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January 31, 2016 1.8, Dungeons, Loot 1 This seed will spawn you on the west side of a large jungle island. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Then try your hand at surviving on this empty island with only grass, sand and some gravel. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Specifically, within 16 blocks of the bottom of the map.Diamond caches are randomly dispersed within 16 blocks of the bottom of the map. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. As long as your Y coordinate is less the 16 (press F3 to see the exact position), your likelihood of finding diamonds is the same as anywhere else. This guide will show you several different methods of effective diamond mining underground without using any cheating or hacking.All of these methods will require a plentiful supply of torches, extra wood, a bucket of water and pickaxes and shovels (stone or iron ones will work best).
16 Is The BEST Area To Find Diamonds!There are more diamonds towards the South West side, Due to a Bug!Where diamonds are generated is random. If you plan on mining on easy, normal or hard mode, then you’ll want to bring food and some kind of weapon (sword or bow and arrows) along for safety. If you want to dig a temporary mine to dig out a few diamonds (and you won’t be returning to the mine again), then this is the mine for you.
It’s very easy and good for finding many different types of ore, not just diamonds, such as iron or redstone.

Simply go to a high vantage point where there is a space of two blocks side by side that you’re going to dig down. Starting at a higher point will allow you to gain more resources hidden inside a mountain, rather than starting on flat ground at sea level.Dig down by digging out two blocks side by side. Be sure to check your tunnels for diamonds along the edges before blowing it up, though.Once you get diamond, use it to find more diamond. Then, switch positions to the newly dug block to dig the previous one that you were standing one.
The increased speed at which you will locate diamond will pay for the diamond tools rather quickly.Please subscribe and give me an UP if this was helpful to you, comments are encouraged too! Falling into lava means almost certain death, unless you have a bucket of water with you to douse it out. You should find a fair amount of coal, iron, diamonds and cave systems to explore using the two block method. To build a tower, hold your building tower material and simply jump while placing the block underneath you. To quickly build a tower to ascend to the surface, hold down the space bar and keep clicking the block under you.Strip MiningThis is a very popular method for many Minecraft players to find diamonds.
Compared to a two block mine, a strip mine is much larger and is usually returned to for more digging time after time as a player’s main ore resource. You’ll need lots of space, plenty of ladders and digging equipment, depending on how big you want your mine shaft to be. Obviously, a larger sized mine shaft, such as an 8X8 shaft, will take much longer to dig than a 4X4.

An average 4X4 mineshaft dug all the way to bedrock from sea level should take a little less than an hour, though it will depend on how good your tools are. Dig a space at least 1X2 that you can fit into and carve out a tunnel, with the 16th block as the one above your head if you went into the tunnel.
Sometimes, diamonds can be found on bedrock level as well, but you need to have patience.Staircase MiningThis type of mining is favored by Minecraft beginners. You can use this as a main mine but climbing the stairs can be a bit of a hassle all the time. First, go down to the level with the 16th block above your head by using the strip, two block or staircase method. Connect your north, south, east and west tunnels using shorter tunnels to connect all tunnels at planned distances. Alternately, instead of digging two below, dig one block below for your second floor but offset the tunnels so they’re not aligned directly below the tunnels above. If one method won’t work for you, switch to a different one and be assured that diamonds will be found eventually.
Note that there are many different ways of mining, and this guide has only shown you a few.

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