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I Love My LSI - Love, inspirational words, music, literature, images, and anything else that feeds the soul. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Below, we’ll take a look at the top 8 types of women who fit the can’t-resist-em profile, and then we’ll dive into how you can learn from these women and employ their ever-so-coy tactics to snag the man of your dreams too. If you’re looking to “improve your romance game,” it can be super difficult to know where to start.
In other words, if you feel confident about your body, look to the sexpot for some sexy clothing advice. Felicity takes you through the world of men’s fantasies, the best types of dirty talk to attract certain men, and most important of all, men’s inner psychology. From a young age, we are taught that being kind and courteous and nice are all wonderful attributes to possess. Being polite to others, smiling, and helping friends and neighbors are positive qualities that we need to cultivate in order to make friends and … most importantly, find a romantic partner. So it makes sense then, that when we meet someone on the street, at a bar, at work, whatever … someone who we are really attracted to and really into … we’re going to be nice to them. If you haven’t picked up on it already, being too nice can put you almost immediately into the friend zone with someone of the opposite sex. When you’re into someone romantically, being nice is definitely good … but only to a certain extent. When someone is really into another person or even in love with them, they often put that person first. Of course, you are going to want to always be available for this guy or girl you’re into, but this is the wrong choice. And even though great relationships often do start out as friendships … sometimes bypassing that stage is just necessary. So if falling into the friend zone is something you’ve struggled with before and you know it might be a problem for you … just avoid that possibility altogether and go in for the date. This entry was posted in Allow, best love quotes, Heart, love, love quotes, quotes, random quotes, relationship, relationship quotes, Respect, respect quotes, You.

You can’t imagine her being upset or frustrated because she always seems so lively and happy.
These aren’t bad things, and it often makes her a little aloof to what people think about her—even the good stuff—which makes her even sexier. As you look at this list of sexy, confident, alluring women, you may be asking yourself which one to choose to emulate. But if you’re more like a silly fun girl and you’re trying to act like a sexpot, it’s just not gonna work for you. If people have complimented you on being sweet and kind, maybe that’s the image that men find most attractive in you. No matter what image you have or what type you are, you need to be able to communicate with your man and do it in a way that men find romantic and attractive. Instead, be there sometimes for group gatherings or to help the person with a specific project. Friends who talk about relationships, men or women they are into, or past flings … are just that: friends. For example, it’s a red flag if they ask you to help them move, to do something for them at work that they don’t want to do, etc. They might make fun of you in front of others (hopefully jokingly, but still not good), ask you to do favors they don’t feel like doing (see above), or just treat you generally badly.
Asking someone out sooner rather than later obviously shows your true intentions with them. Because if you don’t … you might slip right into the friend zone trap—a place where some men and women are doomed to stay forever.
She’s always going to parties and events, yet she seems to have your life together pretty well.
She’s very sweet and helpful, and even though she reminds guys of their 5th grade teacher, it’s in a good way that makes them attracted to her kindness. She’s got the looks and the smarts, but what really gets to men is her fierceness and quick wit. In other words, if there’s a guy out there you’re into, how are you going to communicate with them with these new talents you’ve acquired.

Keep in mind that just as with any other social situation, knowing what someone wants needs to take place before you can hone your “skills” or knowledge in that area.
You use it to get people to like you, and you think it’s going to work with this woman or this man. And adjust the way you interact with this person so that they know you are interested romantically and not as a buddy-ole-pal. But sometimes, when they ask or when an event comes up, be absent and don’t make a big deal about it.
On the other hand, if they ask you to do something fun, this might be a sign that they want to flirt with you. There are lots of articles and tips for successful flirting, but in general, you want to smile, laugh, lightly tease, and do a little bit of touching when it’s appropriate. And still others who just have that sweetness or grace or badass-ness or whatever it is … to charm men into adoring them.
But a lot of women have found they can get this information with Felicity Keith’s The Language of Desire for this. It may seem odd to study for romance, but that’s what the ladies above have done … and it’s been working out pretty good for them! You just don’t want to always be available because it makes it seem like you don’t have a life of your own.
Likewise, don’t allow them to talk about their relationships or dealings with the opposite sex. The key here is that if they themselves don’t want to do whatever they are asking of you and if they might not even be present during the actual carrying out of the task, don’t do it. We are talking a touch on the shoulder or pat on the arm here, not the dreaded hand on the small of the back creepy push through a doorway that many men attempt. It’s not rude, and it gets your point across that you’re not interested in that person with someone else.

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