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A 22-year-old woman smitten by a man she met in a nightclub has spoken of her embarrassment after she discovered he had a girlfriend. Pippa McKinney, who shared kisses and her number with a “stunning man” named Matty, even launched a Facebook appeal to track him down only to find out that he was not single. The hairdressing student met Matty while partying on the night of her 22nd birthday in a nightclub in Manchester.
Pippa McKinney was mortified to know that the man she was trying to track down on Facebook was not single. Immediately after posting an appeal and their photo kissing on Facebook, Pippa’s post was tagged with the name of a female stranger. The 22-year-old woman was shocked to discover that the stunning man she met at a nightclub had a girlfriend. Because of Pippa’s awkward post on Facebook, she received hundreds of friend requests and horrific comments from people. Marcel Kittel the 25-year-old German Cyclist with team Argos Shimano won the first stage at the 2013 Tour de France and overtook Mark Cavendish at the line to win win the 12th stage on Thursday, he was ecstatic, but did he had a special girl to celebrate with? Sexy Marcel Kittel was born on May 11th, 1988 in  Arnstadt, Germany , the same town Johann Sebastian Bach was born.
Kittel attended Pierre de Coubertin Secondary School where his parents and brother also attended, He joined his current team in 2011. Marcel Kittell is consider one of the fastest cyclist on his team has also been named one of the promising cyclist in the world not to mention one of the hottest, but is he married? Apparently Kittel is not married and he is not dating anyone at the moment, we couldn’t find any record of a wife or girlfriend or boyfriend for Marcel Kittel, at least that was what we found, any girl would be lucky to date him, he is not just the most handsome, funny and has the kindest heart. However there are some site where Kittel talks about his girlfriend, including his Facebook, her name is Kristin and we suspect this is the lucky girl dating Marcel Kittel. Follow Marcel Kittel on Twitter here, find him on Facebook here and visit his website here. One pal joked he might have given her the 'wrong number on purpose' before finding out the truth'Whenever I go out I feel like people are looking at me now as it seems everyone has heard about what happened.
Pippa entered into an exchange with Emily who revealed herself to be Matt's girlfriendPippa said: 'As soon as I woke up the next day I thought about him.

Pippa says she doesn't feel hurt because she only met Matt once but is confused as he kept saying how stunning she was and she 'thought they just clicked'Pippa said: 'Within the first hour of me posting the pic someone tagged a name I didn't recognise. Pippa responded to critics on Facebook saying, 'like majority of you actually know nothing.
A single woman’s Facebook appeal to find a guy she met on a night out completely backfired when his girlfriend responded. She was so smitten with him that when she woke up the next day and found she had taken his number down wrong, she posted a picture of the couple on Facebook to track him down.
She added: ‘I do feel a bit sorry for him now as there is so many people laughing at him but then he shouldn’t have done what he did and he will have to face the consequences.
Just one month after he was rumored to have been cozying up to Taylor Swift, and days after he was linked to fellow Oscar nominee Lupita Nyong'o, the 42-year-old is allegedly "hooking up" with none other than Miley Cyrus. A source claims the two stars are more than friendly, telling Us Weekly that Cyrus stayed over at Leto's Los Angeles home in early February.
Apparently the two have "known each other for a while," but their adult sleepover allegedly took place just weeks after they caught up at Clive Davis' pre-Grammys party on Jan. The pair looked animated as they chatted at the bash, and were previously photographed together at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Sept. If that isn't the basis for a solid relationship, we don't know what is, but apparently Leto "doesn't do" the whole monogamous girlfriend thing --- which could explain why Page Six just reported he was spotted talking in close proximity to Nyong'o (aka on the road to romance in a reality that is not our own). Wait… What?9 Popular Sculptures That Are Shrouded With MysteryDefunct Train Station In Japan Keeps On Operating For Only One Passenger.
Marcel and hgis brother were born with glorious Athletic genes his mom Frau Kittel a former elite athlete member of the East Germany Sportschule sports-school system like his father also a cyclist, is the person who Marcel still considers to be one of his biggest role models. Kittel won the 1st place in 7th stage la Vuelta Espana in 2011, 1st place in 1st and 4th stage Eneco Tour, and 1st place in Grote Scheldeprijs  in 2012.  He felt sick from a viral infection of the stomach and intestines during stage 2 at the Tour de France forcing him to withdrew from the tour.
I know I had only met him on a night out but we instantly hit it off and I really did like him. I thought 'I hope that lad got home alright''The next day I decided to call Matty to see if he got home okay, but the call ended straight away and I realised I had got his number wrong. I thought 'who is this' and clicked on her profile, and that's when I saw him in her cover photo.

20 -- and everyone knows that posing together for photos at a huge event clearly means romance is afoot. I thought he looked stunning and he was really friendly, we just clicked.'But when I realised he had a girlfriend I couldn't believe it.
He was really good looking and genuine and nice, or so I thought.'I was talking to him all night.
I didn't mean to upset anyone, I just thought it would be nice to see Matty again.'I can't believe I have gone viral. I even thought there might be a problem with my phone network so I googled it.'I decided to look for him on Facebook, then I wrote a status saying I'd met a really nice lad and I'd got his number wrong and I really wanted to see him again, so all my friends were posting comments saying I should post a pic on Facebook to try and find him. I never could have imagined what might happen.'It never crossed my mind that he might have a girlfriend because he kept telling me he was single.
He kept saying 'you're stunning, are you sure you are definitely single?' And I asked him the same and he said he was.'We shared a good few kisses and he asked me if I would go to a hotel with him.
If I'd known he had a girlfriend I wouldn't be standing there talking to him let alone looking for him on FB.
And it's amazing to see how many nosey people there is in this world, GIRLS FIND OUT EVERYTHING AND I HOPE THIS VIRAL SPIRAL HAS TAUGHT MANY SILLY MEN LESSONS.'Matty was approached but declined to comment on the incident. I thought sod it, there's nothing to lose, I'm single and he is single and I really wanted to see him again.'Within an hour of Pippa posting the picture on Facebook, her post was tagged with the name of another girl, who Pippa did not recognise. He told me he was 22 and his name was Matty.A A After Matty put his number in her phone, Pippa got a taxi home with her friend. I feel embarrassed to go out.'His girlfriend sent me a message asking exactly what had happened so I told her. I feel like a bit of an idiot because it has caused a riot.'I messaged Matty and he told me to take the photo down and said he knew he had f**** up.

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