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Artist’s schematic impression of the distortion of spacetime by a supermassive black hole at the centre of a galaxy. There’s the common notion that black holes suck in everything in the nearby vicinity by exerting a strong gravitational influence on the matter, energy, and space surrounding them. About 23% of the Universe is made up of mysterious dark matter, invisible material only detected through its gravitational influence on its surroundings.
The researchers modeled the way in which the dark matter is absorbed by black holes and found that the rate at which this happens is very sensitive to the amount of dark matter found in the black holes’ vicinity.
Their work therefore suggests that the density of dark matter in the centers of galaxies tends to be a constant value. Still, DM must be some tricky sfuff if it can influence regular matter gravitiationally, but not be influenced by it.
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The black hole will swallow dark matter at a rate which depends on its mass and on the amount of dark matter around it. But astronomers have found that the dark matter around black holes might be a different story.
In the early Universe clumps of dark matter are thought to have attracted gas, which then coalesced into stars that eventually assembled the galaxies we see today.

If this concentration were larger than a critical density of 7 Suns of matter spread over each cubic light year of space, the black hole mass would increase so rapidly, hence engulfing such large amounts of dark matter, that soon the entire galaxy would be altered beyond recognition. By comparing their observations to what current models of the evolution of the Universe predict, Hernandez and Lee conclude that it is probably necessary to change some of the assumptions that underpin these models – dark matter may not behave in the way scientists thought it did.
Previously she served as UT's Senior Editor and lead writer, and has worked with Astronomy Cast and 365 Days of Astronomy. Assuming the model is valid, this finding would seem to lend credence to the suspicion that dark matter is merely the result of our failure to fully understand gravity. So what you are saying here, if I, say, had a beam of streaming dark matter particles, it would pass through a black hole?
Otherwise , since it is agnostic to other forces it would congregate at the center of galaxies and not in their halos.
Mass bends spacetime, but maybe space-time ripples cased by some events long time ago could mimic this appearence of dark matter.
If dark matter consists of particles and exert gravitational influence on their surroundings then why can’t gravity act upon it and suck it into a black hole like ordinary matter? In their efforts to understand galaxy formation and evolution, astronomers have spent a good deal of time attempting to simulate the build up of dark matter in these objects.
William Lee from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) calculated the way in which the black holes found at the center of galaxies absorb dark matter. The fact that it does not get absorbed really boggles the mind – if the only way we can detect this matter is through its gravitational pull, how can it not itself be effected by the strongest source of gravity in our galaxy? Here dark matter only exude gravitation, but oddly, is not affected by the strong gravitational source of the black hole (to be captured) or even knows the mass of the black hole is there?

The consistency of dark matter probably isn’t dependent upon the black holes in the center of a galaxy, but rather all the matter near the center of a galaxy, which for many galaxies would be consistent. These black holes have anything between millions and billions of times the mass of the Sun and draw in material at a high rate. I like the idea that dark matter may consist of filaments too large to get pulled into the black hole. It would mean that it carries something akin to an electrical charge and it has to be electically inert by definition. Not only would this have consequences for cosmology, but it would also have problems with interactions with large and strong gravitational sources. For instance, dark matter particles will rarely, if ever, collide with anything, so there is no mechanism for a halo to collapse. And if dark matter density did exceed the critical threshold in the early universe, one can suggest that super massive black holes first formed after the density dropped below the critical value. This paper may constrain models of the early universe, but I am sure it will take more to invalidate general relativity.

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