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They are a great fashion item to wear for during the day whether you want to dress them up or down. They will look chic with heels and a blazer and they will look casually stylish with boots and a jumper. The high street has some great boyfriend fit jean buys which are available for you to buy now. So make sure you invest in a pair this year as these are most definitely a must have wardrobe essential! I love the look of slouchy boyfriend jeans, especially when pared with a chic blazer and some killer pointy-toe pumps.
I paired my boyfriend jeans with a fun paisley blazer and silk top capped off with my new favorite silver heels for a brunch date.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Boyfriend jeans is a term that was coined when Katie Holmes was seen wearing what appeared to be the old jeans of Tom Cruise.

The boyfriend jean look made its debut a few years back but this season we will see it revived. Since then, it has become popular for girls to wear guy’s pants that are ripped and well-worn.
They’re not meant to be form-fitting or the exact right length, but they should at least fit you in the waist. Finding a pair of jeans that appear well-worn is the key to successfully pulling off this look. What you wear with your boyfriend jeans will determine whether you end up looking like you’re wearing boyfriend jeans, or you’re just a tomboy. At that point, you end up with the ragged jean look, or the homeless look, so be careful not to have more than just a couple holes.
It’s fine to have to roll the bottom a couple of times, but if you have to fold up more than about 4 inches, you start to push your luck, and will end up with a bulk at the bottom of your jeans.
Be sure to look yourself over in the mirror carefully before you head out to be sure that you are looking good, and don’t be afraid to get friends’ opinions if you’re not sure.

The idea is that you are wearing your boyfriend’s favorite pair of jeans that he’s worn while working on his car or while painting, or any number of traditional “guy” things. If you’re wearing a baggy t-shirt or hoodies with them, you’ll be mistaken for a tomboy, so it’s important to wear a cute top with them. The boyfriends jeans are supposed to look like they came to be like that naturally, so holes in the knees only is preferred. Some people have gotten it right, while others have gotten it wrong, so here are a few tips to help you pull off the boyfriend jeans look.

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