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With the help of Art for Kids!, my kids spent their summer with the TV off and their creativity switched into overdrive.
If you’re looking for a little creative inspiration for your young artists, detailed tutorials on how to draw awesome cartoons is a pretty great place to start. Gather up your kids, pencils and paper, and get ready to draw with 25 incredible drawing tutorials from Art for Kids! Despicable Me minions are just the cutest little guys ever and with this complete step-by-step tutorial, you and your kids will be drawing them everywhere just for fun! Monkeying around with your kids is loads of fun with this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a monkey! Kids just love wild horses and now you can create a stable of drawings of your very own with complete instructions on how to draw a horse! Have a roaring good time learning how to draw the king of the jungle with these step-by-step instructions on how to draw a lion. Dinosaurs are a big deal in our house, so big that I actually knew the dilophosaurus was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs of the Early Jurassic period.
As an American symbol of freedom and strength, the bald eagle is a majestic animal your kids will love to draw! As a flying reptile of the prehistoric ages, the pterodactyl is a character your dinosaur-loving kids will want to draw again and again! Get ready to draw the most beautiful and ferocious beasts of the forest by clicking here for a step-by-step tutorial!
Learn how to draw a penguin by clicking here and incorporate these adorable creatures into your upcoming winter crafts!
Perfect for young dinosaur-loving artists, this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a stegosaurus is sure to be a big hit! Whether your kid loves snakes or fears them, chances are they are intrigued by these legless lizards. Fierce and a little (OK, a lot) scary, kids will just love learning how to draw a venomous scorpion! Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. When Lindsey meets Robert she's at a point when everything has been turned on its head at home.
It took a while to get my head around that about Lindsey and the daily routine of a diver, what it asks of a person. All the dives you see in the drama were actually completed by Jenny Cowen, who is training for the 2012 Olympics. Chris Snode (an Olympic diver from the 1970s and 1980s) taught me what to do and then I'd swim underneath Jenny. I felt an affinity with her and approached all the things that happened as unequipped as she was. We were though- it's so truthful and such personal storytelling, Dom and Simon Stephens, the co-writer, are wicked.
Ian Smith - Workshop's leader, a mentor, a paternal figure - encouraged us to take risks and only be inhibited by being emotionally truthful. My favorite scene is when Robert and Lindsey are sat at the table in their little flat, which all of a sudden seems too big and overwhelming. We did a particularly emotional scene together and I was feeling the emotion of it but it wasn't registering on my face, Ewen gave me great advice about adjusting my emotion so that it comes out more obviously. Roger Mosey, the BBC's director of London 2012 has also written about Dive on his BBC Sport blog. Get the views of BBC bosses, presenters, scriptwriters and cast from the inside of the shows. Not only are they using a lame excuse to manage down your expectations or to even passive aggressively communicate that they want out or that things are casual, but when you use this as an excuse, you’re talking yourself into managing down your own expectations. You’re a valuable person in your own right deserving of love, care, trust, respect as well as time and effort.
You’re like a plane circling above them waiting for relationship traffic control to give you your slot.
You are deserving of being a priority and don’t let anyone tell you that being low on their todo list is what being a priority in their life looks like.
The Dreamer and the Fantasy Relationship is now available from my bookshop along with with Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl.
You’re still in contact with a man you consider to be a narcissist and doesn’t want to meet up with you?? Fearless, I’ve also seen the light (just over 5 weeks of NC), but I’m actually feeling quite embarrassed (humiliated even).

After my ex EUM’s final storming off conflict avoidant disappearing act, to go off and do something more important than work things out with me, I sent him an email (pfft! I now spend my time busy doing things I want to do for myself, not waiting around for someone else to fit me into their plans. This is the kind of thing that has made a HUGE difference to my outlook on life and makes me really HAPPY. No Learner, not all that time, but a long time (I was emotionally involved and invested in this man for ten years, so it was bound to take some time to get to where I am now – wherever that is. I cringe when I think about when the ex eum and I were together which wasn’t too often and it was always for two nights and one full day.
I remember feeling insulted but I still never left I wish I had but I was too busy with denial. Oh my, I didn’t realize you had spent *ten years* with your super-busy EUM, nor that he had been so blase about your relationship ending. It’s great that you have progressed to the place where you know for sure that you are worthy of *real* love, respect and care, and deserve to be a priority in a good relationship.
Even more similarities in the bullshit these guys spew forth, especially the “I would understand if you never speak to me again” – seriously, almost word for word from “my” guy’s mouth!
One of my friends, whom I considered one of my closest friends, didn’t do anything special around my departure. With both kids in weekly art classes and creativity dripping from their pencils, my kids drew their way through over four (yes, four!) reams of paper. As one of the largest dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period, the mighty T-Rex remains a favorite of dinosaur-lovers. What fun would it be to incorporate this cool snowboarder into your winter crafts using this tutorial?!
In Dive, she is hoping to make it to the Olympics in 2012, representing Great Britain as a diver, and is not the sort of person you expect to be depicted falling pregnant. He's like the antidote to all the structure and discipline that had conditioned her life so far. Sometimes she would do some amazing complex dive and the shot would be manipulated so I rose up from under the water and claimed it as my own.
Dominic Savage (the co-writer and director) kept things very organic like that, letting us just 'be' the characters and helping us to find the truth in them in the most natural way. He would make sure Jack O'Connell and I were on the same page and then let the scenes sit with us. I think that was the point that they chose to have Robert and Lindsey from our native East Midlands, which meant we shot outside stuff in Skegness, which was great! I think it was about getting that small-town feel and I got Lindsey's need for broader horizons keenly. It doesn't sensationalise teenagers or plonk an issue in the middle of the drama and have the characters illustrate it.
Read reviews and opinions and share yours on all things TV - your favourite episodes, live programmes, digital channels, the schedule and everything else. I wouldn’t go thinking that your inadequacies are what are causing them to fill up their schedule.
Shock horror, but there have been people who have founded companies, built them up, studied, been on the fast track of their career and many other things, who have also found and made the time for a relationship. Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way. Guess I’ll realize that when others tell me how busy they are, it means they want out. I had to say that line to my ex many times as he listed off all the things he had to do before he could sit down and chat with me.
Not being completely stupid, I knew he was doing it and why, particularly over the course of time, it became as clear as day that he was just trying to keep his distance and not have me expect anything from him.
Someone else includes a perpetually late friend who I allowed to act as if her time was more important than mine for years, and seemed rather shocked when I was no longer amenable to adhering to her schedule, because I actually had a schedule of my own.
I also had very busy parents, with a mum who worked permanent night shifts for years and a dad who was always off working on his own dreams and projects (when he was sober). When I first got this email from him (there was a bit more to it than what I quoted), I thought it seemed quite thoughtful and respectful.
I think you just succinctly interpreted about 90% of the exMM’s communication with me in this one thought: ‘what they really mean is “I am a total shit and I know it – I’m just hoping that if I couch that in terms of consideration for you that you’ll still be the woman who won’t notice that I’m a total shit”’ (we are noticing *now* though).
We both cut our teeth at the Junior Television Workshop together in Nottingham (along with four others in the cast) and so we had the same kind of attitude.
Maybe some people will be less quick to make assumptions about the people behind a set of circumstances.

Often if you tell them to hop it, they make themselves temporarily available and then gradually ease things back to their comfort zone.
Whether it’s figuring out what’s going on in a troubling relationship, understanding you and self-care, or being more assertive, I’m here to help you guide you. I grew to really resent (even despise) him for it – and I despised myself for allowing it. Now I’m thinking maybe it’s not so thoughtful as he seemed just fine with letting the “friendship” go so easily (after all his carrying on when we stopped being lovers two months prior to this). That plus Natalie’s interpretation of the whole “busy” plea is giving me a much clearer picture of what these pathetic, ambivalence-oozing, non-committal men really mean.
If it took you a year and a half to process your exMM relationshit, I guess I will extend the timeline a bit for myself and not be so impatient to get “over it” so fast.
I had a lovely send off from folks who know me from work, and some personal friends were great. I feel that despite these differences I’ve attempted to behave like a friend, keeping discussions of her behaviour that bothers me to a minimum, still chatting and listening to her as friends do, trying to keep up on her life and know what matters to her, etc to provide emotional support, all the time feeling distance but trying, you know?
Check out this incredible tutorial on how to draw a dilophosaurus and learn how to totally impress your kids. I told him him I couldn’t take any more of his disappearing and his silent treatment, that his relationship behaviour was very painful for me and I could not handle any more of it. After reading “Mr U and the FBG”, I know there is some work to be done that won’t happen overnight. You get used to expecting very little by way of personal attention, so the EUM being the busiest man in the history of all all busy men didn’t seem very odd to me! It does all come down to what we believe we are worth – what we really, truly believe we are worth.
What took time for me was getting to a place where I absolutely know, in all certainty, that although I am not used to being a priority, that I am as deserving of that as the next person. My word processing program has green squiggly lines under that one (“negation use: consider revising” it tells me!).
He was ambiguous in the relationshit and he was ambiguous right to the end (why expect anything different?). I guess that sums up today’s society, people looking for instant gratification “ALL THE TIME”.
Well nothing much happened in the first 1hr of the “Dear Hunter” nothing much happened in the first episode of “The Wire” did he see those icons? Does he know about them, has he even heard of them?This contemporary drama had to show how un-spectacular the charactrs lives were, It's a contempoary drama" it hads to been seen because it introduced the characters and set up the plot for the drama to follow… and what a drama!
However, I watched it to the end of the first episode and found it very emotional, thought provoking, brilliantly acted and brilliantly shot.
However, we did watch it on Freesatt with the descriptive audio commentary which did add something to those many thought provoking moments with Aisling Loftus.
After weeks and weeks of Football and that terrible James Corden's world cup programme, which is all thats ever on in my house, it was such a refreshing change. Especially good to see such positive representations of young people - especially the end where we find them together, not condemned to a hopeless future because of what has happened - rather moving forward positively.
Depressing, for me because I don't have the love these 2 teens have.Yes they were stupid fools - straight after the biology lesson!! Ok, at the end of the day it is a drama and it paints a picture of hope, is it going to be a happy ending for them? Maybe?Hats of to the lead actors, Aisling is very beautiful, Robert although I didn't like him at first, grew on me. I only found the first episode by chance, so perhaps worth a repeat on BBC1 as many people I spoke to missed it. Both lead actors deserve immense credit for their parts, accurately conveying the confusion and angst of teenagers in that situation.
The rest of the cast, being some of our leading drama actors, were also excellent and shows then when good actors are given a good script,what excellent results they can produce. Well done BBC, licence money well spent, please spend more on things like this and The Street rather than aimless game shows!! If anyone knows of the music title to the main part of the storyline i would very much appreciate that :) Complain about this comment (Comment number 30) Comment number 31.

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