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You are already a late bloomer as far as courtship is concerned when you reach college and still do not have a girlfriend. Observe if she is willing to spend some time in helping you out in areas where you have difficulties.
How to get a girlfriend in college is a time consuming effort, but it should not feel that way if you are really in love.
The thought of getting a girlfriend when you have social anxiety as a man can be nerve wrecking. The best way to overcome social anxiety and get a girlfriend is to practice talking to people while doing something else. When suffering from social anxiety, making eye contact with her can make your feel quite uncomfortable, and hence making you lose your flow of thoughts.
It is also notable that when you have social anxiety and you want to approach her, you will likely be faced with the problem of loss of words. Don’t be afraid to ask for her friendship, use the above tips to assist you make an impression and win her over.
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Learning how to get a girlfriend in high school is not as easy as it will be when you get to college.
Make the move: To some people, especially during high school days, walking up to a girl and expressing their feelings can be one of the hardest jobs in the world.
Don’t push too hard: Remember you are still trying to get acquainted with her, so never make the mistake of asking too many questions about her or trying to keep the conversation going for too long. Talk about yourself: It is not all about knowing the girl, you should tell her the most interesting things about yourself as well. Pay attention on your hygiene and fashion: Girls love neat guys and would love to be with them. Do not be too accommodating to all interested parties because no girl wants to have a boyfriend who acts too flirtatiously.

Being a part of her daily activities can immediately make you a part of her life, even if you are still in the friendly stage. You will minimize the risk of rejection when you give ample time for the girl to get to know you more - giving you the chance of winning the heart of your dream girl.
This is because social anxiety comes with one doubting his social adequacy alongside a fear of rejection and being told something wrong. It is notable that conversing with someone while engaging in an activity helps in making the conversation flow and allows you time to get something to talk about. However, you need to make you comfortable by learning how to overcome your fears while talking to people in new situations. In such a situation, it is essential that you avoid making direct eye contact with her, but rather look at her forehead. In such situations, you can suggest an activity that you can do together, particularly if it is someone you have known for a while. You may not have made a good first impression on her, so it is important that you talk to her as often as possible till she lets off her guard.
Don’t brag; just tell her your interests in sports music and all other non-academic activities. Hence, knowing that you have a problem with social anxiety means that you will need treatment, but even after treatment you will still find that you remain behind in your approach to ladies.
Therefore, the activity will act as a distraction from the real thought of approaching her.
You will need to recognize when your body starts overreacting to her presence and calm yourself. This will give an impression that you are looking at her, making you fool her and exhibit the impression of confidence and composure.
This way you can walk together, play a sport together, go shopping or go for regular workouts together. Talk about something relevant to school, though she knows where the conversation is heading, but at least act as if you are just trying to be friendly.

Show interest in her studies by asking how she is faring, if she is part of a sports group in school; show her how much you care by being present during their competitions to cheer her. Chances are that she might find out you two share one or two interests in common, and this will be to your advantage.
If she resisted it in a major way, she?s not interested at all, so you should back off at this point.
Meditation and yoga exercises are some of the techniques that can help you a great deal in calming down in such situations and to prepare yourself to face the challenge with ease.
But there are several tips that can help you get not just any kind of girlfriend, but a great one at that.
Compliment her beautiful dress, shoes or earrings, but never make mention of sensitive feminine body parts such as her buts or boobs as this will amount to shooting yourself in the foot right from the start. You can always tell by the glint in her eyes and the smile playing around her lips whether she enjoyed the conversation or not, you can ask for her phone number in a very simple and casual way. What you might not feel so invincible about is finding a girlfriend while you’re in college. Let her know you are interested in her academic progress by making mention of her class or some courses she offers.
Make sure you know what to say at every point during the conversation as you won’t want to bore her by showing how awkward you can be when it comes to conversing effectively. These are the simple things she observes while you interact with her and they will be sure to help you learn how to get a girlfriend in high school. Plus there’s also the fact that college girls are a lot more liberated than girls you might have known or dated in high school, so all of the awkwardness of trying to ask a girl out is usually replaced by a girl asking you out instead.

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