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If you’re looking for a birthday present, look no further, it would be an ideal gift for a lover of English humor, funny illustrations and quirky design. After spending some time on the pier, Scott and Charlotte headed into the water to paddelboard.
Charlotte McKinney and Scott Eastwood were photographed on a paddleboarding date together in Malibu on Sept. For the outing, Scott showed off his ripped body in a pair of red and blue striped swim trunks, while Charlotte flaunted her amazing legs and ample cleavage in white shorts and a low-cut denim button down.

But even though they were getting pretty cozy, don’t count these two as an official couple just yet.
The pair were photographed together at the Teen Choice Awards in August, so they’ve clearly known each other for at least over a month before this little outing. Frame it or stick it the way it is – this doodle print will enliven your room or your office. If this is a real romance, though, they might just be THE hottest celeb couple out there right now.

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