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Here we received our pay for our clothes, $42, and fitted out for Santa Fe with mules, cattle and wagons. In the course of the day, we prepared to take our departure from this place and dried our clothes as they had been washed here and guard the corn at night.
I come to and Brother Wolsey told me that he had a dream at the same time that I was in the Spirit and I told him to prophesy and he obeyed and woke up. I then called for the musicians and beat the a€?Reveillea€™ and then I heard that there was a letter for the Battalion from the Twelve. On the 29th day, when this man Smith come on from the fort after the death of Allen, who was a good man and an officer who loved to see our people enjoy themselves, and had taken much pains to provide all things as comfortable as possible for the Mormon Battalion.
The land that we passed over today is poor and hardly fit for nothing, save it is a harbor for wolves and wild animals. I began to feel sorrowful for the Battalion to hear some swear and some was sick and then see the men flock around the black wagon.
This day we ascended the river bluffs and marched until we made 13 miles and camped on the Arkansas River. After the a€?Tattooa€™ was beat, Brother Brown, our Orderly, said, a€?Look her and see this star.a€? I looked and I saw a star moving up and down, between two stars as if dancing. Accordingly, in the morning I looked towards where the star was and to my joy, I saw James Pace, John D. I turned my self around and beheld the hills I had passed by, all west of the a€?Rabbit Earsa€™, which were the first of the cloud appearing mountains we saw.
We descended this mountain on the west side and come around at the root until we came to our brethren on the south end. Continued our march after hearing the declaration of the Colonel, a€?Which Ia€™ll be damned if you shana€™t all be shot.a€? Because we had stopped to get some water, I suppose. As we ascended this hill here, I see on my right hand numerous peaks at the distance of about 12 to 30 miles.
Here we was met by a Spaniard with a keg of whiskey, which he sold at the enormous price of fifty cents a pint.
And I went up to the top of a mountain on our left and had though to walk upon a rock that was on the summit and view the surrounding country. We continued our march and about 10 oa€™clock at night, we made over these vast hills of from one to five miles, ascending and would be half a mile down and some less and camped on the bottoms of the Moran Creek or river. Here on this stream is some herbs that grow east, such as beara€™s foot, pea vines and I have seen the root that is called the gravil plant in the east. On the 7, we marched at a good hour and crossed the creek and beheld to our astonishment, we beheld to our right, clouds I saw pass these mountains Snow above them while in the valley I saw all round us numerous herds of cattle and thousands of sheep together in flocks a mixture of goats.

Today, at 9 oa€™clock, took the narrow pass between the hills and rested in the valley at the foot of a hill on the banks of a beautiful stream that went through the pass into the settlement of the Spaniards. Montozuma is the name of the man that builded the ruined city, 3 hundred years was the light kept up. With all of the advantages of the Spaniards over him, the brave Corney charged with his little band of troops through this pass to attack his antagonist, Armeho, with company far superior.
Same day, Adjutant Dikes read to the Battalion the choice of Captain Cook, our in the choice of Quartermaster, which was to drop Gulley and take Smith our former. On the Sixteenth, it was sent to Donaphan, who said it was right, but thought that as soon as the camp moved on that he would be removed again, as the prejudice against him was great.
We continued in our camp until the 16th, when we received orders for all that was going with Captain Brown to start on the 17th day. In the morning of that day, we found that he had called out his company, which consisted of all the weakly and those that had wives and children.
8th.A A A  Was sorry to hear that some had been drinking to excess and to see how some squandered away their money.
I come to and Brother Wolsey told me that he had a dream at the same time that I was in the Spirit and I told him to prophesy and he obeyed and woke up.A  I fell asleep again and the Lord spoke again and I saw that I was made happy by the instrumentality of Brigham Young and Heber C.
This creek afforded us good water and plenty of it for the teams.A  Feed not good, but better than some places that we have seen on our route.
4th day.A A A  The rest of our Battalion left the Valley of Tears, (which received its name on the account of the tears which had been shed because of the division of our little army, by the craftiness of evil designing men and few of our officers who consented to it), and marched about 6 miles and came on to a high ridge and beheld a few high tops of mountain tops in our front, lifting up their lofty peaks.
We continued our march and about 10 oa€™clock at night, we made over these vast hills of from one to five miles, ascending and would be half a mile down and some less and camped on the bottoms of the Moran Creek or river.A  It being the 5th day. Q:Hi, Im a sims 2 player and I always see your clothes everywhere but i heard sims urbania closed a long time ago.
How nice to see my Celine bag converted without the slightest request for permission and with another person’s name plastered across it. Curly Puffs, Curly Hawk & Brand Name ShoeboxesJust a little gift and thank you to all my followers.
George Sanderson, and surely Death and Hell followed after this man gave his charge to McAntyre, our Doctor, and muckary was crammed down the Saints against their will.
When to his surprise, Armeho left the ground and fled to Chewaway, 700 miles south and Corney took possession of Santa Fe and raised the American colors, which now is waving in Santa Fe. Cragged rocks all up and down the streams.A  The banks was all rocks, save the streams on the east of us. The bottoms joining this valley on the east is about six miles wide of the best land, but timber scarce.

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