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EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY CREDITED, NO WEAPON, VEHICLE OR GEAR MANUFACTURER IS AFFILIATED WITH OR HAS SPONSORED OR ENDORSED THIS GAME. But if you do decide to dump Drake to hook up with Cody, my gut tells me Cody is just a rebound and not someone you can ever rely on for the things you would expect in a relationship. Your only young and sometimes we need to have fun, but cheating is wrong, people get hurt and even if you dont tell drake, he is likely to find out as he did last time.
GURL,seems like to me he is just using you to hurt Drake,if I was you,I would just stop talking to Cody,he obviously does not really love you and if he did this before..
We will have a public Beta, and while we haven't announced the dates yet, we'll have more details soon. The first thing you have to do though it to tell him that you are uninterested in talking to him and ask him to be more respectful of your relationship with his cousin.

I may be wrong, there is always a margin of error, but I do wonder just how great a boyfriend he would be to you if he’s totally cool with lying, stealing and cheating. You wouldnt like if your boyfriend cheated on you on the downlow so you shouldnt do it etiher just because you can.
You said you were falling for cody, but to me he sounds like he just wants to have fun, what if you fall in love with him? I understand sometimes people have feelings and temptations for other people while they are in a relationship, but you can't let that take over you. If you are, then why would you want to run the risk of hurting his feelings by cheating on him? To me i dont think it is a good idea but you posted it in Feb so lets hope you made the right choice.

Is hooking up with this guy really worth risking everything that you and your boyfriend have together?
If you're thinking about doing something with him then just break up with your boyfriend. It will hurt him a lot less if you break up with him, then if you cheat on him with his cousin.

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