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One of the biggest problems you'll face after breaking up is trying to get a foothold back in your ex girlfriend's life.
What can you do to get back her attention, and make your ex look at you as a potential boyfriend again?
What if she were a LOT more interested in you than you even realize, and has been paying even closer attention to you now - since the breakup - than she was while you were still going out together?
Your ex girlfriend hasn't walked away without a care in the world, and she hasn't ditched you without a second thought.
Fact is, your girlfriend will spend a lot of time closely examining every aspect of your breakup.
She'll also want to know if you were able to carry on normally, or whether you crumpled into the fetal position and began crying to get her back.

Throwing yourself at your girlfriend's mercy after she breaks up with you is always a terrible idea. Keep it up, and your ex also makes a pretty forgone conclusion: there's no reason to date some guy who needs me more than I actually need him. This goes especially for Facebook contact, because your ex girlfriend is going to use Facebook to try and track your every move.
Social networks like Facebook and MySpace are notorious for giving out too much information. Adding these things up, your ex will track you though friends, family, and social network updates on the computer. You can get your ex interested in you again by denying her the information she's relied upon, day in and day out, to determine exactly what you've been doing.

Jealousy is an immediate way to recapture the attention of an ex girlfriend who's ignoring you.
The more maturely you handle things, the more your ex will respect you for it, and ultimately, the easier it will be to get her to want you back. Share or message your boyfriend with the best quotes to make him remember you all the time.

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