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I was given two review copies for the game, and while I was able to test both to some degree, I ultimately decided to beat the game on Sapphire in order to relive through some of my most cherished moments on the Game Boy Advance. While Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby look leaps and bounds better than their GBA counterparts, developer Game Freak did a fantastic job recapturing the look and feel of the originals.
Thankfully, Game Freak chose to forego adding 3D effects to the game, a feature I typically choose to turn off no matter what 3DS game I'm playing, mostly because of the headaches I would invariably get as a result. As I have not had a chance to play other 3DS Pokemon titles, I was taken aback by just how cool and functional a 3D Pokemon world looks like.
One of my favorite things in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby is Game Freak's decision to keep the sound effects as close to the originals as possible.
With respect to the originals, perhaps the most recognizable aspect of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby is the soundtrack, which includes all the original GBA jingles. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby do a great job at recapturing the tried-and-true gameplay mechanics of the previous games, letting you unleash your inner Pokemon master. Beyond  traditional mechanics, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby incorporates a few new gameplay changes that slightly change how the game is played. Considering that you receive the Exp Share item pretty much at the start of the game (as opposed to the other titles where you would get it much later), you can now level all five non-participating Pokemon with your starter main without actually having to grind them. With the addition of Exp Share, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby become much easier games than their GBA counterparts.
Of course, I understand the reasoning behind the new Exp Share, which many fans have been wanting for years.
I did like some of the other changes to Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, however, including the new Pokemon training modes.
One of the most recognizable changes to Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby is the addition of Mega Evolution, which allows certain Pokemon to achieve an evolutionary state beyond their final state. Dollar for dollar ($40 to be exact), Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby has some of the best replay value of any 3DS game around.
Just as in the Pokemon X and Y versions, you are able to battle it out against other trainers in ranked mode or unranked mode, and you are also able to set up trading with your friends, letting you finish out your Pokedex without physically requiring your friend to be there.
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby do a great job at recapturing the GBA essence of the originals. Quite possibly the best looking Pokemon games to date, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby do a wonderful job with the graphics, soundtrack, and character animations, giving the game a look and feel that satisfies die-hard fans and newcomers alike.

While Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby doesn't try to fix what isn't broken with its core gameplay mechanics, I found the Exp Share to take away the pleasure of grinding out your Pokemon, making the game all too easy to beat.
With literally hundreds of Pokemon to catch, mini-games to play, and people to battle against online, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby offer a great deal of extra juice to those who want to keep playing past the storyline.
GameCrate reviews represent the opinions of the GameCrate writer who wrote them, and not necessarily those of Newegg. In this interview, David Bonacci of Bandai Namco takes us through Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade . I was 15 years old, and had saved up just enough money to buy one of the two new Pokemon games with two trade-ins at my local game store.
The colors, animations, towns, roads, and characters are instantly charming, and you immediately get an unmistakeable sense that you are in a Pokemon world.
Seeing the contrast between the size of Pokemon and in-game characters really helps set a sense of scale into the game, something that was previously observable in the either the animated series or games like Pokemon Stadium.
Entering and exiting areas produces the same "krashaha" sound, and the battlecries of the Pokemon are highly reminiscent of the variable-pitch screeches you've come to know and love.
Each time I entered a new town or a city I would be greeted with a hauntingly familiar loop of quasi-16-bit music that took me back a decade to the moment when I first enjoyed them. The good news is that you don't need to play the originals in order to enjoy the story of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, and, if you're like me and had forgotten most of what went down, you'll get to re-enjoy the plot twists with a greatly improved production value. With changes to the gameplay over the originals (more on that later) I was able to get through the main storyline of the game in 11 hours and 30 minutes, which was far less time than it took me to beat the GBA versions (those took me around 2o hours if I remember correctly). After getting your starter Pokemon, your goal is to catch additional Pokemon, beat gym trainers, and finally crush the Elite Four to secure your title as a Pokemon master. One of the most notable changes is to the "Exp Share," which, instead of granting 50% of experience to a non-participating Pokemon who is holding the item, now evenly distributes experience points to all the non-participating Pokemon in your party.
What this essentially translates to is that you no longer need to strategically think about which Pokemon you should grind, what your lineup should be, or worrying about imbalances between your main an alternative Pokemon. I was able to finish the story and beat all the Gym Leaders without getting a single game over. Getting to level 100 is a real pain, especially when you don't have glitches like MissingNo.
These training modules include a couple mini-games that let you boost a Pokemon's stats like speed, HP, and strength, and while somewhat repetitive, are a fun way to pass time.

Unlike the Exp Share, I actually liked this change as it saves you the frustration of blindly trying to catch the desired Pokemon in a given area, letting you fill up your PokeDex much quicker than you would otherwise be able to. This state, while temporary, gives their stats a huge boost, and allows them to pretty much crush any Pokemon in their path. In addition to over 200 Pokemon to catch, the games have Pokemon beauty contests, the possibility of decking out your room with different furniture and decorations, and hidden islands to explore. The online functionality is a nice touch that further extends the longetivity of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, letting players test out their skills against non-A.I. While the story is a wonderful deep-dive into the Pokemon universe, I did find it to be a little too short.
While I found the games to be on the easier side, the beautiful graphics and extended replay value put these two games on the top of any 3DS owner's must-have list. I had my sights set on Ruby because the first Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Red, and I couldn't wait to discover what special abilities I could wreck Pokemon trainers with Groudon, the fire-type ultimate on the cover of the game. I wish remakes of other titles paid as much attention to the originals as Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby do, if only to maintain a sense of legacy for longtime fans like myself. Although it isn't uncommon for modern games to last ~10 hours, I do think a series as epic as Pokemon would greatly benefit from an expanded story. The changes to the Exp Share have a major impact on how Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby plays out. Though a part of me would like to attribute such an accomplishment to my 1337 Pokemon Trainer skills, the fact of the matter is that, as long as you have six Pokemon in your party, you're pretty much guaranteed to have an easy ride through the game.
While I found the Mega Evolution Pokemon to be somewhat overpowered, I nevertheless enjoyed getting out of a potentially sticky situation by super-sizing my Pokemon. While the story is short, I would expect it to take somewhere between 40 and 60 hours to truly complete the game, if not longer. Nevertheless, I think there is something truly special about getting to level 100 'the good ol' way,' where you could really appreciate the hard work and sweat people put into getting their Pokemon to perfection.

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