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April is National Poetry Month and we are bringing you the most poetic street artist we have ever met!
The prices are reasonable and if interested come and check them out while you enjoy a great beer. Come Ring in the New Year with us as we celebrate our January Artist… He is local to Miami and a Craftsman. This months featured Artist is Corinne Stevie of Telekinetic Walrus She will have her art up that has never been shown in Miami!

He attended Miami Dade College in 1996 and studied Commercial Art where he initially wanted to become a Graphic Designer but became consumed with the Miami Graffiti culture of the 90’s.
Live Special Performance 8:30pm to 9pm Special Guest Cog Noman The Party starts at 5pm when we Tap the Special Cask! His detailed linework is a style which he diligently spent years cultivating focusing on natural elements with vibrant colors and fluid compositions.
During those prolific years of Graffiti art he learned to develop Lettering styles and Coloring skills. DaveL works with several different mediums including: Acrylic, spray paint, oil enamel, oil pastel, aerosol and mixed media.

His compositions and use of color attracts and emits movement, allowing for a visual narrative to materialize. You might already know him from his famous big blue mural in Wynwood that said “Love is a risk.

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