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We are sticking to the theme of “newbie” this week by introducing you to Grace Tseng! Q:  Who is the next faculty member on the High School campus you would like to see featured?
The 8th grade football, golf, cross country, and volleyball teams took on the faculty in a four game competition this morning during assembly! Last Wednesday, third grade students were able to learn about Nashville’s present, past, and future while visiting downtown. We moved to Connecticut for my husband’s practice and I taught first grade for a year at The Independent Day School in Middlefield.
My cousins both married women who are Ensworth alumnae (Eleanor Fuqua Williamson and Lissa Smith). Q: What are things that you enjoy doing outside of the classroom, when you are not teaching?
Q: Who is the next faculty member from the High School that you would like to see featured? In case you missed it, here is a glimpse of what was going on last night at Ensworth and MBA!
And here is one of the commercials at we ran during the game as it was broadcast on MyFoxNews! I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2009 and immersed myself in teaching students of all ages. Several components of Chinese are completely foreign to people who have not already had exposure to the language; therefore, it is greatly helpful for new students of Chinese to be exposed to the tones and the history of Chinese characters.
I love learning about different cultures and regions, and I get excited about trying new things and unusual foods.
Taiwan is a Chinese speaking country that is (mostly) independent from China, but our Taiwanese history has a lot to do with China. The morning was spent on a walking tour, where a storyteller guided the students from landmark to landmark, telling tales about Andrew Jackson, Sam Davis, Alvin C. I took some time off to stay home with our children, then worked as a reading Title One tutor and long-term substitute in area schools.
They knew that I was ready to return to work full-time and that my husband hoped to leave dentistry and encouraged me to send a resume to Ensworth.
There are so many opportunities for students of every age to take part in improving the world around them.
My family and I enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, and when the testosterone in my house gets the better of me, I am a runner (not fast, but frequent). What have been some great experiences that your sons have had at Ensworth as well as your experience as a parent? Up until that point I had primarily taught piano as a primary job and Chinese as a secondary job.
The earlier that students have this helpful exposure, the easier it will be for them to eventually read and write Chinese in later grades. Some of the countries I have been to are Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and of course Taiwan and the United States.

I moved here from Taiwan with my family in July of 1999 in the hopes of improving our futures. The focus of my Master’s was on developing service curriculum for early elementary students. I loved that multi-age approach that allowed me to watch my students grow over a three-year span.
From the pre-first graders collecting pennies for Habitat for Humanity to the independent projects of The Devon Farms seniors, students are continually engaged in global thinking. However, after graduating with a degree in Piano Performance, I took a weekend job teaching Chinese. One of the most memorable events during my travels is the time that I got wrapped up in an elephant’s trunk in Thailand. I usually go back every two years to see my relatives, submerge myself in the culture, and revel in the amazing food. I have observed that the students at Ensworth are encouraged to take control of their education.
I fell in love with sharing the Chinese language and culture with students, and realized that this was the career that I wanted to pursue. The chance to be creative, the richness of the history, and the insight into the culture helps create even more well-rounded and diverse students. One of the things that I miss the most about the country is the food and the transportation.
Ironically, I found out about the teaching position at Ensworth through a friend that had actually interviewed for the job and thought that I would be a good fit! As their mother I am, of course, thrilled that they are excited about books and new math skills. I also got to take pictures with a tiger and eat a several different cooking styles of alligator meat and eggs.
Ensworth is more challenging than the school from which they came, and the fact that they are coming home full of wonder about what they are learning is a testament to their teachers and to Ensworth. As China grows, the number of global employment opportunities grows as well, and students who may work internationally would be wise to study Chinese. I also enjoy watching football, doing arts and crafts, shopping, and hanging out with friends. I have always believed that a successful education is the result of administrators, teachers, students, and parents building a strong relationship, and I see this every day at Ensworth. I cannot even begin to describe the ecstasy I experienced when I found out that Ensworth wanted to give me the opportunity to teach children the Chinese language and culture. It is a shopper’s paradise because there is so much variety, you can barter with the vendors, and it is incredibly convenient. It has been a long road that brought me to this destination, but I am delighted with my teaching journey.

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