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A procedure to establish feeling in the penis for men with spina bifida was performed for the first time in the United States in Seattle.
Tony Avellino, UW professor of neurological surgery, and Thomas Lendvay, a UW associate professor of pediatric urology who practices at Seattle Children’s Hospital, led the surgical team. People with spinal bifida were born with an incomplete closure of their backbone, often because the neural tube didn’t form correctly during early embryonic development. Max Overgoor from the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands had performed 18 successful operations when David Shurtleff, UW professor of pediatrics, invited him to Seattle to observe the first U.S. Lendvay and Avellino performed the procedure at Seattle Children’s Hospital in March 2009. Avellino said the success of this pioneering procedure is due to a truly multidisciplinary effort.

In October, Lendvay presented one of the surgical videos at the American Academy of Pediatrics meeting in New Orleans during the “Innovative Procedures in Pediatric Urology” panel. Even when the spine is surgically closed after birth, the spinal cord in the affected section may not work properly in conducting nerve impulses.
The procedure entails transferring a branch of the nerve supplying sensation from the thigh skin to the main skin sensation nerve to the penis. Avellino and Lendvay have submitted a video of the most recent procedure to the American Urological Association annual meeting, which will be held May 4–8, 2013, in San Diego, Calif. With the current larger-than-life-booty and boob craze that has taken over the American standard of beauty, we have seen a plastic surgery numbers go through the roof.
The successful completion of the procedure allows men with spinal cord impairment to feel sensation in a previously insensitive penis and improve sexual health.

While most plastic surgeries are for the most part subtle and natural looking enough, for some people like the famous model Andressa Urach, their attempts at their idea of the perfect body went terribly wrong and now they have to live with some seriously permanent consequences.
At a recent follow-up appointment, the young man reported having erogenous penile skin sensation and enhanced sexuality over the course of  the past 18 months.

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