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I’m the first person to say that the copy on your website should be about your customer and their challenges rather than your business. Take a look at your About Us page – is it easy for people to see why they should do business with you? Oh my goodness, I was just catching up on the posts I had missed on the Flourish blog and up popped my face! Enter to win a 'Kill Your Darlings' prize pack, including a poster signed by Daniel Radcliffe!
Peacock tattoos often symbolize beauty, grace and elegance while they may also stand for arrogance and pride.
In addition to the earlier mentioned meaning, the peacock feather tattoos also stand for protection and security.

Most peacock tattoo designs developed by tattoo artists are quite feminine with their colorful appearance. Small beautiful peacock feather tattoos generally look great on the foot as they help the wearer make a bold style statement wherever they go. Traditional peacock tattoos generally consist of a full-body peacock picture, often combined with flowers and vines.
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You do all the right things – ask the right questions, listen, strike up a rapport and then the other person asks you about yourself. Another common meaning of the tattoos is immortality as, according to an ancient belief, peacock flesh does not decay even after death.

Your About page is your opportunity to talk about yourself as much as you darn well please. Peacock tattoos are also believed to symbolize renewal as these birds are capable of replacing their feathers naturally every year. On your website your About page is your perfect opportunity to reinforce your brand position, qualify why you’re ideally placed to provide your product or service and most importantly, connect with your reader.

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