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CAIRO—Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy is pulling no punches when it comes to who he blames for the 400 days he’s spent in a Cairo prison — and Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former foreign affairs minister John Baird are on his list.
In an interview with the British newspaper The Independent, Fahmy says it was the “geopolitical score-settling” between Middle Eastern countries that put him and his two colleagues — Australian Peter Greste and Egyptian Baher Mohamed — behind bars. But the 40-year-old journalist, who was released on bail from a Cairo prison early Friday, told the newspaper that he blames his employer, Al Jazeera English, and Canada — especially Harper and Baird — for failing to win his freedom.
Fahmy says Harper did not speak with his Egyptian counterpart to secure his release — unlike Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who he said intervened on Greste’s behalf, speaking to the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi three times.
On Thursday, Harper was asked in Victoriaville, Que., whether he’d spoken directly to el-Sissi but wouldn’t say so directly.
Fahmy said he gave up his Egyptian citizenship because he was promised it was “the only way” to leave the country but he says that didn’t happen because of what he termed a “diplomatic error” by Baird. He said Baird had, during a recent visit to Cairo, said Fahmy wouldn’t have to serve the rest of his sentence if he were to be deported to Canada.
Asked to respond to the Independent article, a source who worked in Baird’s office said Egyptian officials have not raised the idea of sending Fahmy home to face similar charges in Canada. The source said the former foreign affairs minister had two conversations with the Egyptian foreign minister after Baird left Egypt in January and that both times the Egyptian minister indicated Fahmy’s case would be dealt with swiftly.
Fahmy said he wants to leave but his name is on a no-fly list at the airport and he needs Canada to get him off that list. Both Fahmy and Mohamed were ordered released on bail by an Egyptian court on Thursday, about an hour into the start of their retrial on terror-related charges their families have called ridiculous. In SunLand, it was always 1912 and men in paper dickeys (a collar with a sort of breastplate) purchased in a dry goods store raged against hootenanny gals, shiftless hobos and the invasion of the Moor. Sun used to ask me on and I would say no, I’d already done the repellent Bill O’Reilly and why go second-hand. The great defect of Sun News was that it wasn’t a news channel: it was constant opinionating on the cheap, as opposed to news reporting, which is expensive.
Kicking someone who’s already writhing on the sidewalk isn’t funny, and Sun News did that often. I will say that I frequently receive violent threats, no make that “promises,” about my imminent horrible death whenever I write about something the hard-right loves.
But I once went after Ezra Levant, the silliest man in Canada, for his treatment of Margaret and Justin Trudeau. Peel Regional Police have taken the unusual step of issuing a news release to dispute published reports about the way they arrested Toronto criminal lawyer Laura Liscio inside the Brampton courthouse this week. Officers arrested Liscio, 32, at the Brampton courthouse on Thursday and charged her with drug possession, trafficking, obstructing justice and breach of trust. Bernstein said Liscio, following protocol, had handed her client’s clothing to a court security officer to be searched while she stood nearby. Officers investigated, arrested Liscio, and escorted her — without handcuffs — to a “discreet” location at the courthouse where she met with investigators, the release said.
According to the news release, Liscio changed from her court attire into civilian clothing and was escorted from the building, in handcuffs, to an unmarked police vehicle. Peel police “felt it not only appropriate, but necessary to provide clarity to these inaccuracies.” They will not comment any further. Bernstein noted that lawyers appearing in Ontario Superior Court must wear long black robes, a waistcoat, white tabs, a white shirt and grey or black pants or skirt. When Liscio was arrested in the vestibule area outside the courtroom she was wearing all of these things, Bernstein said. As Toronto councillors do their annual budget-balancing contortions, the departing city manager says it’s time to consider a local sales tax or other revenue source to properly fund the rapidly growing metropolis. Noting he was voicing a personal opinion and is subject to the will of council, Pennachetti said there “has to be change at some point” for Toronto to cope with pressures from housing, transit, social services and more.
Pennachetti is in early talks with the province about updating the City of Toronto Act, and said it would be helpful by mid-March to know if councillors want him to push for new powers, including the ability to levy a sales or income tax. Toronto, which has property tax rates significantly lower than other GTA municipalities, gained the power under the act to impose new charges on gasoline, parking spots and more. However, in 2013, a majority of city councillors could not agree to impose any of those measures, despite a recommendation by city staff to use one or more to pay for badly needed transit expansion. While some councillors welcomed renewed discussions about “revenue tools,” Mayor John Tory and budget chief Councillor Gary Crawford both quickly slammed the door on the idea.
Crawford told reporters: “We’re not focusing on revenue tools, we’re focusing on how to we deal within our own house .
Still, Councillor Shelley Carroll, a budget chief under former mayor David Miller who has been supportive of Tory’s fiscal efforts so far, said she will table motions to restart the debate about new revenue sources, and to reintroduce the $60 vehicle registration tax killed by council in 2011.
At budget townhalls across the city, “people are saying: ‘You need to look at revenue tools,’” Carroll said.
New York City, for example, has a property tax, dedicated income and sales taxes, and taxes on cigarettes, hotel rooms and taxis.
The backdrop for Toronto’s talk of a long-term fix is Tory’s third stab at fixing a gaping hole in the proposed 2015 budget with a solution that will allow him to live up to his 2014 campaign promise to keep taxes at or below the rate of inflation. Tory and Crawford are proposing that the city essentially borrow from itself to deal with the phase-out of provincial housing grants. The city would reduce funds flowing from the operating budget to the city’s capital budget by $130 million over three years, and make $25 million in cuts. But next year, budget pressures will only intensify, with the city forced to find $69.3 million in savings — or $44 million, if this year’s cuts remain intact.
On CBC Radio on Friday, pressed on a long-term fix for Toronto’s finances, Tory said taxpayers can rely on his “steely determination” to find efficiencies, balance the books and keep taxes low.
Councillor Gord Perks argued that city council should hike property taxes this year to deal, forever, with the loss of the provincial housing grants.
Four years ago, Craig Gagliano did something virtually unheard of in Toronto’s condo industry. The resident of the west-end Toy Factory Lofts and president of its condo board cut monthly maintenance fees for each of the building’s 213 units — by a stunning 30 per cent.
While the price of living the carefree condo life continues to climb in buildings across the GTA — often at rates well above inflation — the well-kept Toy Factory Lofts still boast some of the lowest monthly maintenance fees in the city.
That adds up to about $306 per month, compared to the city-wide average of $530 per month, for a 900-square-foot unit.
The low fees amount to more than just hundreds of dollars in savings per month for owners of the sought-after historic former factory in Liberty Village., which has already taken a hard look at price appreciation in various buildings, is now pulling back the veil on maintenance fees with a new online feature.
The site’s creators — condo specialist Carl Langschmidt, his data-crunching brother Ahren, and realtor-partner Andrew Harrild — are still collecting and analyzing fee details on an additional 900 projects. They are also confusing, seemingly uncontrollable and the second-biggest cost of condo ownership, next to a mortgage, which is why the team has been amassing data for well over a year now from MLS and other real estate sites.
One of their most shocking discoveries was the high costs of a parking spot, on top of the $35,000 and up it costs at time of purchase.
Buried in monthly fees are parking charges averaging $43 a month but as high as $148, the team found. Not surprisingly, luxury condos and hotel-condos like the Four Seasons Private Residences are in the Top Five list of highest maintenance fees at well over $1 per square foot. Toy Factory suites have seen an almost 21 per cent price appreciation between 2009 and 2014.
Of condo buildings built or converted between 1975 and 1980 (Indigo was built in 1993), fees averaged 57 cents a square foot, says Langschmidt. Buildings with a pool, gym and concierge tend to pay a 31 per cent premium in fees, Langsmidt says.
Developers are also aware of growing concerns about fees and are quietly questioning the need for basketball courts, movie rooms, wine storage and libraries that may seldom get used. Tasso Eracles, chairman of FirstService Residential, which manages about 300 condo buildings, says cutting costs is much harder than it appears, especially without compromising the state of the building. Heat, hydro and water can account for 40 to 50 per cent of costs and are climbing 8 to 10 per cent per year. Provincial requirements, like an adequate reserve fund to cover major maintenance and repairs, are also a major fixed cost, says Eracles, and those costs could increase further as the province revamps the Condominium Act. What’s needed, he stresses, are more condo boards with “the collective courage required to make difficult decisions” like reducing staff. Gagliano went line-by-line through The Toy Factory’s reserve fund, along with engineers who have to give it final approval, questioning every assumption of future costs, some far beyond a reasonable rate of inflation. The Toy Factory board stepped up preventative maintenance aimed at prolonging the expected lifespan of major components of the seven-year-old conversion.
Some residents complained, but the building’s budget for gas, water and hydro was $352,000 in 2010, Gagliano says.
The Toy Factory’s property manager gets a 10 per cent bonus for viable cost-cutting solutions.
There’s growing concern in the condo sector that board members need training to handle budgets and other condo responsibilities, which is being considered in the Condo Act review. Some condo residents, like Gagliano, have come to believe it’s better for buildings to impose the odd special assessment — a one-time fee for unexpected expenses — than continue to boost monthly fees.
Whether paraded by a victorious Olympian, stitched on the backpack of a traveller, attached to the robotic arm of a space shuttle or draped over the casket of a soldier, the striking, red maple leaf Canadian flag is so prevalent, so generally revered, it seems impossible that its creation 50 years ago was fraught with controversy. Debate in and out of Parliament got so ugly that the Toronto Star, in a series of articles by Peter C.

It was a time of rising political tension and public insurrection in Quebec, and Prime Minister Lester B. Canada’s government had twice earlier tried to create a national flag and failed both times.
Pearson’s political foil was Conservative opposition leader John Diefenbaker, an incisive, sometimes vicious orator.
It was a fascinating, soul-searching episode in Canada’s history, a tumultuous time that led us to the flag flying across the country today. Margaret Beddoe Lawrence, Beddoe’s granddaughter: John Matheson was not pleased that my grandfather pulled this rabbit out of his hat and, in essence, blindsided Matheson. NDP MP ReidScott, the last surviving member of the parliamentary flag committee: Matheson was horrified that the artist produced a flag with two blue bars. Beddoe on national television: Well, if you don’t like the blue bars, you can take a pair of scissors and cut them off. Pearson, smitten with the Beddoe three-leaf design, then does something many considered political suicide.
Pearson, between the boos and hisses of 2,000 conventioneers: I believe that a Canadian flag as distinctive as the maple leaf in the Legion badge will bring [Canadians from far-flung lands] closer to us of British stock and make us all better and more united Canadians . Letter to Pearson from a Saskatchewan resident: I think you are a traitor to the Commonwealth and should be hauled up for treason . Matheson, on television, notes that the three leaves motif comes from the Red Ensign: Practically any change is difficult — it produces anguish. The PM pushes on and, according to a Toronto Star report, a test flight of Pearson’s Pennant on Parliament Hill on June 12 almost leads to a donnybrook. The NDP holds a press conference to endorse a single-leaf flag that Scott has been pushing. Scott: What followed, and I couldn’t believe my ears, was one of the longest, most bitter debates in the entire history of the Canadian Parliament.
Scott: One man one night challenged another member to a duel, which I thought was a wonderful idea and I wrote them both a note saying I’ll referee it. Red Kelly, a Liberal MP who also played for the Maple Leafs: I had three or four meetings with [Leafs’ owner] Mr.
Terry Nugent, Conservative MP, addressing Commons: Have you ever tried to explain three maple leaves to an Eskimo who has never seen a tree? Matheson: But to the Liberals it was clear that the hard battle was still on, only a new forum had been selected. Scott: Everyone [in committee] sat looking at each other so I said, if no one else wants to speak, I have some suggestions .
Matheson: In the worst possible circumstances of acrimony and mistrust, the government members of the committee (in minority) were expected to produce a result which had theretofore defied Canadian statesmanship for nearly a century. The idea of a single-leaf Canadian flag was part of the public discussion long before the formal flag debate, and a single leaf had often previously been used to symbolize Canada. Matheson: I particularly recall standing beside George Stanley (sometime in March) and looking up at the Royal Military College flag flapping furiously from the Mackenzie Building, one of the college’s buildings in Kingston. There is, however, contention as to how that single-leaf flag came to be the committee’s recommendation. In a recent interview with the Star, Scott says he was the one pushing for the single-leaf flag and it was he who convinced the Liberals on the committee to back off Pearson’s three-leaf proposal and vote for the single-leaf design. Beddoe Lawrence: My grandfather did the artistic renderings of all the designs that were seriously being considered for the flag committee. Matheson: The sketch went on the wall — but secretly and without any suggestion of my interest or support.
Laurie Stanley-Blackwell, Stanley’s daughter: At the time, it was a bittersweet experience.
Liberal committee member Deachman, in a story under his byline in the Ottawa Citizen: The Tories were thunderstruck.
Beddoe Lawrence: The Pearson Pennant was one of the three finalists the committee voted on and for it to not make the gold medal podium . John Diefenbaker discussing the single-leaf flag on CBC television: [It] shows nothing of our heritage . Scott: I’m damned if [the recommendation from the flag committee] didn’t start the whole debate over again. While the single-leaf flag is the committee recommendation, the idea still needs refinement. Matheson: In the period before the second debate on the flag in the House of Commons, I occupied myself with research for a stylized maple leaf appropriate for the flag . Rick Archbold, flag historian and author of A Flag for Canada, in an interview: Jacques St-Cyr perfected the leaf, which was a brilliant piece of simplification of the sugar maple leaf, which no one had ever come up with before. Blackwell: In the end, all Jacques St-Cyr did was take two points off the 13-point maple leaf in the middle and stylize it a little more, make it less a literal maple leaf so it would fly better and be more recognizable in the wind. Bob Harper, who spent hundreds of hours interviewing and researching Matheson: The very first flag they tried to silkscreen was what became our maple leaf flag. It’s uncertain how many and which designs are prepared that night, but one is Canada’s future flag.
Pearson gives his approval to the stylized single-leaf flag, but debate roils again in the House of Commons, with some Conservatives breaking ranks. Matheson addressing the House: On the flag committee we struggled hard to find a strong and distinctive flag which represented a fresh approach.
You'll get to know her in the Burning Desire mission, when you save her from the burning house that you actually set on fire. You'll meet her in the Key to Her Heart mission and she'll become your girlfriend after it.
23, and until then, lawyers said Fahmy and Mohamed will have to report regularly to a local police station. But the great Stephen Lautens, lawyer, columnist and one of the funniest people on Twitter, would say yes. After the Supreme Court’s humane ruling on assisted suicide, Lautens wrote that the various hosts chatted about it.
If I had to list people I wanted to punch in the face, I’d list Hitler (which is basic so I get an extra), ex-Disney CEO Michael Eisner, the head waiter at a certain fish restaurant on Front St.
Lautens says it was aimed at the easily frightened and the elderly, but I thought they were after cat ladies and hoarders.
Everyone has an opinion but since all Sun opinions were the same and never debated — we don’t trust Muslims — it seemed slab-like rather than entertainingly bumpy. It wasn’t funny to attack Justin Trudeau’s mother, Margaret, who has repeatedly been bereaved and who suffers from bipolar disorder. Her arrest ignited a firestorm of protest by defence lawyers, who called it humiliating and unnecessary. Most big American cities have much broader taxation powers, as well as different areas of responsibility.
Instead of borrowing from the province or a bank to cover the $130 million gap, the city would borrow from itself, to be paid back over six years. It will allow buyers to get a sense of maintenance fees — and how much they’ve climbed — in almost 700 buildings, as well as townhouse projects, across Toronto.
In fact, one of the biggest surprises in all the data crunching was that old buildings don’t necessarily have higher fees. He also cites property management companies for escalating costs: The team is now compiling a list of companies that will show the average fees in buildings they manage.
Hallway heating was reduced by four degrees in winter and air conditioning turned down four degrees in summer. Pearson was determined to replace the Red Ensign with an instantly recognizable flag that proudly shouted a new, multicultural Canada to the world.
But as the summer of 1964 approached, Pearson, heading a minority Liberal government, followed through with his intention to have a new flag in time for the country’s 1967 centennial. Diefenbaker favoured preserving the Red Ensign —even though it had never been officially sanctioned by Parliament — or a variation of it. 15, 1965, we look back at that extraordinary era though a sampling of quotes and vignettes from interviews, newspaper accounts, parliamentary and historical records and the book Canada’s Flag, an in-depth telling of the flag story written by heraldry expert John Matheson, a Liberal MP at the time and Pearson’s point man on the project.
Pearson several triad designs — three red leaves on white — and I brought along Alan Beddoe with me. I think Matheson was a little chagrined that Pearson didn’t like his idea; he liked Alan Beddoe’s idea.
On May 17, 1964, he takes his flag proposal, dubbed the “Pearson Pennant,” to Winnipeg and a convention of the Royal Canadian Legion, a hard-core and hostile gathering of Red Ensign loyalists. The Creditistes favour a red-and-white flag divided in half diagonally with a green maple leaf in the middle. I say to him that by this action — and the apologetic manner was apparent throughout his speech today — he realized he has caused to this nation cleavages and fissures and separations that more than a generation of people will come to recall. 9: The supporters of the three-maple-leaf flag are deluding themselves with the thought that their design will be adopted without closure . 10, Pearson announces a flag committee, consisting of 15 MPs, seven Liberals, five Conservatives and one member each from the Social Credit, NDP and Ralliement des Creditistes parties. Diefenbaker believed that he would be able to use the committee’s failure to rout a wobbly government, so with a gun to our heads we were asked to produce a flag for Canada in six weeks! Jackson of the famed Group of Seven, who comes up with own three-leaf design with horizontal wavy blue lines signifying rivers rather than blue bars. However, George Stanley, the dean of arts at the Royal Military College in Kingston, is widely credited with creating the prototype for our current flag.
This flag had three vertical pales, red-white-red, with the college crest (a mailed fist holding three maple leaves) on the white centre pale.
Matheson, in his book, says he started to believe the single-leaf option was the best one, but he had to convince others. That way, he says, the Conservatives would be tricked into voting for the same flag as the Liberals and independents, resulting in a unanimous vote. My father was distressed by the backlash of those Canadian veterans who considered the new flag an outrageous betrayal of the Canadian Ensign and Union Jack.

On the first ballot, a version of the Stanley-designed flag — but with a Union Jack in one upper corner and fleurs-de-lys in the other — is rejected nine to five, while both maple leaf designs move on.
After adequate dining and much wining we persuaded Margaret Konantz [the only woman on the committee] to remove one of the dark curtains from the window and costume herself as a medium. Casson, also from the Group of Seven: [The proposed single-leaf flag] looks like some 6-year-old’s effort in kindergarten.
Various experts are involved in elements such as proportions and colour selection, but it is Jacques St-Cyr, an artist working under Patrick Reid with the Canadian Government Exhibition Commission, who is credited with creating the striking red leaf, reducing the number of points on it from 13 to 11. For a moment, indeed, we achieved unanimity — and then we discovered that the Leader of the Opposition was even more contemptuous and scathing than he had been before. 10: Are we as Canadians to have a flag which treats our memories, our past sacrifices, all the milestones of greatness as irrelevancies? 14: During the course of this debate, many hard and bitter words have been spoken that it would have been better to have left unsaid. She doesn't have any requirements about your looks, and she doesn't care where you take her, just avoid the Burger. Sun News used to gloat over layoffs at my beloved CBC, but I hate seeing anyone at all out of work because no one would buy the company corpse.
In a Friday column looking back on his visits to the studio, he remembered them saying, “We have trouble getting liberals to come on.” Sun people wouldn’t debate, just harangue, and debate is always the key. They really believed “people would be declared insane by doctors and put to death by family members who wanted to get their hands on their gold teeth. But on Sun, the new spray-on cleaner ad had a close-up of a truly unspeakable toilet plus what looked like a disc of catsick on the kitchen counter. Refugee claimants need all the help in the world, including medical care, as do sexual assault victims. The budget then goes to the executive committee and city council for final approval in March.
Units sell, on average, for $229 less per square foot than others in the area, according to’s research. We have 104 units and there are increased costs to running an elevator 27 floors as opposed to eight floors. Others saw a new flag as a sop to Quebec and passionately defended maintaining symbolic colonial ties to Britain.
An editorial in the Winnipeg Tribune accuses Pearson of action that could only produce “bitterness and even hatred. One of the Liberals, Herman Batten, chairs the committee and will only vote if there is a tie. A memo Stanley sent to Matheson dated March 23, 1964, outlines what he believes are the requirements for Canada’s flag, and he concludes with a couple of crude sketches, one of which bears a striking resemblance to our current flag.
He notes that fellow Liberal Grant Deachman then designed a voting strategy to ensure that was the recommendation put forth by the committee.
He answered in a rather exasperated voice, “Now they want a single maple leaf with red borders.” My grandfather was not particularly excited about that design. Some of the veterans accused my father of being a “traitor,” an unkind cut for someone who had himself fought in World War II. A vote is then taken to determine the committee’s preference between the design containing three leaves and that with one leaf.
We then besought, with the aid of her crystal ball, the spirit of Mackenzie King and his revered mother.
One version has it that Reid and Matheson swing into action because Pearson wants to take a prototype flag to his residence at Harrington Lake to see how it looks in a breeze.
The ink ran and it wasn’t the right colour, so they set that piece aside and did the three prototypes.
Ken Donovan, assistant purchasing chief for the Department of Trade and Commerce in Ottawa, suggests Joan O’Malley, his 20-year-old daughter, could help. It is useless, futile and, I feel, mischievous to try at this stage to assess blame in this chamber or elsewhere.
That is enough to go up to her and you'll either get her telephone number or you'll hear that you aren't right for her. The game will even help you, because it will show you what parts of town she likes, that you can go to.
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I had watched Sun News the night before, in the hope of finding a greater understanding of the creature, but as always I just ended up unnerved.
In other words, compassion for the terminally ill inevitably would lead to the gates of Auschwitz.
So do young female CBC reporters being harassed on the street by violent men armed with a grotesque sexual meme, FHRITP. It’s quite clear tonight, there are others who disagree strongly, honestly and deeply with me . Besides being dull at times, the debate was positively depressing with its bitterness and rancor.
I figured if we could get all of Parliament to participate, we’d get through the speakers much quicker.
The Edmonton Journal reports that a bouncing, smiling John Diefenbaker arrives in Fredericton the next day and jokes and dances with party faithful. The worst one I remember was a woman with a beaver on a leash and the face of Myrna Loy, the actress, on [the beaver]. We had to decide on an emblem or an abstract design such as a tri-colour, and there’s so many of those it’s hard to get a distinctive flag. Stanley remarked, “There, John, is your flag.” Interpreting him literally I remarked that Canadians would not accept a mailed fist symbol. One of our dear family friends, whose porch was festooned with Union Jack flags, accosted my mother one day [and said], “I can’t believe Dr. Reid and Matheson scramble to find bunting to make flags and have the material silkscreened.
In the meantime, that piece of cloth dried and John folded it into six-inch squares and put it in the pocket of his suit. Every kind of opinion that could have been expressed on the Canadian flag has been expressed and I think the government should have the courage to stand up and impose closure.
But the truth remains — and it is a bitter truth — that the embers of hatred and prejudice have been fanned, and if they should continue uncontrolled they could very well lead to disaster and to the end of our nation. I was trying to say that this is a good flag, and it is Canada’s flag, an emblem of which we and our children can be proud and under which Canada can go forward, this red maple leaf flag. You don’t need CLR, lady, you need a chisel, I thought, and then realized I’d said it out loud to an empty room. I think they’re going to have a very difficult time in arguing against what has been the tradition of this country, legally, for something like 96 years.
Of a total of 278 speeches delivered at all the stages of the great flag debate, 195 were delivered by 92 Conservatives.
It is also delusional for the supporters of the Red Ensign to believe it can be maintained without resorting to endless filibuster . He said, “No, I mean with a red maple leaf in place of the College Crest.” It was an interesting proposal that I kept very much to myself, but pondered from time to time. Stanley would do something like that.” Some friendships were lost in the heat of the moment.
A reconfirming vote, which had previously been agreed upon, gave them an opportunity to beat a retreat. That actual flag, which I classify as the first Canadian flag produced, is in the archives at Queen’s University. I ask the Leader of the Opposition, a privy councillor, a former prime minister, a dominant parliamentary figure for many years, if the decision of Parliament is to support the recommendations of this committee, to join us in saluting Canada’s new maple leaf flag. That is why this afternoon, I approved and voted for the extreme measure that is closure; because I am firmly convinced that the continuance of this debate at this stage, after it has given rise throughout the land to so many utterances born of prejudices and hatred, could only achieve its normal course, the very destruction of this country. Then you can give her a lift home and when you are further into your relationship with her, she can invite you for a coffee. We must succeed because if we don’t do it this time, nobody will have the courage to touch if for another 25 years and we’ll look even stupider than we already do.
With the sweat of the Liberals and the tears of the Tories, something truly immense had been accomplished . I ask him to help us rally a united Parliament behind that flag if this is the decision of Parliament, as it is raised high to fly over Canadians who honour their past and respect their traditions, Canadians who also face the future in confidence and faith, in unity and in strength, and who wish to face that future under their own national symbols. As the desk-thumping continued, we all watched the tall figure of John Diefenbaker standing erect, like a proud eagle.
Speaker, when the dust of controversy clears away, when the bitterness of debate is over, we can all in the House rally around the red maple leaf Canadian flag.
I selected the hard sugar maple tree as the desired species because not only did it have a handsome leaf but also this tree had been familiar to the Indians, the Habitants, and the United Empire Loyalists, for whom it produced furniture, food and fuel.
When I’d go to the House, I’d hear all the stories of how the Canadian soldiers were recognized by the maple leaf on their lapel. I am therefore suggesting the immediate appointment of a committee in order to determine the choice of a flag. In fact, my father was more excited than I was about the whole thing — he was the one who got to deliver the prototypes to Mr.
As this terrible debate rumbled on, one had the impression that a poisonous national boil had been lanced and was being drained drop by drop. It was selected after I had studied its performance under varying velocities in the National Research Laboratory wind tunnel .

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