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It’s easy for scientists to laugh off the person making such an argument as someone who knows nothing about science.  But I see this as a teachable moment.
The thing is scientists often use words that have very different meanings in a public context. Now there’s grist for the mill — to use an unscientific term — for both scientists and non-scientists in the table above. We must all learn to communicate a little better if we’re to understand this world we live in and make the best possible use of it. Volunteers searching for Holly Bobo, the Tennessee woman who was snatched from her home and led into the woods by a camouflage-wearing stranger, found a "significant" item, the Decatur County sheriff said. Officials said they could not disclose what it was that was recovered because that would jeopardize the integrity of the investigation. But the discovery has fueled their search in Northern Decatur County, and was based on a tip that came in during a phone call, the sheriff said.
Investigators have said they believe Bobo's abductor lives in or near the 20-year-old college student's town of Parsons, Tenn., and have asked her neighbors to report any unusual activity or a break in peoples' routine those noticed in recent days. The reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever abducted Holly Bobo is up to $80,000, including $50,000 from the state, which was announced by Gov. Police have collected several pieces of evidence in the woods near Bobo's home, but Gwyn said it could be days before those objects could be analyzed and positively linked to Bobo. In the meantime, the only evidence police have found and made public were Bobo's lunch purse and some blood.
Gwyn said it is possible Bobo's abductor led the woman to a vehicle left on a road, accessible through the woods, and drove away.
He said investigators still believe Bobo is in the state, but the FBI would get involved if there was evidence to suggest otherwise.

Among those helping to search for Holly is her cousin, Whitney Duncan, a country music singer who today made a tearful plea today for the nursing student's safe return.
Duncan said that she and her family members have been unable to sleep since April 13, when Bobo's 25-year-old brother saw a man dressed in camouflage lead Bobo into the woods. Duncan described her missing cousin as a homebody and said that she and Bobo are as close as sisters.
More than a thousand people have volunteered to help search the dense woods for any sign of Bobo. Investigators have not ruled anyone out as a suspect in Bobo's disappearance and are in the midst of analyzing key evidence, although police had earlier said that Bobo's brother -- the last person to see her -- and boyfriend are not suspects.
Some of that key evidence includes the 20-year-old nursing student's lunch box found miles from her home. As many of you know, embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and I were enrolled at Carleton University in Ottawa at the same time.
A sex tape purported to feature Mayor Ford, his brother Councilor Doug Ford and an unknown prostitute has been circulating the Internet. Although it certainly has some feminine features, this in no way describes a sexist or degrading attitude toward women. Mayor Ford, while generously playing Santa Claus at a Dufferin Mall charity event, did not ask a child present if there was black Santa Claus, too, as the left-wing media has been reporting.
Although the Mayor tried cocaine back in his youth in the 80’s, he has not knowingly used it in a freebase situation in quite a stretch. The problem comes when scientists (and science reporters) use scientific terms to communicate scientific findings to the public.
Outside of scientific circles terms like uncertainty, bias and values all have strong connotations.

The other evidence being analyzed was found in the woman's driveway and includes blood on the ground and duct tape with blond hair stuck to it.
We never attended a class together, but we became last-call drinking companions, and over the years whenever one of us has found ourselves drinking alone and pining for the old days, we’d contact one another.
The Mayor’s office wants to assure everybody that this is a hoax perpetuated by the left wing media in an effort to subvert the democratic process and defame hard working civic officials. The boy who cited this story, Abdul Azeem Kazi, is clearly a Muslim and obviously does not believe in Santa Claus.
The Mayor regrets his youthful experiments (there was no sexual experimentation) with drugs, and hopes for a speedy conclusion to the NHL hockey lockout.
I do believe that the video, of which there must be several copies, will be all over the Internet within a week, and I also believe that Ford will continue to deny it, or whatever fragment of it, he can, until their is actually a witness to place him at the scene.
Since Rob’s been Mayor, this has been more frequent and we’re often texting one another late at night, conversations which I often post on my Blog.  Rob actually likes that I do this, telling me, “You tell it like it is, just like me!” Impressed by my integrity, Mayor Ford has put me on staff as a writer, and my first assignment was to craft a number of pre-prepared press releases for media eruptions that the office anticipates in the near future. The faces of the men in the videotape are not visible, as they are concealed by football helmets, and Rob Ford’s famous third nipple is nowhere in sight.
In fact, Mayor Ford has been using the Tackling Dummy as an instructional prop in order to help educate his football players in sexual harassment protocols and in the proper treatment of cheerleaders.
It should also be noted that Rob and Doug are very common names, and the fact that they are repeatedly bellowed throughout the video in no way links the Ford brothers to this robust threesome.
We have strong reason to suspect that this boy was working for the Toronto Star and that his parent’s are in the country illegally.

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