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If you are already an OnSugar member, or would like to receive email alerts as new comments are made, please login or register for OnSugar. Here are 12 common mistakes that guys make with women, which can lead to rejection or a relationship break up. This one skill determines the quality of woman you can have access to and how much she will want to stay with you when in relationship.
I’m not talking about a mild attraction where she “kind of” likes you; I’m talking about INTENSE attraction where she has to have you. Being able to talk to a woman and get her to feel attracted to you right away, is a skill that is very important to your overall success with women.
Why do there have to be so many silly “mind games” involved in starting a relationship with a woman? Most guys can’t work up the courage to approach attractive women, which is actually a huge opportunity for you.

How can you get your ex back if you’ve made the classic mistake of begging and pleading with her? The secret of how to make your ex miss you seems like a pretty obvious answer, but it isn’t. When a guy is trying to get a woman back, he will often make a lot of mistakes that make the whole ex back process frustrating, disheartening and annoying.
People don’t always see things the same way all the time, which is why it is perfectly normal for a couple to fight once in a while. The secret of how to get back together with your ex basically comes down to the following three things.
When a woman compliments you, the way that you respond will depend on whether or not you want to have sex with her.
Talking to a woman on the phone is easy when you focus on the fact that she must already like you if she’s given you her number.

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