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Once you’ve installed the TMNT armor (easily done with the Nexus Mod Manager), you can go to any forge to craft it. The ninja mask is easily crafted by anyone who wants a little ninja turtle in their lives, requiring just one linen wrap. The turtle armor itself is made from one dragon bone, two dragon scales and a couple of line strips, giving you a use for all those extra dragon bones and scales that inevitably end up cluttering every storage container and surface in Breezehome.
Modders love taking games and putting them into other games, and Zelda, being one of the most popular and well loved games of all time, is a natural fit for the Elder Scrolls, which is also one of the most popular and well loved games of all time. This Zelda for Skyrim mod adds a whole bunch of locations from the Majora’s Mask game into Skyrim. This is a very ambitious project, and as at the time of writing it is still very much in the early stages.
In addition to basic locations, new houses, new architecture and a general new Akavir aesthetic, this mod also adds a whole lot of new functionality and game mechanics, including archery targets which give experience whilst you train, and reward shots taken at a distance over those taken close up, new shrines, sparring NPCs who will help you train in the ways of the Akavir and more! A stable for two custom-scripted horses – these horses are named Sensou (War) and Heiwa (Peace).
The Isle of Akavir can be found at the southern side of the lake near the Guardian Stones you encounter on your escape from Helgen. Little to nothing is known about the culture of the Men of Akavir, other than the fact that they seem to heavily mirror Asian culture through their armor, weapons, and buildings. Patterns are found in the Daedric armor section, so I hope you’ve leveled your smithing!

The Akavir have been part of Elder Scrolls lore for quite some time, but they’ve made few appearances in the game(s) itself. They are slightly faster and stronger than vanilla horses, and when you dismount on the isle, they will immediately return to their paddock. These guardians also have the ability to “Spar” with you, allowing you to gain experience and levels! In order to become master, you must either (1) defeat all four Guardians in armed combat or (2) find the documents and key that will proclaim you master of the isle. Roderych sells magical items and alchemical ingredients, while Elesbeth is a general merchant. Cloud Ruler Temple, in Cyrodiil, is based on Akaviri design, as well as the armor of The Blades.
Amnesia hit him hard after he was assaulted by imperials and brought to the place of his death. The popularity of Argonians is about to go through the roof with this mod that adds Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Armor into Skyrim. If you love both games, well, it’s about time you paid a visit to Clock Town, Skyrim style. But all that has changed now with this workshop enabled Akavir mod that adds a whole new location to Skyrim. They will spar with you when not on guard duty… look for the slight glow that surrounds them to let you know that they are available for training.

Narrowly escaping, He heads out to follow the man who helped him, which turns out to be a King hellbent on reclaiming his lands. This is because The Blades, usually thought of as the Emperor’s bodyguards, originated as Akaviri crusaders who invaded Tamriel for obscure reasons in the late First Era. Ood Moniclon had no objections, he had nothing to his name and had to build a reputation for himself, so he joined with the King.Following a Dragon attack only days later Ood was summoned to a temple housed by the Greybeards. These enchanted Skyrim boots give you water walking powers, as well as reduce fall damage and muffle movement.
In fact, it was the Akaviri who did the most to promote his standing as Emperor (although Reman himself never took that title in his lifetime). There is no known hereditary connection between Tiber Septim and any of the previous Dragonborn rulers of Tamriel.
But even with the power he had obtained, there was still void in his soul, for he had forgotten who he really was.Memories were not what attracted the greater evils to his location though, it was his power, and the power of an item he was directed to. Dragons, Spirits, Bandits and even the evils within his school were unleashed, all seeking to grasp this power within their own greedy hands.

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