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Usually when you go to the internet to type in a definition they come up with all these wonderful synonyms. If you are already a fan of the awesomeness that is Ex Girlfriend Recovery then you can skip this section and get right to the goods but if you are new to this site then I suggest you take a seat and listen to the greatest show on earth! Ex Girlfriend Recovery is a resource for men (or women) who are looking to get their ex girlfriends back.
After all, there are other websites out there that teach men how to get their ex girlfriends back.
What makes Ex Girlfriend Recovery different from the rest is the fact that I pride myself on writing the best content in the world on the topic.
While I will admit I still have a long ways to go before I can truly make that claim I will say that I’m not off to a bad start.
Ok, all kidding aside my name is Chris and I teach men and women how to get back with their exes. I currently own and operate three successful websites in the relationship niche (including this one) and as weird as this is going to sound I genuinely enjoy helping people. As you wade through all the information found in Ex Girlfriend Recovery you will notice that I am very responsive in the comments. So, feel free to ask a question in the comments if you want more personalized advice or you are confused about something I say here on EGR. I suppose the logical place to start would be talking about the ultimate misconception that men have. I am going to ask you a simple question and I want you to answer it to the best of your ability. And while I will admit having all of those things will definitely impress a woman they won’t impress a woman in the long run. Alright, lets pretend that we live in a fantasy world where you have all three of the things I mentioned above. Ultimately while the things like having a Ferrari, a lot of money and a fantastic physique will impress a woman at first eventually it wears off and it’s not so impressive to her anymore. Because your ex girlfriend isn’t going to be impressed by things that already impressed her. Now, crying is often associated with something bad happening which I am sure you are an expert at right now due to your recent breakup but crying can also be good. For example, lets say that I am watching movie A and it makes me cry due to being moved by the story. And then a few days later I decide that I want to experience that feeling again so I decide to watch movie A one more time but I don’t cry this time around. An ex girlfriend isn’t going to be impressed by you pulling out the same things that impressed her the first time around. I hate to keep re-iterating things over and over again but this example is too perfect not to. I want you to think back to the example I gave of impressing a woman above with the ferrari, money and body. Short Term Impressing- Something that impresses a woman a lot at first but loses it’s luster in the long run.
However, after a few months pass of watching super high definition on your TV it starts to lose some of it’s gusto. You see, initially the 65 inch TV was very impressive but after time the impression faded and was replaced with something new.
I mean that I don’t think that you can have one quality that will impress your ex girlfriend until the day she dies. Lets also assume that you get the happy ending that you want in getting her back and you end up marrying her. The two of you are around each other every single moment of every day and she has gotten so used to your sense of humor that, while she still laughs, she isn’t that impressed by it anymore. Because I don’t want you to be disappointed when you find out that even long term impressing has an expiration date. But this is what a woman would consider to be a perfect man so lets use it to our advantage. I want you to pick three of the qualities on the graphic above and once you have picked them I want you to do something out of the ordinary… I want you to become an expert at displaying them. Lets say that you are out eating at a restaurant and the waiter comes over and you start chatting him up and get him to open up to you. There is something very attractive about a man who can take charge and get others to like them.
Bill Murray who starts off the movie very cynical gets trapped living the same day over and over again, groundhog day. At first he freaks out and tries to figure out how this happened but eventually he starts to like the idea as he uses it to his advantage. But eventually the paradox of living in the same day and repeating it over and over again proves to be too much for him to handle so he decides to kill himself.
Multiple times but no matter what he does he ends up waking up at 6:00 on Groundhog day every single day. At some point at the beginning of the movie Bull Murray decides that he wants to sleep with her. He tries this multiple times and while he eventually progresses pretty far he can never seal the deal.
You see, when he was trying to get the girl at the beginning of the movie he was still the same old cynical guy (he was just trying to take advantage of her) and somehow the girl saw through it all.
After one hour and forty one minutes the movie was complete and we were both reminded of how good it was. In fact, any time you have a question about the universe, black holes or even basic philosophy he is the guy you want to ask. Anyways, I remember asking him how long he thought Bill Murray’s character was trapped living the same day over and over again.
This shocked me because I figured he was only stuck there a few months but the more I thought about it the more I began to realize that he may have been right. Becoming a master pianist, sculptor, fluent in french and changing your personality from completely resenting people to wanting to help them takes some time. I went to Google to figure out exactly how many days Bill Murray spent trapped in Groundhog Day and learned that the director of the movie, Harold Ramis, said that Bill Murray was there for ten years.

In other words, I want you to pretend that you were going to be trapped living the same day over and over again. Now, I realize I am talking to men here and that’s why I put in that little tidbit at the end there about sleeping with a million women. While I am sure 70% of you would jump at the opportunity I want to challenge you to look past that and ultimately look at the skills or qualities that YOU would obtain. I want to take all of Bill Murray’s skills and qualities that he picked up from being trapped in groundhog day for ten years and look at them from a short term impressing perspective to a long term impressing perspective and show you what it took to get the woman of his dreams, Rita.
Alright, so lets look at the combination of qualities that ultimately won this woman’s heart. Hey, I am as impressed by a master pianist as anyone but when you are looking at it in the context of relationships it’s hard for me to say that a woman is going to stay with a man based solely on his ability to impress her with his piano skills. Nevertheless, playing the piano leaves one hell of an impression on anyone so this definitely helped to show Rita that Bill Murray was skilled at something other than being cynical.
It’s just not going to impress a woman for the long term like long term impressing is.
However, if you were able to create an ice sculpture for the woman of your dreams something tells me you would impress the hell out of her but it’s kind of a one and done thing.
Thus, ice sculpting is short term impressing but it leaves a very strong short term impression.
How many points would you score if all of a sudden you started talking to your ex girlfriend in french?
The long term impressing things I list above are all qualities about a human’s character. Nevertheless, I do want to say that becoming fluent in french is going to score you more points than a regular short term impressing skill will so I will place it somewhere in between the short term and the long term. Rita (Bill Murray’s dream girl) had worked with Bill Murray before he got trapped in this paradox where he had to live the same day over and over again. And ultimately it is because of this belief that Bill Murray is selfish that he was unable to get her when he first tried to get her.
Now lets fast forward to the end of the movie after Bill Murray has changed from being selfish to selfess. Add in the short term impressing she witnessed before his selfless transformation and you have the recipe for love.
Do you remember when I said that there is a place for short term impressing in the overall strategy of impressing an ex girlfriend?
If you were trapped and had to live the same day over and over again what would you spend your time doing?
Notice that in the graphic I have written down short term impressing and long term impressing qualities.
I want you to focus on both since impressing your ex girlfriend will probably require both. Of course, if we look at the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray had never dated Rita before so he actually had it a bit easier than you. You, on the other hand, need to focus ONLY on new skills or qualities because your ex girlfriend has already seen everything you have to offer and if you recall my section about new making more of an impression above you can definitely see why Bill Murray had it easier.
I want to show you how powerful this strategy can be if it’s implemented by showing you what it looks like from your ex girlfriends perspective.
Lets pretend that you decide that you want to impress your ex girlfriend so you decide to use the no contact rule found in PRO. You have identified 3 short term impressing skills and 1 long term impressing quality that you want to obtain and show to your ex girlfriend when the time is right. So, like Bill Murray in groundhog day you spend quite a bit of time mastering these skills and qualities until eventually you feel you have obtained them.
Eventually when that inevitable meeting happens these qualities start to ooze out and impress the hell out of her. And we all know that an ex girlfriend who is impressed is going to be that much easier to get back. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back.
Yes, we did no contact for about 3 months, and I have utilized the strategy you’re speaking about. I would say hey and ask her questions such as: what are you doing and how was your day… Etc! I would say hey and ask her questions such as: what are you doing and how was your day… Etc! Hey Chris, this isnt a post asking any questions about what I should do next, its actually a thank you.
I am a 21 year old college football player, I really sweettalk my girl, I’m goodlooking and girls have come easy to me.
For example, if you watch something that moves you so much tears start to form in your eyes. If you want to have any hope of impressing her the second time around you have to have new things to bring to the table. One day you happen to be at your local Best Buy and you notice there is a bigger and better TV out. In fact, not only did you know half the people in the room but half the people in the room liked you. In fact, you get him to open up to you so much your ex girlfriend is super impressed sitting there watching it all. Generally speaking though short term impressing skills are easier to acquire than long term impressing skills.
During this grace period where you are ignoring your ex on purpose you aren’t just sitting around but are actively working on yourself and improving. And she would respond w one one text messages and often times ask why do I care when I ask her stuff like “are you ok” then she’ll say that I’m asking her stupid questions or that I’m acting dumb! Just recently we broke up over the summer because our communication was failing and decided to just be apart! I play the guitar and sing, me and this girl were in a musical and after two weeks she basically asked me out the first day she texted me. I went on her FB and saw a video she shared of grinding and twetking, I took that as a chance to send a message like why would you post that?

In other words, if you can fascinate the hell out of your ex girlfriend with some long term impressing qualities it is going to be a lot more powerful down the road than short term impressing.
Now, if your ex girlfriend is with you and all of these people started coming up to you and saying hi what is the first thing she is going to think?
I was dating a girl a year ago and I still love her now and I am trying to get back her since the day I broke up . I did the no contact strategy, built up attraction with text messages, and now we’re sleeping together again.
Like 2 weeks later she started wanted to talk to me again and we ended up rebuilding and getting closer again! I mean as long as we’ve been together (2 years) she’s never tried or done anything like that and has always opposed it! Keller has never been lesbian and has never had a boyfriend or done anything but apparently seems to only be like this w my ex! I was coming home from vacation and she was leaving the next day, I was adamant we had to see each other before she left, I got her to meet with me it was like pulling teeth.
I asked her to give me some time before complete broke up and she will ready for that(she have still some emotional corner for me in his heart ) but now the date fixed for broke up comes nearer and still now i am not in the position to broke up with her . One moment we were on the phone she told me she was gay and I didn’t believe it because ik how she feels about that particular topic & I figured she was probably only doing it to get at me because she knows how I feel about it too! Well that lasted up until about September where we got in a little disagreement about our viewpoints on each other and our relationship! Also her friend Keller doesn’t like it either and opposed it too and Jeller is literally the 1st friend she’s ever had that has never exhibited any attraction to her!
Granted we had discussed this stuff all the time and she always led on she liked my Christian ideals and would really swoon over this stuff, she knew how I felt but also how I wasnt judgemental with my friends like I would ask about stuff but wouldn’t look down on of those who partied and had sex.
Also, this morning we were texting and she sent me a video of a girl who’s ex called him and he was yelling at her to leave him alone!
I got upset w her accepting food from her neighbor and even though I eventually realized that it wasn’t a big deal! They send each other things like that: women having sex, relationship quotes, and videos, and tell one another how they make each other happy! I am confused what i will do to change her mind and make her ready to continue the relationship ?
I applied what you teach and finally got my ex back even after her saying shes just not in love anymore.
I still avoided arguing w her but she could tell that I was upset through my tone of voice… She would get jealous at things that would happen to me as well! But whenever my Keller isn’t able to talk to my ex she’ll come and talk to me!!
I will say I was scarily honest in this relationship and really let her know I cared and also my flaws. I say lets be friends and she wont let us break up, I say ok then lets take a step back and grow back together so you don’t have those feelings again. She also tells me that while we were dating, she didn’t feel like I accepted her completely and that I was too judgmental of her. We were texting for a good 30 min or so and all we did was send each other videos but idk if she’s hurt, upset, trying to move on or what! She now tells me shes deeply in love with me and that she really wants a stronger relationship this time around!
At this point I feel extremely crushed, sad, devastated, embarrassed, suicidal, and all I want to do is turn back the hands of time! I had met that day to end it gracefully and remain friends but she wouldn’t let me and it was the best date we ever had, the plan was take a step back stop sending a few hundred text messages each day and relieve the pressure from the relationship as we were both going to college and would be separated by distance during the year. I’m introverted, and I tend to be a bit more serious than most guys out there, and yes, I know I was judgmental of her and I regret that so much.
Everything about me wants to believe that they are just playing but the other side of me is constantly wondering!!! I said lets kick this off with a week of no contact.  So she leaves to the beach and sends me a message the first two days about how much she loves me.
So throughout that whole week she pretty much spent it ignoring me or last minute calling me! The reason was that she was not replying since 3 days so I made a reason for her to to reply. Because truthfully I was ignoring her because I was hurt, angry, and sad about what had happened and now I’m constantly thinking about her and what I could of done! So one day we eventually got on the phone and she completely disrespected me while I was on the phone w her and her friend!
Why doesn’t she talk to me and stays on her phone all day sending her stuff like that and constantly ignores me!!! She said him that I do this things regularly so she was fed up and dated somone else ( changed 2 bf after me ) . Later that night she called me because her friend was busy and she sounded all sweet and innocent like she was interested in talking to me!
Now she is dating a guy has worse personality than me and even she is unhappy but 2 reason makes her stay with him 1.
How do I show her, prove to her, that I’m the one she wants and not this other, outgoing guy? NOW out of anger pretty much ignored her for that whole week or two and posted pics on Instagram and Snapchat that let her know that I was on my phone but just not talking to her! At times I would talk to her back when she would try to communicate w me but only for a short while! Then at the end she went off on me about not talking to her for two weeks and ignoring her and saying that what if I talk to her or not is completely irrelevant to her life!
So today I tried texting her and calling but she pretty much has been ignoring me and giving me the cold shoulder all day!

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