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I suddenly wanted desperately to recall that day in 5th grade when that subject must have been presented. The confusion comes from the fact that the word (actually, a preposition of place!) em cam mean in, on or at! So the next question is - when do we get to see at naked - on it's own, not in some contraction? My girlfriend was with me and was pretty annoyed to see that I was not listening to her tell some story about getting arrested on New Year's eve here. She's the kind of girl to hang out with, she also adventrous she's a wonderful friend to have!
She was a cheerleader in her Freshman and Sophomore year but quit due to her lack of tolerance for bitchy head cheerleaders.
He's line-backer for the school football team, a dream to many girls, and a nightmare to the poor teachers.

Girls are always afraid that she's going to flirt with them or something like that where the guys just avoid her on purpose.
Most people think she's boring, quiet, and shy, but if you get to know her she's the exact opposite.
She stands up for who she is and what she believes in and doesn't care what anyone says about her. She used to be the girl everyone knew, and now she stands back in the crowd, avoiding the majority of people who come her way. She spends most of her time in class day-dreaming, or reading under her desk, which shows you that her grades arent the best. Most people bug her about always having her heads in the clouds, but she doesn't listen to them. Lastly, he uses english to write poems with such big words, he could insult someone and they wouldn't know a thing.

If she's being picked on, she tries her best to ignore it because she can't seem to stick up for herself. Being captain of the basketball team turned him into an arrogant jerk who loves to flirt with girls and try and get in their pants. Now, besides that he's into sports, is kinda funny and loves to hang out with his friendsSchedule-1.
He's the type of guy that kind of gets on your nerves after a while He's very cheesy, talkative, and friendly. Even if he is a good student, he drives teachers bonkers with too many questions, statements, or corrections.

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