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Before filling out the application please review the list of what we do and don’t offer.
Help for individual cancer patients:  CASD provides support for Stage IV cancer patients who are no longer able to meet their financial needs due to the illness. Encouraging MessagesThese are more personal ways of writing a message to someone with cancer. I know that this is a difficult time for you, but you should know that you inspire me every day. I have seen you in numerous situations that would have made others throw their hands up in the air. When I find myself getting down and looking for reasons to complain, I think of you and the positive attitude you have.

Majority of kidney cancers originate in the tiny tubules of the kidney and are known as renal cell carcinoma. Diagnosis of kidney cancer Urologists mostly make the diagnosis of kidney cancer from imaging studies such as an ultrasound, CT scan or a combination of both. Treatment of kidney cancer Cancer limited to the kidney Surgery: Surgical removal of a part or whole of the kidney is the primary treatment in most cases. More corporate sponsorships especially, so please tell your friends and family who work for companies in San Diego to talk to their company about giving to this all volunteer, 501C3 charity that gives back to our community.  Let’s keep the momentum going!
Some gene mutations that seem to play an important role are being actively studied by researchers. Radical nephrectomy removes the entire kidney while partial nephrectomy removes just the affected area to preserve as much normal tissue as possible.

It is typically considered for patients who are not fit for more aggressive forms of therapy or as an added step with kidney removal.
Fortunately, some people get diagnosed in the course of imaging studies such as ultrasound, CAT scan, or MRI done for some unrelated complaint.
Some examples are anti-angiogenic agents that inhibit blood supply within the tumour, multikinase inhibitors and tyrosine kinase inhibitors that block an enzyme involved in tumour growth, and m-TOR inhibitors that interfere with blood supply to the tumour.

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