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Find My iPhone is definitely comes in handy locating an iPhone that has been dropped or stolen.
According to KSBY, the 17-year-old young man had been traveling in his car in Santa Barbara, California, and crashed his vehicle.
The young man had attempted to walk away to find help and had apparently collapsed there and spent the night.
Other sites are invited to link to any aspect of this site provided that all content is presented in its original form and is not placed within another frame. AppleMagazine™ is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple™ Inc. As a father of three late teenaged daughters, I can imagine a scenario in wich I would pose in a similar picture (a Hawian vacation as mentioned above comes to mind) but, I would never makeit public, especially when running as a conservative for public office.
Now, if I was looking for something to hammer someone with, yeah, I might resort to questioning someone’s motives for doing so.
In Europe you have the teenage girls on the beach topless even with dad around and that MUST be disconcerting.
First, if he was in politics at all when this was taken, in the State Senate, he should have realized that this kind of thing opened him to comment, such as Glenn Beck’s inappropriate comment. Also, given the fact that his daughters are both on their way to becoming professionals, this kind of thing suggests that civilized ideas of morality are becoming more and more rare even among young people from relatively conservative backgrounds, who are on their way to professional careers.
Pictures like this pander to the reduction of culture and public discourse to sexual terms, and this reductionism has already invaded and taken over the humanities and social sciences.
I am more concerned on how this dude is going to vote in the Senate, quite frankly, rather than how his daughters pose.
Based on what you said, and some additional material I found (and posted as comments to your articles on him) I think he is a bit on the strange side.

I don’t think decent parents approve of that kind of dress for their young daughters either. I have a teenage daughter and I know that there are battles to be fought and things to let go.
At first glance without any background information to go along with the photo, a person’s natural reaction would be creepy and suspect. People want to blame the father and say he is twisted or not conservative enough to ALLOW his daughters to dress this way at a family themed party. The problem people need to ask themselves is: Are you such a prude and conservative that you deem it nessesary that your Senator have no life, and fun with his own family?
Do you think that as a public servant, every action you take is going to be crticized at length so avoid all possible situations because someone out there is not going to approve? People should have spent half the amount of time questioning the empty suit, and determined through constitutional law that he is or is not eligible to be president than determining if this picture is appropriate or not. I guess if he were a drunk and killed someone than he would have had the nessasary qualifications, or if he was getting serviced under the oval office desk, then he could be president. Well here we are again…and I doubt that Scott Brown is such a bad father as you seem to infer from such things as this photo.
We have two young daughters and have been teaching them about modesty since they were toddlers. The paramedics reached him and airlifted him to the Cottage Trauma Center in Santa Barbara. He would have eventually been found, but it would have taken so much longer, and who knows if it would have been in time or not. I would have to have his sign-in info, which I know he'd be worried I would be stalking or creeping his every move.

Senator we could imagine (and better) from Massachusetts.  What do you think of the photos?  Would you let your daughter or grand-daughter wear the clam shell pasties look? IN Latin America the size of the bathing suits is invisible and they wear them in front of your grandmother.
The photo looks like they are on vacation, its halloween, or went to a luau party; if this is how they hang out at home on a Tuesday night, that would be officially weird. Martha Coakley was already measuring the drapes on her Senate office when Brown showed pure American leadership and courage, whatever his imperfections, the man struck a blow for liberty and I will stand with him. Brown should have clowned around so much during his acceptance speech, but the picture is rather harmless.
The California Highway Patrol is investigating exactly what happened to cause the car to leave the road to begin with.
As a parent of teenagers, this is making me want them to have Find My iPhone on their devices.
He could never possibly understand at his age the magnitude of importance it could someday hold.
It turns out, though, that it can be even more of a lifesaver, as it was recently used by a father to locate his son whose car had crashed. I suggest many of you would be shocked to see what girls and boys on the beach or surfing really do wear. But if I had a child with an iPhone 17 and under, you can bet I would have this app on it so that I could find them in any emergency.

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