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Almost Nerdy covers everything from movies, comic books, webcomics, sci-fi, TV shows, cosplay, video games, conventions, collectibles, nerd humor, zombies, general nerd news, and anything else considered to be nerdy. El Apollo Theater sumo en 2010 a Michael Jackson y Aretha Franklin a su Salon de Leyendas, una institucion reservada a los mas grandes de la musica negra. Very happy to have Christina of Deconstructing Saigon & Saimaeve here today as my co-host! I ♥ hearing from you!Thanks so much for taking the time to write me a little message!
This isn't really "feminist" or even "important" but in this space I get to write and process whatever I want, so deal. Besides the obvious illustration of the difference between my Facebook feed and my Tumblr dashboard, I thought this was interesting to see back to back. I've long been disturbed by the, "you must believe in Santa Claus!" rule that permeates our society.
I know numerous families, including my own, where kids aren't allowed to say stuff like, "Santa isn't real!" and if you do, then the response is, automatically, "Ok, well you don't get gifts anymore!" What kid is going to be like, "That's cool, keep your gifts and your dirty lies, Grandma, Santa is a hoax." They, instead, begin indulging in the continuation of the lie, pretending they don't know how it works, and teaching the lie to younger kids, and so on. Of course, I know there's a difference between this lie and lies which are directly intended to hurt people--but how are parents able to mange the cognitive dissonance around punishing their kids for lying, but then saying this kind of stuff to them?
I've written about rape culture ad nauseam, but every now and then one of its artifacts pops up and takes me by surprise. My point is that even against the current emotional place this film puts you in, many people still chuckled at an allusion to rape.
Just to be clear--I don't even know if I'm calling out this film itself for that line, necessarily. Shakesville just shared this quote, from Republican Nebraska State Senator, Bill Kinter: "Biggest mystery? Glenn is an actor, writer, musician, podcaster, web personality, MC (Master of Ceremonies), host and interviewer. Also, feel free to send any pics, videos, or nerdy things from around the web that you think we need to know about.

Por ello, deseamos que llegue junio para dotarlo del maximo honor del Apollo”, explico en un comunicado Jonelle Procope, la presidenta de la institucion cultural situada en el neoyorquino barrio de Harlem.
A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept. A carnival performer whose show consists of bizarre acts, such as biting the head off a live chicken.
Maybe it's because I don't have kids so I don't get the appeal, but I'm not sure why this is SUCH an important lie Christian families in America feel they must tell their kids.
It was something so "small" but is truly my take away, and it has very little to do with the actual film and a whole lot to do with the audience and our society. Not only because it's a disgusting reference to rape, but also because, as mentioned, this movie is GRIM. In the context of the moment and the characters present, it's not unrealistic that one of those digesting men would have said something disturbing. Lynn, a nerdy intersectional feminist, cinephile, and nonprofit professional originally from Indianapolis, IN. Blunt and Kaluuya are outsiders in the world they're dropped in, and they're frequently unnerved by what the other characters are doing. She now lives in Austin, TX, and thinks a lot of deep thoughts about pop culture, politics, nonprofits, and nail polish.There are also occasional guest writers around these parts now, so welcome to them too! I mean, I think there was maaaaybe one other light, slightly humorous moment where Kaluuya pokes fun at Blunt's character for her bra, but that's it. He and his staff travel the country covering comic and gaming conventions and film festivals providing live coverage of events as they happen, on the spot interviews, reviews and commentary. I kept looking for some interesting gender dynamic, but nothing really emerged that was of much interest to me anyway. Heute geht es darum, Abstande mit Hilfe eines Ultraschallsensors und einem Arduino zu messen und auf einem LCD Display auszugeben.
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