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In the past this did not matter, not enough of our lives were chronicled online to worry about what happened when people “Googled” us and few of us had our names out in the public domain. For a growing number of women, this creates personal and professional difficulties as her past becomes untraceable. When Mashable writer Samantha Murphy Kelly told her own tale of two names, she asked Google for a comment. A +Forbes  article suggests ways to mitigate the challenge but acknowledged that by changing her name a woman becomes a like British Petroleum when it became BP: in need of a rebranding campaign.
This is hardly an earth-shaking problem, but it does and will effect a very large number of women (and perhaps a few men) and as more of our world moves online, perhaps a new approach is needed.
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I wonder if the tradition of taking the husband’s last name has become archaic anyway? It might be and I certainly can see both side of the issue, but as long a women are changing their names, there should be a way to find them.
Interesting food for thought…I did change my name almost 20 years ago and that was before I started writing, etc. My concern if for women, young women really, who are establishing themselves and then will just disappear in search if they change their names.
As a former university lecturer in Gender studies, I can say that if I could go back there is no way I would take my husband’s name. I am really agnostic on name changes, just think it is time for technology to acknowledge the practice. A white woman who was impersonated by a black woman for 22 years has spoken for the first time after discovering the deceit. Pictured baby Lily Grace in Hull Royal Infirmary A miracle baby whose parents had to say 'goodbye' to her THREE times has made an amazing recovery. Dozens of cannibalistic fanged spiders have invaded a street in South Wales as the epidemic spreads. A waitress has been left fuming after she was given the boot from Little Chef - after she took home a slice of APPLE PIE.
Britain's largest stash of Elvis LP's and memorabilia is to go under hammer in what must be a RECORD collection.
A mum is living in fear for the safety of her children after a flag outside her home was mistaken for that of Islamic State.

A have-a-go hero saved a girl being dragged screaming down a street by a thug after giving chase to her attacker.
Glamour model Katie Price has been snapped getting down and dirty in the Derbyshire countryside. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick!
As we've been discussing in the thread on slavery, racism existed and exists in all regions of the country. Crimeny, a simple question about Indian ancestry has devolved into a Southerners are the devil, no Northerners are the devil argument.
As to Natives having Euro surmanes, this actually was not all that uncommon, especially among the Eastern tribes who had earlier contact with and were displaced by the whites.
But all this has changed and any accomplishment or indeed any information that is searchable by or about a woman who has changed her name, suddenly becomes untraceable.
Shocked Carol Anne Payton had her identity stolen by another woman using her maiden name of Keast for passports and other documents.
Sadly, she told the Huffington Post that people still make negative comments to her all day, every day, though it’s now mostly online.
She has been an incredible inspiration to millions of women all around the world, as Twitter and Instagram have blown up in the past few months with women tagging the movement that Holliday is founder of: #effyourbeautystandards. Walker is a freelance writer and a voracious reader, who enjoys simple things, laughter with loved ones, and wide open spaces. Revisionist white northerners want to claim their stuff doesn't stink, and it's just not so.
Once you know that, then you check tribal rolls for her name or names of her ancestors if she was not enrolled at any time. I'm told that's what they are doing on the reservations these days what with all the white guys pretending to be indians. When a woman changes her name she begins again with a new identity, which for search purposes, is disconnected from her past. However, as I write about in my memoir, my college boyfriend went to Google (this was pre-Facebook) to track me down, but he didn’t know my married name. But after years of using my maiden name, I added my married name to my passport because I often traveled internationally with my kids and we were hassled if we weren’t with my husband. She told my grandmother that her maiden name was Lealiwall (the spelling is a guess) and that she was partially Native American.
Other than that, you are going on speculation or family stories, of which, neither is proof.

But +Google  as opposed to +Google+  does not seem to have a mechanism for merging the two identities many women create by changing their last names. I like having my own identity under my maiden name, especially now that I’m writing more publicly.
I eventually started using both names for my writer’s credit because there was a celeb psychologist in our neighborhood with the same name as mine and people constantly mixed us up. Now, she’s using the reasons for all those years of bullying to her advantage and inspiring women world-wide. I spent almost a year trying to track the name down (and figuring out to spell it) until I found an obituary for a man who turned out to be her step-brother, and learned that her maiden name was actually Sturgis. But a few generatons later after the Indians have long been removed to Kansas and Oklahoma the notion of having Indian ancestors sounds kind'a romantic.
If she was indeed native and she married into a white family before reservation times for whatever nation she is supposedly from, you may be hard pressed to find any documentation. When I wrote a book, I went back to my maiden name (even though my husband’s name is arguably cooler). She is the first model of her size to be signed to a major modeling agency, in this case MiLK Model Managment.
About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. So now my drivers license and passport are different from my credit cards, my doctor’s records, tax forms, etc. Although the woman you seek may have changed her name, it is unlikely that her parents or brother have. The information you receive will be the family history, and perhaps a family tree depicting all family members.
From that, you may be able to find additional relatives to assist in locating the woman you seek. Or you may find the family line she married into, thus locating her new last name and another avenue for searching. Although she may have changed her name, she may still use her maiden name in these social outlets to aid connection with past friends.

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