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So they might have Dyson get rid of his single love syndrome and Lauren tells Bo that her love is coming in the future and that was a deliberate show choice? Anyhow, if that's what they are going for or hinting at, they chose the wrong moment to do it because it was something said in the past before he even met Bo. But the episode was fun and yes they had moments for each segment of the fandom but to try and give those scenes meaning is dangerous.
But did anyone else notice that Bo didn't have any dark or off moments now that she's confronted the idea that something is different?
But hey they all got hot dogs after wards, even though Lauren and Kenzi are fearful for their lives because of the Una Mens.
Oh, one more thing, KHR has said repeatedly that Dyson loves Bo and that's not going anywhere & we'd have to see what he was going to do about it.
In episode 4, Lauren admits "I made the explosives, then I trusted my brother with them." As a result, 11 people who shouldn't have been there died. In episode 7, Dyson hears about the Helskor from Trick and arranges with Flora to steal and sell them for lots of cash. So I'm hoping things change and that they'll move past where they are now but there's only so long I can suspend disbelief before I realize they really are going to keep up this damnable, I mean, Blessed Triangle (holy it may be) until the show goes off the air. By her expression and body language, it looks like Tamsin is close or back to being the Tamsin we had last year. Tamsin is like the anti-triangle - the writers have the flexibility to put her places without worrying about shipping or balancing things out, or they can use her to affect parts of the Triangle without making the other parts look too bad (The kiss with Bo was the straw that broke the camel's back with Lauren, for example.
Lauren fans will think Bo loves Lauren with all her heart and there's nothing anyone can say to change their minds because they truly do have good evidence in the story. I want to say that I find the parallel between DL's sexuality and Dyson's mate for life argument spot on. I did love the episode but I am growing tired of LG simply pulling out old scripts and recycling old story lines and I am not talking about the triangle. Youre 3x06 explanation was interesting, because I saw Lauren's motivations much differently. But that's the point I'm making - there is enough ambiguity in the writing and the show in general that there is such a wide array of interpretations as to characters and motivations.
And the reason why there is ambiguity is because the writers have perpetuated the triangle for a full 55 episodes now. In Norse paganism, helskor ("hel-shoes") were put on the dead so that they could go to Valhalla.
FTR while I may see Dyson as *a* handsome, noble hero, I do *not* think he can do no wrong though I also don't think he deserves the ire & hate he gets basically just for being a man. And really the range of interpretations that intelligent people capable of high level reasoning shouldn't be as wide as it is. I'm not opposed to a polyamorous relationship for Bo on Lost Girl, but the show has made it so that it would be very difficult to make that a believeable situation between Bo, Dyson, and Doctor Lauren since they've spent so much time setting the fan bases and continue to openly set DL against Dyson. I actually haven't seen the episode yet, because I'm getting the impression it mostly is about the triangle. I actually would like the idea of a polyamorous relationship, but I think they killed that option early, because Lauren and Dyson don't want to share Bo. But I think next week is the episode to re-establish Bo and Tamsin's relationship, no matter what it is now.
Well let me first say that this episode didn't piss me off nearly as much as I thought it would. So the Una Mens have death masks for Lauren and Kenzi, but don't bust them out because Bo gives them a shoe, um OK. Everything felt really rushed, trying to cram to much into the episode, trim the fat people. As for that so-called show runner, all she's good for seemS to be to instill trouble and cast as many doubts as posible. I think this is the first time in far too long that we've seen the 'triangle' members acting like adults. As we approach the end of this 10 part series, hopefully you have picked up at least a couple of pointers and made a change or two. Like the saying goes ‘A small mistake you commit can create blunders later’ – small improvements can make VAST changes! How much should we read into Flora’s dying words, “I have a feeling your love is left to come”?
I think there’s potential for that to change, obviously, but I think that’s something that Dyson has convinced himself is impossible for him. That scene between Dyson and Flora (even though it was Bo and Lauren) was something that actually happened in the past TO Dyson and was said BY Flora. I get that maybe they want to walk back on wolves mating for life, mostly because it's just so stupid, but you can't just have Dyson decide that it isn't true if it is in his nature to mate for life. But I suspect that Bo and Tamsin have to work together because I think since Bo made her proclimation, The Wanderer screws with everyone's memory again with maybe the exception of Tamsin and it's them trying to get the rest to see Bo again.
When I heard the conversation between them I thought Flora was telling Dyson that she knew he didn't love her with his ONE love and that the woman for him was still to come, meaning Bo. Mostly because from snippets I see it's like she has to explain what each scene really meant and her meanings of scenes are counter to what happened and if you have to explain what you meant to do then you aren't doing it right. I sometimes wonder if the writers don't have a tally board and every time they add something to one, they then have to add it to the other. But Lauren had other plans and she decided to go ahead with them rather than side immediately with Bo and let her handle Taft. Putting fave characters on an ivory pedestal for any reason is just silly & self-defeating. I was waiting for that talk for multiple episodes and was so bummed there was only a small name drop in 3x10.
The mind twists & turns were vastly entertaining and every time I hear Prince "Vex" lisp and chew his words, I crack up. To be honest, I can't even think of a TV show now where there wasn't any kind of love triangle. Although it looks a bit like filler, the whole gang is together and I love the idea of a Christmas special . It's nice that they're remembering some of the characters from previous seasons and what they can do.
A stereotypical image of a lost soul trekking through a desolate jungle in search of finding their calling? Apart.’Posted Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 10:00 am GMT -4 by Jeffrey Harth All aboard the Crazy Train! That'd be a bit like saying Lauren could decide to change her nature and not be a lesbian anymore.

I don't like that for some reason despite the writers giving everyone something that people have decided to focus on characters they hate sad. I don't think he was zen so much as he wasn't going to give the Una Mens the satisfaction of begging or crying and part of him blames himself for what happened anyhow. I did not in any way take it to mean that Lauren somehow inserted herself in that moment to tell Bo that she was going to meet Lauren some day.
However, for me, he hasn't and it almost out of character odd, for him to sit back and be rescued, particularly with Kenzi's life also on the line.
I get that a lot of people don't like the wolves mate for life thing, but to just erase the mythology is to erase season 2. When he was standing there while they were killing Pietra (that was her, right?) he looked freaked.
If they wanted an implication that Bo and Lauren were fated in some way, they had an oracle right there to say it. She had no idea that Doctor Lauren was also there until DL walked into Taft's office and all the pieces fell into place. That was also the writers adding to Lauren's tally sheet working with Trick behind Bo's back because Lauren was keeping tabs on Bo's health and reporting to Trick, not Bo. Because I think that would have been a lovely moment for Bo and Lauren if after Kenzi had been found and her and Bo talked, she confided in Bo her fears about that. With the triangle, it's always one person looking to the other but no one looking at each other. Because, as I've pointed out elsewhere because everone seems to have forgotten, Lauren broke up with Bo.
Uphill sprinting, climbing, skiing; whatever it may be, push yourself to the edge and then some more. Don’t let the opinions of others influence your decisions or prevent you from being the person you are meant to be. All the negative (and positive) opinions that you have on people, things or places may be contaminated. If you fight to stay in a job you don’t like, or in a situation you are unhappy with, you will not find yourself.
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As always the following recap is rated TV MA DLSV and may contain suggestive dialogue, strong language, sexual situations, and violence. The whole this is nice to just wait for someone to save me for a change wasn't so much just zen as it was fatalistic.
Also that was not a convo between Bo & Doctor Lauren but rather was Dyson and Flora's last moments together. Because if Flora saying that to Dyson was actually Lauren saying it to Bo then later when Trick tells Dyson that him being a hero has been fortold was actually Trick talking to Bo.
I think Bo would have understood and forgiven Lauren, rather than have that distance that came between them afterward where they both kind of avoided talking about it.
But the triangle has been played out and manipulated beyond its use and now only evokes animosity all around. It is more of a challenge for the writers to make it more exciting, because they have to come up with other challenges. I think though that the original idea of the "love triangle" in the original pilot was to show that Bo can love two people and both sexes. Did it have anything to do with who or what she stabbed while on the case with Bo and Lauren? Stop blocking feelings and memories out – they are holding you back and preventing you from becoming the best that you can be.
Do not be two-sided or fake – there are an abundance of this sort already in the world. Those who do not accept you for who you are – are quite simply not worth having in your life. How Bo now relates to Dyson after seeing his memories is all that they can really do with anything that occured.
Not that I'm assuming that's what Bo agreed to, just what they are probably thinking and why they let them go rather than kill them all and keep the one shoe. They have already happened and were clearly aboveDyson's future love for Bo and had absolutely no direct connection to Bo & Doctor Lauren's relationship.
I dont find having a relationship for Bo, poly or otherwise, uninteresting, (although doccutopia in S3 does prove you right about the boring factor), and one of the things that made me love Bo and Dyson together from the start is that they talked their shit out (eventually) and acknowledged the challenges in their being together so for once, we could have a relationship not manipulated "will they wont they" but a mature "how do they" and that is very interesting to me and potentially full of conflict. Or did they just want us to see a familar and sympathtic face when they were making Dyson watch as they killed her? You will learn so much from different cultures and gain an insight into how and why different races interact and behave.
No worries though cause a few elemental smoke rings blown into his ear from Clio and Dyson has his transcendental train legs.
They wouldn't have had to do much to change it from, "I'll just wait here for Bo to maybe get around to saving us, la-dee-dah" to "I can feel a connection to Bo in my memories, she's going to figure it out and I've got a backup plan, best not to upset the Una Mens before we have to." You could easily have taken the screen time from Lauren staring at Bo sleeping and saying boobs 20 times. There was nothing else more important to him in the world, if he couldn't break the rule at that loss, under what circumstances could be? But instead, we got The Norn (Freaking Norn!) and everything since then relationship wise has been the same circle jerk that all other genres shows perpetuated to exhaustion. Maybe that's why I never get invested in a love triangle, because I can't see it as true love when one person is always doubting who to love and can't choose (I can stand a few episodes, but when it keeps going on for multiple seasons I lose interest). Because in season two she got to have her fling with Ryan while both Lauren and Dyson had other relationships with (who could have been) awesome additions to the show. Enter the conductor who lets our daring duo know their stop, well the only stop, is coming up.
And then he and Kenzi end up in the cage together and he realizes she's not handling it well, so he plays it cool for her.
You're mother is here." Bo, quite frankly, would chose her mother over Dyson even if Aife is crazypants.
But as usual Trick wants to keep all the cards too close to the vest for too long and bad things happen. The writers have indeed strung it out to the point that Bo now appears ridiculously fickle, "loving" whomever is in front of her at the moment, and that's beginning to seriously undermine her character as a whole.
But the "one love" caveat with Dyson and Nadia being a Garuda puppet reset everything and then it got annoying. It's that the writers keep equalizing both Dyson and Lauren and forcing these moments that aren't actually real.
Your opinions were likely formed from a bad experience and it is unfair to stereotype on an unfortunate occasion.

Dyson asks about Bo, the train shakes at the mere mention of her, and the conductor runs off.
Otherwise, it's a totally lay down on the table to die at the lich's sitch and I'm not a fan and that's not Dyson. And she trusts Lauren so she'd go along with it and continue her plan of using the go juice on Tamsin and taking out all the guards. Another mention of our favorite lost girl and the train starts getting really grumpy, upping the screaming and the shaking.
So Bo's subconcious reads that and inserts Kenzi in that role because that's how Bo sees Kenzi: a sister.
That way Lauren isn't lying to Bo's face to save her plan and, what's that phrase, "stealing Bo's agency" yet they could have Lauren take off for parts unknown like she originally did because Bo or no Bo, the Light are going to have issue with Lauren and if I were her I'd run too.
Clio looks decidedly uncomfortable, notes that untold damned souls are trying to get out, and that perhaps now would be a good time to get leave.Cue Bo.
I get that a lot of people want to see Lauren and Bo strive to get together, but that denies the fact that the only thing holding them apart (aside from their complete incompatibilty) is Lauren. Although in the still Lauren and Dyson seem pretty chummy next to each other during their Yule festivities.
She’s clearly panicked but luckily comes across a huge boarded up house in the middle of nowhere and heads right in.
Maybe you can get rid of the triangle by bringing in a new love for Bo, but woe unto that actor. And would it have killed them to have them talking about something, anything and have Kenzi walk in and join them and see all three in a casual happy discussion until whatever fae monster of the week case came a callin'?
The place gives off the classic haunted house vibe; cobwebs, cracked mirrors, tapestries, and white sheets over all the furniture.
Bo is quickly confronted by a family – mom, dad, stereotypical teen complaining about no wifi. She lays a finger on his forehead and he melts as if he just looked at the Ark of the Covenant. You can see that they actually get along when not faced with whatever stressor is all up in their grill. Oh hey, the woman is wearing a bloody eye patch and looking very familiar.Cue Amber and Crystal in the diner. AmberLauren is organizing everything and awkwardly flirting with Crystal who is aggressively throwing out some really cheesy pick-up lines.
Kathy and Julia make proper introductions to the stranger they tried to brain back in the first act. Bo is still disoriented and it doesn’t help that the husband is outside the window walking backwards and stringing a large amount of shoes on the clothesline outside. A desperate Dyson finds the maid on Bo’s bed and again says her name, much to the chagrin of the death train. The door opens and they discover Bo has jumped from the train, a bad thing apparently as the delirium, cramping, etc.
Of course the Jenkins family follows Bo downstairs and Ian, Bo’s nominee for father of the year, is pointing a shotgun right at her.
This can only end well.Bo saddles up her high horse and plays Tom Smykowski’s favorite game, pointing a finger at Ian and letting him know holding people against their will is a bad thing. Good news for the Jenkins family though, dealing with weird sh*t is what Bo does best and she offers to help, which nobody wants. Time to throw Bo out and Julia in a cell.Cut to female Nick Fury, who is actually everyone’s favorite Morrigan Evony! They exchange pleasantries, she turns the girl doing her nails to goo, and the two get down to business.
Julia shows Bo the worst family album ever, explaining the family curse and blaiming it on father issues. The two sneak out of the cell.Dyson and Clio are walking through the woods when they come across Clio’s friend John, who happens to be buried in the ground.
As quite literally a part of the woods now, John knows everything that happens, including that Bo was here and where she went. Julia explains that the “ghost” can’t come inside until it tries on all the shoes and unties all the knots of the shoe clothesline. Bo realizes too late for Julia that they are not dealing with a ghost but rather a body jumper.Back inside mom and dad are ticked off at Bo. The same evil incidentally that entered Ian as a boy and caused him to murder a whole lot of family. No worries, Bo has this.Jump to the diner and more awkward sexual tension with AmberLauren and Crystal. We get a little feel for Crystal’s back-story before cutting back to the house where Bo and Jumbee are having a tiff.
Bo doesn’t want to hurt Julia in the process and they fight to a draw, until the cavalry arrives. While everyone’s attention is on Clio Jumbee Denzels back into Julia who proceeds to slash her mom’s throat. His family didn’t approve, thought she was a witch, and set out to prove that to Noah. Bo wakes up back in the house and realizes the vengeful Jumbee is never going to stop.Snap over to Evony and her brand new eye. Evony is not a very gracious lady.Back to Bo, still reeling from her out of body experience with Jumbee.
Dyson doesn’t want to leave Bo’s side now that he’s found her, but the Succubus is very insistent. Dun dun dunnnnn!Dyson and Clio are just about done combining remains when JumbeeBo arrives. Dyson surmises that the reason she is stuck in limbo is because they were never married and decides to perform the hitching right there. She freaks out and heads over to Crystal’s to say goodbye and that she needs to disappear.Bo says her goodbyes to the Jenkins family and her, Clio, and Dyson walk down the road.
Bo is pissed and beats the elemental out of Clio before Succu-draining the life out of her and leaving her to die in the middle of the road.We wrap up with some quality car time.

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