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I’d normally pick Luke Shaw in this slot, but since he just signed with Manchester United, he cannot be transferred right away, breaking one of my search criteria. While I could easily slot another France defender in here, Zouma just signed for Chelsea, and Varane is also expensive, so I thought I’d go with another solid young defender in John Stones.
While Calum Chambers was one of my favorite picks, he just joined Arsenal, so I had to keep him out of this spot. A Toronto mother who had received a shocking anonymous letter last week urging her to have her 13-year-old autistic son euthanized has issued a forceful response, highlighting the importance of tolerance. Since learning about the letter, neighbors of Max's grandmother have come out in a public display of support for the boy in an attempt to out the letter's author. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The Football Ramble is one of the UK’s most-loved football podcasts and releases a new show every Tuesday.
According to L’Equipe, former Hull City loanee and carrier of timber Hatem Ben Arfa is heading to Barcelona on a free transfer. While Ben Arfa’s career in England ended ignominiously (mostly to shouts of Fatem Ben Arfa), the former Newcastle Hall of Famer has gone some way to rebuilding his reputation with Nice, scoring 17 goals in 32 appearances.
But this is nothing next to the hope this story gives to other 29 year old forward thinking players stalked by weight issues and fan antipathy. George Orwell probably spent ages writing The Sporting Spirit; an essay outlining how sport and nationalism are inextricably linked. If you weren’t able to pick up tickets for any of our live shows back in April, the good news is we can now bring you a compilation of the best bits from Newcastle and London to download! The last time we got this excited about the events unfolding in a footballer’s kitchen, Wayne Rooney ended up getting punched in the face.
Looking back, I doubt we imagined so much football related fun would ever be seen again on a polished marble surface, but after Chelsea gleefully fulfilled their remit of ruining Spurs’ lives, we were treated to footage of the Leicester City squad celebrating their incredible title win using the now traditional blurry shouty bounce. While in no way wishing to appropriate the joy and hysteria Leicester City fans are currently revelling in and are thoroughly entitled to bleed dry, this feels like a victory for everyone. Of course Spurs are gutted and their increasingly petulant behaviour as they watched their opportunity for glory slip away in the most agonising way possible (Chelsea, 2-0 up, Hazard the troll bursting forth with an absolute screamer) was disappointing but understandable and they’ll get over it and go again next season.
It’s being reported that Harry Redknapp will be working as a consultant for A-League side Central Coast Mariners next season. Let’s hope he’s being sufficiently remunerated to cover those additional insurance costs! For a dull game with four shots on target, no goals and a Real Madrid side confined to a disciplined defensive strategy, this stage setting game wasn’t half bad when you could see it. Unfortunately, at least one camera operator took their remit of Cristiano reaction shots from the bench a little too seriously and we ended up staring at him while other, more important stuff was unfolding a few feet away.
With Pepe and Sergio Ramos confined to their own half (at least in principle) attacking duties were ostensibly left to Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema. It’s nice to think that as we sit here, that ball is still travelling around our planet, possibly alongside the one sent into the stratosphere by Sergio Ramos four short years ago. Benzema will be probably be joining them if Zinedine Zidane’s tailor ever finishes that pair of unbustable trousers and it would be no big loss.

The success or failure of Real Madrid’s season essentially rests on whether Cristiano Ronaldo will be conducting proceedings from the dugout or the pitch.
Extensive research has revealed that there are few things more satisfying in life than seeing a grown-up fall over. Congratulations to Paul Pogba, who selflessly took to his backside during Juve’s title celebrations to prove this very point.
Looking back at it now, I’m almost grateful that they had no way of knowing another 27 years of agony faced them. I feel broken inside that they had to wait that long, my faith in the press and police burned out by continued revelations of cover ups and lies. Imagine if The Hillsborough Family Support Group and other campaigners, who are more justified than any one of us to curl up into a ball and pity party the night away, had accepted what they had been told. Is anyone else really, really terrified that Pardew will lead Crystal Palace to the FA Cup, simultaneously completing ‘Fairy Tale’ level in football (albeit on Average difficulty) and elbowing his way back into the frame for the England job after Roy hangs up his jowls? Fifteen seconds after scoring two goals in Real Madrid’s 3-2 victory over Rayo Vallecano, Gareth Bale issued a panicked statement confirming that Cristiano is still the most important person at the club.
He missed it because the man between the sticks was none other than Nick Rimando, whose nickname is apparently The Wall of the Wasatch.
I’m not sure I could kick a ball properly while simultaneously processing that level of nickname either. Diego Simeone was sent to the stands for his alleged involvement in a second ball appearing on the pitch during Atletico Madrid’s 1-0 victory over Malaga. If Jose Mourinho had been behind this act of Machiavellian interference, I’d be settling into one of my diatribes around now. You could say it’s part of the anti-Chelsea bias that reportedly stalks the corridors of Ramble HQ. On the other hand, I could be dressing my double standards up in a lovely, fancy frock in an attempt to distract from my disgusting anti-Chelsea bias.
Do you remember when everyone lost their shit because the Algeria Championnat was so close, anyone of the sixteen teams could have gone ahead and won it? What’s worse than a troupe of actors in Milan shirts performing a lacklustre, uncoordinated approximation of the Haka in the penalty area in front of an mostly empty stand at the San Siro? A little light trolling from the Liverpool Echo or a neat summation of Everton’s performance last night?
Unfortunately, and some might say, ironically, it feels like Martinez’ relentless optimism has proved most galling to fans. While Shaw easily has the most potential, Ricardo Rodriguez is no slouch himself, having a brilliant 2014 World Cup with Switzerland. While Stones may be MUCH cheaper than the French (only $8 million to start), his potential ranks up there with the very best. He can be found playing almost any type of game, but is usually deep in a franchise or career mode on multiple sports titles. Karla Begley and her family were left reeling after receiving a disturbing, hate-filled missive from a neighbor in Newcastle, Canada, informing her that the noise her special needs son, Max, was making while playing outside terrified her 'normal' children. One or two even suggested that Redders sole intention when he gave the interview was to get it discussed on the Football Ramble.

In years to come, we will look back on this as we will the careers of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, marvelling at how fortunate we were to see football history unfolding before our very eyes.
Knowing that your loved one is dead and hearing authorities absolve themselves of responsibility by spreading rumours of fan unrest and misbehaviour, essentially implying that if they’d just behaved themselves, none of this unpleasantness would have happened. They’ve met every attempt to discredit them, distort their truth and smear their claims with dignity, unity and strength. Despite his recent naughtiness, his contribution to football over the last eight months - specifically his record breaking run of eleven goals in eleven games - was rewarded with what can only be described as a horrible plate. Fortunately for Stevie, the walls they make in Wasatch crumble like sand if you approach them at speed. After Ferguson retired, Mourinho appointed himself master of the mindgames, assuming that because he had managed to mug off Arsene Wenger a couple of times (a gentle man who can’t operate an anorak) the mantle was his to take. But at some point in the last season of his Chelsea tenure, he became intoxicated by the power and thought he could get away with anything.
With the shadow of technology looming ever further over us with every refereeing error, the margins for discussion, debate and bitter bitching over a beer are narrowing.
At this point, it feels as though if he’d just admitted he could see the obvious problems, the Goodison faithful might be more amenable to his methods. But he should know better than to rely on unexpected FA Cup victories to turn things round.
Although he’s a 71, he can climb very rapidly if used regularly, and on average lands at a staggering 87. If he's not on Xbox Live, he's usually following one of his sports teams and tweeting about it. Next year, next month, maybe even next week that goodwill will be suspended and they will be the team to beat, the King Power the place to go and get a win.
They knew they were right, that their husbands, wives, daughters, sons, cousins, friends and neighbours had died unjustly and would not accept anything other than full disclosure of the details, which they knew would eventually liberate them.
He is also an amazing set-piece taker, and rarely misses a free-kick with 81 Curve and 83 Accuracy. While it’s good he starts as an 81, he is one of the most expensive on the list at almost $50 million to start. While none of his stats jump out at you, his rating will jump regularly in your first few seasons with him with some playing time, and his 85 Potential is well worth the cost of admission. The voice of the commentator drifting in and out as ambulance sirens appropriated the frequency with their own anguished wails.
Laporte is versatile and can slot in at left-back as well, and has great strength for a 20 year old (83).
Things happen that we can’t explain through rationalisation alone and love is never, ever objective.

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