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July 16, 2014 by Shannon 10 Comments I’m amazed at how my appreciation for my husband’s physical attributes has grown throughout our marriage.
I remember back in my single days having conversations with other single ladies and single guys about attractiveness. This fatalistic view of attractiveness led many of these single men and women to overlook wonderful, God-fearing individuals who would make great spouses simply because they were not attracted to them. I realized the limitations of this view of attractiveness when I read Sacred Marriage for the first time. For instance, marriage calls us to redirect our desires to be focused on one woman or one man in particular rather than on society’s view of attractive women or men in general.
To be perfectly honest with you, I do think that a lot of our understanding of attractiveness is inherent. I made the choice to find my husband attractive when I began praying during our engagement that I would define attractiveness by his appearance. Sorry for the lengthy comment, but it looks like I just got the inspiration for my anniversary letter next month!
If this is your first time commenting or if something in your text triggers a spam filter, then your comment will be held for moderation and will not be visible immediately. May 21, 2015 By Lauren Tamm Leave a Comment Share38 Pin407 Tweet3 EmailShares 448It’s no secret around here that I was fairly reluctant to travel the road of military spouse.
It’s also no secret around here that I’ve fallen in love with military life over the years.
So whether you are a military spouse passionate about military life or a spouse who is struggling to find the hidden treasures in your journey, you are traveling the road less traveled. So I left my conventional job and started my own work from home business as a writer and direct sales manager. Take the leap with us and grab your copy of Modern Military Spouse: The Ultimate Military Life Guide for Military Spouses and Significant Others.

All this talk about finding your way as a military spouse makes me think about how Chevrolet offers the best military discount program of any car company during Military Appreciation Month. Chevrolet is proud to extend their military discount to Active Duty members, Reserves, Veterans within one year of discharge date and Retirees—including their spouses—of the U.S.
Join them for great conversation, prizes and fun as they talk about supporting our military community members who find new roads after military service. About Lauren TammI'm Lauren and I write about my crazy parenting adventures, discovering happiness in motherhood and navigating the ups and downs of military life. There was this overall feeling that our standards for attractiveness are inherent—we don’t consciously choose them. Choose to find your spouse attractive by joining me in praying that you’ll define physical beauty by your spouse’s appearance. At least initially, I struggled to envision myself as a woman capable of handling all the ups and downs of military life. I’ve embraced it and this life affords us so many opportunities and blessings that would otherwise be missing. It certainly wasn’t a path I ever envisioned before, but when life seemed impossible and challenging, I was encouraged by other military spouses to simply re-invent myself and find a new way to make it work. Around here I write about practical parenting, enjoying motherhood, and navigating the ups and downs of military life.
Even if you marry a person who is the epitome of attractiveness, the traits you find to be attractive may someday fade and be replaced by traits you find to be unattractive. The physical characteristics that distinguish my wife are the characteristics that I generally find most attractive in other women. Please see the About tab on the menu for details about the site, including privacy, advertisement, affiliate link, and comment policy information. You are the person keeping your family woven tightly together on this military life journey.

When your military life road feels more like off-roading than the express way, keep plugging along.
That’s why my friends JD, Jo and I wrote a simplified step-by-step guide for military spouses. My inherent inclination is to lie and cheat, but I can avoid these behaviors because I’m not controlled by the sinful nature, but by the Spirit (Romans 8:9).
So even though you are taking the road less traveled, it is definitely an important road to take. One thing that felt impossible to me was to continue my nursing career during our time stationed in Japan. Lay the ground work to do something never done before in the military community and then invite a few military spouses to follow along. It’s time to take the guesswork out of military life and start making things easier on ourselves. Yes, out of the 320 million people in the United States, only about 1.2 million are military spouses. She is the standard to which all other women are held (and in my very biased opinion, cannot surpass) because she is the very definition of beauty to me. Her personality, character traits, physical appearance… the very essence of who she is is, to me, the very purest expression of attraction. How could she ever worry of me having eyes for another if she knows that no one could even compare to her (were I to even do so). In order to surpass her beauty, they would have to be everything that she is, which is impossible.

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