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Conventional wisdom suggests that when you can't keep an eye on your lover, they may be more tempted to stray. Maybe you already know that your partner's been unfaithful, but you're not ready to give up without a fight. Perhaps you understood from the beginning that your long distance relationship would need more work.
The guy had decorated the bedroom with candles, glitter and treats ready for the fake proposal!
The man had discovered on Halloween that his girlfriend was seeing someone else behind his back.

So when a man, who posted his story on Reddit, found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him for two years he was totally pissed off.
But when the grovelling started from his ex asking for forgiveness, he took a very different approach to the situation. Lindsay's official girlfriend SAMANTHA RONSON was spotted hanging out with another girl at Lindsay's favorite restaurant. Even worse, your boyfriend or girlfriend may have stopped responding to your letters and emails.
While Lindsay is in New York filming, SAM had a romantic lunch date at 'La Scala' in Beverly Hills.

He came up with a plan that end with him dumping her, and this could potentially be the cruelest way ever!

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