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Thanks to a helpful suggestion from a source at Facebook, I’ve discovered a wealth of unread private messages that I’ve never seen before on my profile.
While I’d love to blame Facebook for once again dubiously introducing a feature that many of us apparently remain unaware of, I will instead take responsibility for this one. As for readers of The Next Web with previous knowledge of this section, pat yourself on the back — you were one step ahead of me, and this is supposed to be my job.
Edit: Another source at Facebook updates that messages in your Other folder aren’t necessarily “spam”, but are actually messages sent to mailing lists and broad distribution groups, along with messages from people who aren’t friends or friends of friends. Sherilynn "Cheri" Macale is the Social Media Editor for The Next Web based in San Francisco, CA. The first ID shows the one who visits profile more often while the last ID never visits your profile! Is there any way if some one has ever looked at my FB profile while knowing the numeric ID? My local community forum (and it’s big) has a facility that shows the last 10 visitors to my profile.
A viral guide to revealing your Facebook stalkers with a simple browser trick isn't true, says the company. It is the initial order of friends displayed on the right hand side chat bar when the page is loaded.
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View PhotosScientists have invented a simple test to help the users to find out whether they are addicted to Facebook.

And yes, as a social media editor, I’m aware that I probably should have known about this obscure messaging section ages ago, but after tweeting out the incident, it appears that many share my embarrassment. According to my source, this is where Facebook puts “spammy” messages and acts as a sort of junk folder for the private content others might send you through the network.
You'll probably find her tucked away in her apartment blogging, playing video games, or immersing herself in geek culture.
Just follow these steps and you’ll succeed in finding out who visited your Facebook Profile! He's a geek who fell in love with the world of Blogging, SEO and marketing at an early age of 12. This trick is not true because this only show the people who have been chatting with you even one message. That’s true, myself and my gf and some of my few friends tried it several time in two laptops at a time logging to facebok. The content cannot be reproduced without the permission of the Admin (Hari Charan) and doing so would be considered as cyber crime.
We rank this list based on who you are most likely to message; we determine the order of friends based on a number of factors. Sobieski achieved recognition in her mid-teens for her performance in the 1998 film Deep Impact.
Should you choose to respond to these messages, future conversations initiated by that user will be sent to your default messages folder instead.
Have fun digging through spam and junk mail to find some hidden gems — a few of my followers on Twitter have uncovered hundreds of unread messages.

It is based on the six key elements of addiction such as withdrawal, mood modification, salience, conflict, relapse and tolerance.
As for me, I’ve been lucky enough to discover mail from angry girlfriends upset that their boyfriends have been trying to chat me up through Facebook (along with the actual messages from their supposed significant others). The test uses the same method that is used to spot alcohol addiction.The test involves six questions that are listed below. Facebook pages are public, not personal, and are often created for businesses or fan pages. The users can find out if they are dependent on the social network by rating the questions from 1 to 5, one being the lowest and five being the highest.1. Facebook allows businesses and fan pages to use Page Insights, which tells the number of people who have liked the page, how many people see a post and how many have clicked the post. You could be addicted to Facebook.This test was conducted in a study involving 423 students of University of Bergen, Norway. The results suggest that the younger users are more inclined to develop an addiction towards Facebook when compared to the older ones.It also found that women are more prone to the addiction than men.
Those suffering from anxiety depend more on the website as they find it easier to communicate using a monitor than in person.
Another study conducted in a University in Sweden involving 1,000 students concludes that over half of them log on to Facebook as soon as they boot their browser.What do think about this study?

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