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We've all been there: You're newly single, still reeling from the sting of being dumped by your ex -- and desperately trying to avoid texting him or her.
But let the texts in the slideshow below be a warning to you -- though it's tempting to text, those post-split conversations never go as planned.
Also, I’m a huge fan of the fact that for once Dean agrees to give the monster a chance. Now, if you want to treat this episode as is (meaning as a filler), then 8.03 was all right. We saw Sam rebelling against the life of a hunter, Dean trying to keep the family together, the two of them doing their separate parts on the hunt while wanting different things.
I’m hoping that we can get over this weird funk the boys have fallen into and move on by the time we hit more plot relevant episodes. Another issue I had with this episode that screams of seasons past (and not of Season 8): Sam talking about his year off, about how it was something he had never had before. A grand meeting of the gods who preside over those with cancer (also knows at the doctors familiar with Hazel’s condition) commences.
Augustus calls in the heat of the moment, and Hazel briefly explains her longing to go to Amsterdam, to find out about An Imperial Affliction, to not be sick, and even relates the presence of the swing set. Augustus mentions that, despite Hazel’s attempts, she will not be able to drive him away.
My expectations for fictional romance are increasing exponentially with every passing word in this book. Her mom, who comes running in bath towel, dripping wet, just out of the tub, making us all feel bad about how overworked she must feel.
Hazel asks her mom to let the wish granting organization know that she won’t be able to travel due to her condition. Step 1: text your not boyfriend and let him know that the two of you are headed to Amsterdam!
Hazel is left alone with her nurse, who quite keenly points out that Hazel hasn’t missed much during her short coma. Callisto, now an archangel obviously (when you have to fight in the war you need a best men on your side, right?) goes for the journey to find Xena’s soul and resurrect her.
Xena looks for Gabby and tries to learn how much she can about her mission which is pretty much complicated.
Cronos is Gab’s ex (ha, straight element in the story, you see!) and religious fanatic (Gabrielle has always a thing for people like that).
In the meantime Gabrielle let herself for some mercy and takes care about group of pilgrims.
Lots of special effects, yada yada, Xena and Gabby discover that something is wrong (surprise!).

Ah there is a talk on the end when Gabrielle says to Xena that she destroyed her old life again and that won’t be forgiven.
Xena Movie Campaign was established in 2011 but is still going strong in 2015, so please help us in our Xena movie quest by liking our Facebook page and joining the fight! Take a look at the cringe-inducing texts below -- and whatever you do, don't follow their lead.
Dean is now capable of sympathizing with the things he hunts because he sees them as creatures with choices. They stumble across a few related cases of hearts being torn out of people and slowly relate it back to a famous sports star, Brick Holmes, who died and donated his organs to all of those involved in the attacks. In a way I feel like Sam and Dean are reverting back to their old selves, which is never a good thing. I’d like to point out that he did have four years off hunting at college, part of which was spent with Jessica.
Hazel breaks the news that she won’t be able to go to Amsterdam, to which Augustus replies in his usual teasing way. After being hooked up to a BiPAP machine (a requirement for breathing while she’s asleep after the incident with her lungs only days before), she drifts off to sleep. She asks him how he can continue to put himself through this—implying the question of how could he possibly want to be with another cancer chick when he’s already suffered the loss of Caroline Mathers?
Hazel, not needing another stinging reminder that she wouldn’t be traveling to Amsterdam, calls for her mom. We learn that she does not have a brain tumor, but that the pain in her head and shoulder are simply a result of poor oxygenation.
Huge religious war just began, because very powerful magic force is hidden on the island so every fucking god is interested in this more or less. Warrior princess finds herself on the island, she has never visited before, not knowing anything about the war, the situation and of course Gabrielle. Huge war between gods is one thing but on earth (and on island) is also huge war between religious groups.
The story goes on, they both fight on the war, Xena becomes Gabrielle’s main commander. When he learned that he wont be able to win her love (ah Xena Xena Xena), he started to fight with her and of course he know how to do it. Xena doesn’t approve it but their relation is not very stable so warrior princess gives up.
They came back to the castle with Callisto, but of course it’s too late and something, big, evil and awful (more special effects and a lot of 3d). They had an alpha explanation, and I can understand the difference between a pureblooded werewolf versus one that is bitten.

Granted, if a monster makes the wrong choice Dean Winchester will be the first to gank that mother. The Winchesters soon discover from Brick’s supposed mother that Brick was a member of ancient Mayan civilization who sacrificed two hearts every year to keep him young and alive. The old Sam and Dean did a great job at hurting each other and themselves by keeping things from each other, and Dean bottling up his memories from Purgatory seems to fit that description quite nicely.
One of them inevitably ends up dead, or emotionally dead, or soulless, or addicted to demon blood, or in Purgatory, or just alone. This letter is quite clearly in response to the text conversation about how Hazel refuses to become too close to Augustus.
The one god who can join the fight (lot of issues I don’t want to boring you about that) is God of Eli of course.
Of course she gets there little bit too late, when our peaceful group just came up as the greatest danger and starts to make a ritual. They fight, they win eventually but the only thing you can do to stop the ritual is to destroy the island’s center do they decide to do it. And by choosing to let the girl go rather than hunt her down in the last few minutes of the episode behind Sam’s back, we see Dean redeeming himself. Once dead, his organs were donated and transplanted to other people and the spell compelled the new organ hosts to kill in his place.
When these two work together, communicate, actually listen to each other, and so on, they will do swimmingly. Archangels are very much interested to protect the power from others (bla,bla,bla, you have to start somehow) but they fail everytime they try to act directly so they need a hero, a messenger, a guardian… yeah, you are right. One of these groups (and one god of course) is very dangerous and Xena should stop them somehow but she’s not perfectly sure which one.
Point is everyone can see some kind of correlation between this trio of teenagers and Team Free Will, which is definitely a good thing. The Winchesters must then kill the woman who received his heart in order to stop the spell. It’s an incredibly emotional episode, and in terms of character development the episode was a huge step.
To the end Gabrielle won’t be sure what to do with Xena, she will let her to come closer, and then push her away. Then, in 2.18, we talked about the dead girl for about thirty seconds and then moved on with the episode (which ended up being a filler with not a single plot element in sight).

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