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The Vanity of Small Differences, a series of six exuberant tapestries by Grayson Perry have been bought by the Arts Council Collection and British Council with our help. Bursting with colour, cultural references and Perry’s trademark wit, the six monumental works narrate the story of social mobility and cultural taste across the classes in contemporary British society. The tapestries chart the ‘class journey’ made by young Tim Rakewell and include many of the characters, incidents and objects Grayson Perry encountered on journeys through Sunderland, Tunbridge Wells and The Cotswolds for the series. The medium on which these tableaus of British taste have been captured is of course very apt; Perry has literally woven the threads of society into his vivid and humorous vision of the ‘rich tapestry of life’. These important works were gifted to the Arts Council Collection and the British Council by Grayson Perry and the Victoria Miro Gallery in London and supported by the Art Fund, Channel 4 Television and the Sfumato Foundation. Along with the Sfumato Foundation, we’ve supported an extensive tour of the tapestries across the UK to allow these popular works to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. The tapestries will go on display in Sunderland in June 2013 as part of the Festival of the North East, before continuing to Manchester Art Gallery in late 2013. Have fun with the family this weekend and bring your kids to a book reading of ‘Where’s Wally?’ created by Martin Handford.
In addition, we’ve got entertainment from your children’s favourite magician, Magic Phil, as well as yummy treats for everyone from Kitsch Cupcakes, Flippin’ Pizza and Circle K. Story Time is this Friday, June 20th at 10am in the Music section of Virgin Megastore in Mall of the Emirates. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. UPDATE: to get your VM account number without having to call them, checkout this easy method. Thank you, with your help I was able to get my account number and port my phone number to a new carrier!
Thank you for your nice comment, I am glad the Virgin Mobile account number request went well for you! This took 45 seconds, just said I wanted it for my records as I keep track of all of my account information.
Hi Charles, glad to hear the process was easy and that you were able to get your Virgin Mobile account number! If you don’t want to bother calling them, there is another way to get your account number!
7.) Tell everyone you know that Virgin Mobile is aware of this issue and still chooses to make it unnecessarily difficult for their paying customers to obtain their account numbers.
Thank you for your comment sreenath, I am very glad that Peter’s Virgin Mobile account number tip worked for you. Payment: If you prefer not to pay by Direct Debit, you will incur a monthly payment handling fee of up to ?5, made payable to Virgin Media Payments Ltd. Regulated EU roaming charges apply to the 28 EU member countries and Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein. Money back guarantee: The 14-day money back guarantee is available for new cable customers and existing cable customers taking a new service.
Sky vs Virgin Media comparison: Based on taking Virgin Media's Big Kahuna bundle (includes TV XL and Broadband XL with Phone M – weekend calls) vs Sky’s Entertainment Extra+ package with the shown add-ons on a 12-month minimum term.
Calls to other non-geographic numbers: Freephone calls starting 0800 or 0808 are now free from mobiles.
Premium channels: If you wish to reduce your tier of services or remove any additional services (including premium television channels) you must give us 30 days notice.
Virgin TV Anywhere app: Only available to TiVo customers with compatible device (selected iOS devices and Android™ mobiles and tablets). ? Multi-room streaming: If you are using Powerline, subject to your household electrics supporting the required network speed. TV On Demand: Once purchased, all chargeable On Demand content must be viewed within 48 hours.
Sky Sports: The F1 Logo, F1, FORMULA 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trademarks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula One group company. Up to ?125 Virgin Media bill credit: Bill credit available to new customers who take the Big Easy, Big Bang, Big Fun, Big Kahuna or VIP bundles during the offer period from 6 May 2016 until 10 May 2016. Best Price for all the live football: Covers all live games shown on the Sky Sports and BT Sport channels.
Virgin Media Hub: Available to new customers taking our broadband services (subject to status and credit checks).
F-Secure SAFE: award winning security for your PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. WiFi speeds: Customers may experience slower speeds when multiple devices are connected and using wireless broadband.
Web Safe: Web Safe is currently available to all new Virgin Media broadband customers signing up from 27th February 2014. Service: Lowest relative complaint volumes compared to the other major fixed broadband providers.
Talk Unlimited: Zero-rated tariff applies to the first hour of direct-dialled local and national geographic voice calls only (numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03), Virgin Mobile numbers and 0870 numbers (not other numbers such as those beginning 084 and 070).

Zero-rated tariff: Zero-rated tariff applies to the first hour of direct-dialled calls to numbers beginning 01, 02, 03 and 0870 (not other numbers such as those beginning 084 and 070), starting within the relevant period. Talk Anywhere: No charges are made for the first (200, 400 or 800) minutes of direct-dialled calls to UK landlines and mobiles, international landlines and mobiles, and 3rd party dial-up ISPs. Talk Mobile ?2: Talk Mobile telephone tariffs apply for those customers paying the additional Talk Mobile ?2 monthly subscription (please refer to the calling costs page for details). Talk International ?2: Talk International ?2 call charges apply for those customers paying the additional Talk International ?2 monthly subscription (please refer to the calling costs page for details of subscription and call charges). Price disclaimer: Whilst every effort is taken to ensure that current prices are accurately reflected in all literature, including this website, occasionally discrepancies may occur.
SmartCall: The SmartCall app is available to home phone cable customers only with a compatible talk plan. Created alongside the popular Channel 4 series All in the Best Possible Taste with Grayson Perry, the artist took his inspiration from Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress.
Exhibitions at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool, as well as Temple Newsam House in Leeds will follow in 2014. Come to Virgin Megastore for Story Time with Time Out Dubai Kids this Friday at 10am to see if you can! Wally, with his trademark red and white striped jumper, is everyone’s favourite world travelling, hard to spot, illustrated character! I saw you has some Virgin Mobile posts on your site, I’m getting ready to port my number out to US Cellular and they want to know my virgin mobile account number (apparently not my phone number)… So how do I find my Virgin mobile account number?!
I am very glad that the tip worked and that you were able to upgrade your mom’s phone and save her money at the same time! And I followed Emily’s advice and found a city out of the coverage area, easy as pie! I suggest that you don’t tell them you want to change carriers or they will give you a very hard time about it. I switched to US Cellular and have been quite please with the coverage in our area, thought when we go to more urban areas it seems like Verizon and AT&T are hard to beat. After a lot of service issues, MetroPCS admitted that they had sent many customers bad SIM cards. I do not have access to your account number, however, with the instructions listed in the blog post above you should be able to get the account number from Virgin Mobile!
The nine digit number you see assigned in the Value column next to that Name is your account number. I had tried the calling method but then realized it was after hours and hence I couldn’t speak to an employee. Subject to survey, capacity and credit check, minimum term contract applies, check basket for details.
Your first bill includes the charge for the month you join (from the day you join), plus one month in advance. Call us within 14 days of service activation to cancel and we'll refund the first month's charge and any installation charge. Value of bill credit depends on the bundle you take: ?75 with Big Easy, ?100 with Big Bang or Big Fun and ?125 with Big Kahuna (including premium packages) and VIP.
Virgin Media peak average peak time speed of 52.15Mbps from Ofcom’s review of UK broadband speeds published in February 2015, based on Ofcom November 2014 tests.
Virgin Media peak average speed of peak time 90.75Mbps from Ofcom’s review of UK broadband speeds published in February 2015, based on Ofcom November 2014 tests. These ranges reflect the speeds that would be achieved 95 times out of 100 if the exercise was repeated with different panellists.
Ofcom’s review of UK broadband speeds published in March 2016, based on Ofcom November 2015 tests. Ofcom’s Telecoms and Pay TV Complaints Q4 (October to December) 2013, published March 2014.
Inclusive calls to Virgin Mobile phones in the UK are included if mobile numbers called have been active in the previous 90 days (i.e. Where you have requested to keep your existing phone number, if your number has not been ported over within 24 hours of the activation date, you might be entitled to compensation.
In the event of conflicting pricing information, the Virgin Phone PDF price guides take precedence. We’re very excited to announce that Surina Kelly from Radio 1’s breakfast show is our guest celebrity reader for the morning. The person I spoke to at Virgin was very nice about it but they do ask why you need the account number, which left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. We got two Nokia Lumia 520 windows phones and unfortunately virgin mobile doesn’t work with them. But your suggestion worked, and taught me more about the types of information cookies can store! If you cancel during the minimum contract period you will incur an early disconnection fee. You will only be charged for transactions (calls, texts, purchases, service upgrades) occurring after activation.

Offer only available with a Virgin Phone line for ?17.99 a month, together with an 18-month minimum term contract for cable services. Premium channels & upgrades (Sky Sports and BT Sport) must be kept for at least 30 days.
Calls over 60 minutes will, however, be charged at standard rates, except for calls to mobiles which will be charged at 5p per minute.
To find out more, just get in touch with our team on 150 for free from your Virgin Media phone or 0345 454 1111 from another line. Seems they are holding it a bit hostage since they probably know your reason for wanting it is to switch carriers. AT&T has a nice $25 + $5 data prepaid plan though that is working well, so we did the porting in a store and it took less than 10 minutes (the store employee actually used this website to show us how to get our account numbers) thanks again for your helpful instructions! That’s why we can offer you free servicing and repairs (excluding misuse mistreatment) for as long as you’re a customer, not just your 1st 12 months.
Not available with other line rental offers, The Biz, The Biz Plus or Home Phone Talk plan offers. Live streaming and On Demand available in the UK with broadband or WiFi internet access only.
If you cancel your service during your minimum term an early disconnection fee will apply for M+ TV. Once you interact with your settings via the My Virgin Media logged in overview page you will be automatically registered with Web Safe and subject to the global white list. This doesn’t include other services beginning with 07, such as Personal Numbering, Mobile WiFi or Paging services etc.
If you do exceed the allowance, we reserve the right (at our sole discretion) to charge you for the call (30p per call).
You should expect speeds delivered up to 384Kbps (3G), actual speeds experienced may be higher or lower and will vary by device and location. If you cancel Line Rental Saver within seven working days of your order you will get a full refund of your advance payment to the debit or credit card you paid with. If you cancel any service within your Big Bundle you will lose the discount applicable to your SIM tariff.
Offer available until 30th June 2016 subject to limited availability while stocks last, but can be withdrawn at any time.
Web Safe does not block all unsafe or inappropriate online content and is intended only to assist parents with keeping their family safe online. She wanted to troubleshoot, but I told her other Virgin customers had the same issue at our home. You cannot share your data connection with other devices – known as ‘Tethering’ – or use your phone for peer-to-peer file sharing.
Downgrading a service in your Bundle will result in you losing the discount applicable for that Bundle. Offer is not redeemable or refundable for cash and cannot be exchanged for Netflix Gift Subscriptions or any other value.
Customers may experience slower speeds when multiple devices are connected and using broadband wirelessly. After 12 months, you will automatically move to standard line rental charges (currently ?17.99 a month). Separate End User Licence Agreements and terms and conditions apply to the Sky Movies and Sky Sports apps and websites. Downgrading a service in your bundle may result in you losing the discount applicable for that bundle. Limit of one promotion will be applied towards each monthly membership fee for your Netflix account. Virgin Media reserves the right to withdraw or amend the pricing if you change any part of your package. At the end, she said if I ever came back to Virgin, she would make sure the coverage was better. Availability of bundles to existing customers is subject to network capacity in that geographical area. Inclusive outbound calls only - you cannot make chargeable calls outside of your talk plan. Virgin Media reserves the right to withdraw or amend the discount if you change any part of your offer package. If you cancel your Virgin Media contract or downgrade to a bundle with a lower value within your minimum term contract we reserve the right to void this offer.

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