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Some guys get nervous when they approach women in public and pranker Kevin Brueck get’s wet. Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady published on YouTube channel a new video – “Christmas With Pranksters!!”.
Stuart Edge, a YouTube prankster, goes to Tempe, Arizona, where it never snowed, for a new prank. Canadian comedian Steve Kardynal is acting Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you (Chatroulette Version).
If no girls come to you, go out and handcuff yourself to them and tell them you are going out with them! Want to be seen with a girl of your choice, somebody with whom you would definitely want to hang around? Talk to Women: Even if you feel shy and confused while talking to girls, you have to do this and that too for your own sake.

Do not make yourself Available: You like the girl and want to get close to her is perfectly alright but do remember to maintain your self-esteem. Be confident about getting a girlfriend and with the above-mentioned tricks of the trade finding a girl would no longer be a tough job.
Do not go in for fake impressions, act real and things will fall into order in its own course of time. Break the communications barrier and mingle with girls and women freely, not necessarily always to women whom you are attracted to.
It might happen that the girl too likes you but is feeling jittery on making the first move.
Do not go overboard with flattering talks, as it would yield no positive result after some time. Do not let yourself down and make yourself too much available, this will definitely yield you no result.

Talk to women in general, this will definitely help you open up more freely and converse without hesitation.
The girl would rather look down upon you; no girl likes to hang around with a guy who is low on confidence. It will be best and always beneficial if you can get rid of those pickup lines and start a conversation afresh. Girls surely love flattering talks, but keep those pampering and flattering talks in control. Witness the sweet reality of being with your dream girl with ideas on how to get a girlfriend.

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