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Feelings of jealousy almost always go hand-in-hand with relationships, no matter how much you trust and love your boo. We get a ton of questions from you guys on a daily basis about boyfriends who have BFFs who are girls. He Talks About Her Constantly Of course people are going to talk about their best friends once in a while - that's normal. Source: ShutterStockHe Doesn't Want You Two Hanging Out If he's really uncomfortable with the idea of you two becoming friendly, that could be a problem.
Source: ShutterStockHe Defends Her To The Death We're all a little protective of our friends - that's normal. Source: ShutterStockHe Makes You Feel Like The Third Wheel When you hang out with the two of them, how do you feel? Hi, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 10 months and things are starting to progress as he wants to move in together and I am open to it as I love him. Well we have been arguing lately as he has a girl best friend that I have only met once and that was by chance as she was in the same place we were.
Well I go to the same school as my boyfriend and he has a girl bestfriend that he’s of course realy close to , and the worse part is that me and his bestfriend completely hate eachother . My boyfriend has a best female friend that has a husband and they only talk on the odd occassion. Try Moonlight Beach Resort, Laiya BatangasAndi Haynes on Team Building for 20 – 30pax? A lot of you are worried about one thing in particular: that he might have a secret crush on her. I have personally been in this situation – one of the reasons I broke up with my ex is because he was emotionally cheating on me with his BFF.

And if this girl is your BF's real BFF, he will definitely bring her name up more than he does with other friends. Usually when a guy is dating a new girl he really likes, he'll be excited to introduce her to his friends, especially his bestie. It's normal if your BF is defending his best friend when she's right and deserves to be defended. It is totally possible that your boyfriend used to like or date this girl, things ended, he moved on and now he's totally over her. But if other people, especially his friends or your friends or even are her friends, are always making comments that your BF might be crushing on his best friend, that could be a bad sign. After reading this I feel better & I believe that my BF does not have a crush on his friend. Two months ago we broke up and when I went to his house to talk to him, his best friends car was outside and I looked through the window and she wasn’t any where to be found and he always sleeps on his couch unless I am there and we sleep in his bed.
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Of course, she may know more about his past than you if they've known each other for longer, but think of it this way: is she the first one he calls when something good or bad happens, every time? They might know something you don't or it just might be more obvious to everyone outside of the situation. As we were broke up I couldn’t really be mad but when I came in the house she was in his daughters room and never came out, so I went off and he swore up and down nothing happened between she was just there in his daughters room and he made up with me we got back together. When you have a crush on someone, you can somehow manage to bring every single conversation back to that person. There is really no reason that he wouldn't want you to meet his best friend unless something shady was going on. If he really can't admit that she's done something wrong, it might be because he's placing her on a pedestal and that isn't fair to you. If your BF is always like, "Why can't you be more like X" or "X doesn't do that, why do you?" take notice.

When the both of them continued their friendship with no regard to how their behavior was perceived by others while I sat on the sideline I was done! I since have learned from his daughter that they have always had a weird relationship and no one really ever knew if anything happened between them but he did have feelings for her in the beginning of their friendship 10 years ago. If he brings up her name no matter what you two are talking about, that's a good indication that she's on his mind a little too much.
He shouldn't be taking her phone calls when you two are on a date or in the middle of a serious conversation. If he had some sort of sad, unrequited crush on her for years, that could be a warning sign. Or does he make you feel like a third wheel but giving her all of his attention, talking only about inside jokes and sort of flirting? I grew tired of their public display of affection and their private emotional attachment I confronted their behavior. If he dated her for a long time and seems to still be holding onto their relationship, you could be a rebound.
Of course there are going to be times where you might feel a little out of the loop, but in general, your BF should be trying to include you in their friendship and making you feel welcome - not making you feel like you're intruding. Instead of his BFF understanding my position she became angry as if I was drawing them apart. If he liked her and she rejected him shortly before he met you, he might not be over her yet.
If it was nothing more than being friends why would she be angry and withdraw instead of discussing the matter. What I did by confronting the behavior put the relationship between her and my boyfriend into perspective.

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