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There's a song out there called "How can I miss you if you won't go away?" It's about a girl who follows her ex boyfriend around everywhere he goes, 'like a dog without a home', ultimately driving him crazy in the process.
The point here is obvious: if you're eternally hanging around, either physically or through occasional contact, your ex girlfriend will NEVER miss you. Without the right timing, any post-breakup contact you make with your ex goes directly against her almighty decision to break up with you.
After the breakup, you need to pull yourself completely out of EVERY aspect of your ex girlfriend's life. What happened to you should be a total mystery to your ex, and every attempt at finding out where you went should be met with a shrug. Dropping off the face of the Earth is going to immediately get your ex thinking about you again.
Your ex will also wonder if maybe you've moved on, and whether or not you're actually dating somebody else. Facebook - It's one of the most commonly-used tools for tracking people, whether they be exes or current love interests. Check out these very slick tips and tricks on how to handle your ex Facebooking you after the breakup, as well as how to manipulate your own Facebook account in order to get her back.

Email - This is an extremely safe way for your ex to get in touch with you after the breakup.
Text-Message - When your ex girlfriend sends you a text-message it's because she's not ready for a more personal form of communication just yet. Asking Friends - Your ex girlfriend's friends are an important source of information for her, and she might ask them to check up on you when she gets curious.
The No-Contact approach to winning your girlfriend back is, simply put, the complete and total withdrawal from anything to do with your ex.
There's something inside her that needs to know when you gave up on the relationship, and what exactly made you unhappy enough that you're not even trying to keep things together. Maybe you had some other girl in mind the whole time, and were just waiting for her to break up with you? These are the kinds of questions your ex will ask herself when you DON'T call or make contact with her.
Your girlfriend wants to date a guy in control, both of his own life and of the future of the relationship. None of this can happen if you're needy, desperate, crying, or dragging your knees along the pavement while chasing after your ex.

None of it can happen if you're so busy revealing your 'true feelings' that you don't stop to take a look at the man you've actually become.
Worst of all, none of it can happen if you've been acting like the wishy-washy, newly-feminized 'modern man' that seems to dominate every sitcom and television talk show these days.
How you carry yourself after the breakup will determine how your ex sees you, and if you want her back you need to put forth these traits and attributes before you do anything else. Depending on what type of festival-goer you are, there are definitely some essential items you will want to bring. Share or message your boyfriend with the best quotes to make him remember you all the time.

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