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Expand your repertoire: When it comes to arousal levels, women say the nape of their neck is more erogenous than their br**sts, finds a new study. An incident has occured Nicki Minaj stabbed in a Hotel in Las Vegas, she was on her way to perform in a concert when a white man with black hoody came up to her and stabbed her. I wonder what our beliebers have to say about this, just post comments below if you’re mad with Justin Babyber. Chaz Bono may take the final step in his transition from female to male and have penile reconstruction, a complex procedure that can be risky.
Born Chastity, the son of '60s pop icons Sonny and Cher, Bono says he knew from an early age that he was born in the wrong body. Bono said that he has looked into either the simplest procedure that uses clitoral tissue to build a micro-penis or a full phalloplasty, where surgeons take skin from another part of the body and roll it to create a phallus that is attached to the groin. Medical experts say that less than half of all who are transgender will ever go on to have genital surgery. About one-quarter to 1 percent of the population is born transgender, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality. Medical experts say that many know by the age of 6 that their physical gender does not match their identity. At first, in the 1990s, Chastity came out as a lesbian, but in 2009 she announced her transition to a man.
Today many children who are born transgender begin hormone blockers in early puberty before sex characteristics have developed.
Guidelines for standards of care are set by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health as those who are transgender explore and transition from one gender to another. They may include counseling, a "real life" experience living in the target gender for a trial period and learning about the available options and effects of medical treatments. Hormone treatments, like the ones Bono takes, are highly effective in women transitioning to men, according to plastic surgeon Spiegel. Genital surgery is "less significant" to most transgender people if hormones effectively change their appearance and "they are happy with the way they look," said Spiegel. When female-to-male patients do opt for surgery, like Bono, doctors start with the nerve-rich clitoris to begin build a penis -- and to preserve some sexual sensation.
Male-to-female surgery is five times more common than the surgery that Bono says he would like to have.
Phalloplasty can run as high as $50,000 to $75,000, while vagina reconstruction costs about $21,500. Hormone treatments with testosterone make the clitoris grow, sometimes to an inch or two, so surgeons can simply lengthen it in metoidioplasty -- the least invasive procedure. They release the restraining ligaments that hold the clitoris next to the public bone and give the patient enough of a penis to urinate while standing, but not to have intercourse. In addition to lengthening the clitoris, doctors can create a urinary tube through the micro-phallus by using portions of the labia and minor or the vagina. The third and riskiest option involves "flaps" or transferring tissue from a distant part of the body such as the forearm or the back or thigh and inserting a penile prosthesis.
He said that his medical colleagues had coincidentally talked about Chaz Bono's decision in the operating room this week. He embarked upon the photography project he has named 'the Princess Series', shooting real-life versions of his favourite princesses one-by-one. Et si vous aimez vous moquer des stars autant que des gens qui tombent en skate sur YouTube, alors les autres montages de Planet Hiltron devraient vous faire plaisir.
Shocked: Dr Kevin Weeks returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan to discover his daughter was making X-rated films to fund her college studies. Miriama€™s Catholic father Kevin and mother Harcharan, have been a€?flooreda€™ by their daughtera€™s decision to turn to porn to fund her $50,000-plus-a-year education at the prestigious Duke University.
Last week, Miriam had claimed in interviews that her parents had only themselves to blame for her decision.

Do-gooder: Miriam featured in a Catholic magazine featuring her charitable work while at Gonzaga Prep. Educating their children and setting them on the right path meant everything to them, say family members, and their financial outlay on their childrena€™s education has been staggering, even on Dr Weeksa€™s six-figure salary. A doctor of Miriama€™s fathera€™s standing would earn in excess of $200,000 a year plus deployment pay.Ita€™s believed that Mrs Weeks is not working right now. It seems more likely that she enjoyed the money she was starting to take home - around $1,200 a€?a sessiona€™, which consists of an afternoon of sex before the cameras.
No regrets: Her agent insisted to MailOnline that she is 'level-headed, intelligent' and 'never regretted doing porn'.
She told her student newspaper in an interview last week: a€?My entire life, I have, along with millions of other girls, been told that sex is a degrading and shameful act.
With her dark rimmed spectacles, blotchy skin and bushy brows, the star is virtually unrecognisable.Rihanna too has been treated to a believable transformation. But there’s a lot of middle ground when it comes to erogenous zones—meaning you should switch up your foreplay to maximize her pleasure. Check out what women (and men) had to say when they were asked to rate each body part in terms of level of arousal.
Since going public in 2009, he has injected himself with testosterone, grown body hair and surgically removed his breasts.
And those who transition from female to male are even less likely to take that step because it is complicated, expensive and not always successful.
Though his father never lived to know that he was transgender -- Sonny Bono was killed in a ski accident in 1998 -- his glamorous mother had a difficult time accepting her masculine daughter. Shaping the skull and eye sockets, reshaping the chin and other surgical procedures can help a person look more like the target gender.
Loren Schechter, head of plastic surgery at Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science and the Chicago Gender Center.
Only about a fifth of all patients have insurance plans that cover these procedures, he said.
Non, nos doigts n'ont pas glisse sur le clavier, c'est le constat realise par VoucherCodesPro.
Bien plus droles et efficaces que ceux du site anglais, on y decouvre avec horreur que toutes les stars qui nous font fantasmer feraient passer Susan Boyle pour une deesse si elles etaient ordinaires. In Amman, there was a beautiful girl that was singing Karaoke at home happily, but when she was interrupted by her mother’s chanting of the Qur'an she got angry and went into her mother’s room. Identified only by her porn name Belle Knox, she said that she was forced into making X-rated films because her parents suddenly cut off their financial support. All the children, including Miriam, attended Gonzaga Prep School in Spokane, a Jesuit school known for its high academic and sporting achievements. Images of Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise and Sharon Osbourne, meanwhile, are slightly more ridiculous.Tom Cruise and his crooked teeth resemble a hillbilly, while 50-year-old Nicholas Cage looks almost double his age with a bald head and wrinkled skin. When a transgender friend told him the male nipples Bono had surgically recrafted and reattached would fall if he continued to smoke, he gave up the habit.
Oui, si ces dernieres ne passaient pas leur temps chez les chirurgiens esthetiques, elles auraient les memes boutons, meme pilosite etrange ou dents effrayantes que le commun des mortels. D'apres le site anglais, si les stars n'avaient pas autant d'argent, elles seraient comme nous.
Shea€™s such a beautiful girl,a€™ said Mrs Minor, Paula€™s mother-in-law.a€?The family adore this girl. But, as most family members have confirmed, a€?the family see it as a phase, something that shea€™ll grow out of, the ultimate act of rebellion against her upbringing.a€™The revelation that has shaken Miriam's family to the core, has also brought her death threats, claims her agent, Stevens. Her mother quickly fetched the book and hugged on to it to stop her from doing further damage to it. In the first semester, her parents worked out a payment plan with the university for tuition of $5,000 a month. But he says shea€™s so determined to follow her new career that shea€™s willing to take all the personal abuse shea€™s been suffering at Duke.a€?She was getting death threats, so shea€™s been on break,a€™ says the agent.

She was given the a€?Spokane Scholara€™ in Foreign Languages during her final school year, 2012-13. Ita€™s hardly surprising that out of 38,000 applicants, Miriam Weeks was one of just over 3,000 students admitted to prestigious Duke University.Miriama€™s siblings had also gone on to study at high-ranking universities. That wasn't enough -- that's $47,000 still unaccounted for.a€™The couple also recently moved to a new house on a private estate in Spokane.
Going back to that is probably not the most enjoyable, but she wants an education that much.
Paul Weeks studied percussion at St Martina€™s University, which costs a minimum of $40,000-a-year. Where is an 18-year-old girl supposed to get that?a€™ Steven, who runs Matrix Models in Beverly Hills, said he had a€?Belle Knoxa€™ booked up for four days solid of shoots in New York, Phoenix and Los Angeles during the media frenzy. She just said that paying such a large amount would be a strain on any family, but ita€™s hard to see theya€™d abandoned her.
But theya€™d never abandon her, ever.a€™Mrs Minor is one of many family members trying to come to grips with why Miriam would hurt her parents by appearing in porn movies. I have no idea why they cut her off, as far as I know her parents were running into financial problems.a€?She makes a lot of money from porn. Ironically, she may have been trying to protect them from further financial pain,a€™ said one source. Besides money, one possible explanation is that the family has been under stress due to Dr Weeksa€™s deployment to Afghanistan and this is Miriama€™s way of dealing with it.
I know that they were so proud to be putting Paul through university, and paid for him,a€™ says Mrs Minor.a€?But theya€™ve worked very, very hard to put their children through college. Dr Weeks has been a serving army doctor in hematology for over 19 years and has travelled the globe serving his country.
She gets $1,500-2,000 per shoot, then I get a cut, which is less than 20 percent and then ita€™s taxed. Hershie told me that student debt cripples young people and she made sure Paul didna€™t come out with a penny of debt. Miriam wrote on a blog that shea€™s a€?lived all over the world because Ia€™m an Army Brat!a€™.
Ita€™s a legitimate business I run.a€?She simply had to make a decision whether she wanted to continue with her college career or drop out of school. Dr Weeks has served in some of the bloodiest war zones and only recently returned from the war-torn country.A  'You may find that the family has been under some stress recently for heroic reasons, said Mrs Minor, who lives in Lacey, Washington. She tried to apply for government grants, scholarships, but the irony is that her parents make enough money so that shea€™s not eligible for anything.
The 18-year-old appeared on front pages across the globe and sat down with Piers Morgan for a CNN interview using only her stage name and claiming that she was not ashamed of what she was doing and, in fact, felt a€?empowereda€™ by her career.Ia€™m not being exploited. I love what Ia€™m doing and Ia€™m safe,a€™ insists the womena€™s studies major.While Miriam seemed to be flourishing in her fifteen minutes of fame, she did admit to one pang of conscience a€“ keeping it all from her parents.
Shea€™s planning to go out to LA for the whole summer, and hopefully pay for the rest of her next semester.a€?I talk to her hourly and shea€™s kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing, shea€™s trying to figure out what her options are. I think that was a really big mistake,' Miriam told Morgan.Considering her background, ita€™s difficult to believe that Miriam was cut off by her parents, say family members.
To give up porn, thata€™s not an option, unless a rich benefactor wants to give her $200,000 to continue her education,a€™ Steven said.a€?I stay out of the personal side with her parents. But shea€™s kind of defiant, she feels theya€™ve brought it on themselves.a€?Shea€™s level headed, 100 per cent, probably one of most intelligent, levelheaded 18-year-olds Ia€™ve ever met.

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