Tropicana, Stardust and other hotels. No suspects was arrested in the Reid or Swarts case.• In October 1982, the Cadillac of Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal burned to a crisp after an explosive caused the gas tank to blow up. Rosenthal, a reputed mobster, was injured, but survived by rapidly bailing out from the driver's seat. Police determined a flammable liquid had been poured around the car, and then ignited.Day, who had written extensively about organized crime in Las Vegas, believed that associates of Tony Spilotro might have burned his car to show displeasure with his reporting. He also believed that mob associates were responsible for an earlier incident, which resulted in dents to the Volvo.

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