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Juelia (Chris) printed out pictures of the guys who are going to be on the show and makes her daughter give an opinion. Tenley (Jake and Bachelor Pad) is on the show to basically get revenge on her ex-boyfriend Kiptyn (who she met on Bachelor Pad). Hey if Clare is there with her cedar Hope Chest of cliches, you know it’s going to be a good time. They showed Jillian’s butt briefly during the Aftershow (which is its own kind of punishment). Haha Mikey, you ARE a douche when all the other broskis are rolling their eyes at you hard bro.
ABC is probably grooming her to be Hostdouchison’s replacement, who probably wants to move into announcing broadcasts of professional poker, and hosting Westminster cat shows. Yes, but what explains her inability to just do the deed… and her sister’s inability not to?

She’s pretty in a bland, kind of down-to-earth way, which is appreciable in this context. It’s interesting how the two sisters reveal their insecurities in wildly oppposite extremes. Chris Harrison welcomes us to Mexico with a production assistant named Paulie bringing him a drink in a coconut. Or strolling pensively on the mall, wondering about the man who will one day whisk her away from all of this.
The girl is freaking gorgeous, she’s accomplished, and, from accounts of those who have met her, super sweet!
I specifically remember Kirk because he’s a Sconnie (like me) and , as soon as Ali got a glimpse of the northern WI taxidermy museum that was his parents home, she ran for the hills. After Paradise was stupid and pointless and I’m pretty much going to ignore it unless something interesting happens.

All we get this week was the co-host (and I can’t be bothered to look up her name) making some needlessly mean comments about Jillian. It’s kind of interesting that happened considering how much time Chris Harrison spent calling out people who were cyber-bullying Kaitlyn.
She should have made a deal with him to give him her rose – there was no need to kiss him. She was always super popular and had no trouble getting male attention in high school and college.
And, since this is Bachelor Nation, there’s a huge chance that this is just all an act to get her screen time.

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