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Speaking with the NY Daily News, Chris Brown’s father, Clinton Brown, says he would prefer if his son stay away from the Bajan bombshell.
Clinton Brown split with Chris Brown’s mom, Joyce, when the singer was only six years old. Chris Brown and Rihanna relationship abruptly came to an end in February, 2009 when he brutally beat her while they were heading home in his Lambroghini. However, Brown dumped his girlfriend Karrueche Tran to rekindle his relationship with Rihanna in November of last year.
RIHANA AND CHRIS HAS A SERIOUS PROBLEM IF THEY ARE HAVING A RELATIONSHIP AND CAN NOT GET OVER THE PAST INCIDENT. They should now concentrate more on their careers, keeping a low profile and shut up about their relationship because at the end of the day, it’s all left up to them.
Shares Janet Jackson and her husband Wissam Al Mana are expecting their first child together. Shares 50 Cent almost get himself into more legal troubles on his hand after posting a video of himself mocking an autistic man at the airport. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Drainage fittings shall have a smooth interior waterway of the same diameter as the piping served.
Several yrs ago I saw an interesting demonstration of a toilet flushing packing peanuts and the resulting travel through a clear 3" tube. When we remodeled our basement bathroom, we removed all or the sheetrock, exposing the upstairs plumbing drainage.
I am just going to dig over to an existing drain that is already vented or I assume I am, so way do I need venting connections? In some cases, there are no practical means of running a vent for a plumbing fixture drain- this is where AAV's (Air Admittance Valve- AKA: Studor Valve) come into play. I don't understand the vent thing I understand having a vent water can't go out if air doesn't go in. Without a physical inspection of your home it would be pure speculation on my part as to how or why your home is plumbed the way it is. I believe code requires that anything downstream from a toilet be air vented above said toilet. Instead of venting through the roof why couldn't you run the vent along the upstairs floor and out side just above the foundation say in the back yard. I miss posts by boles, dennis, greg, roman, and everyone else that has taken leave of us over the last few weeks.
I think it would be really cool if we could stop all of the bull**** threads about who is mad at who and get back to what this forum was all about. I started a facebook groupo that is dedicated to all things les paul, and i got 36 members in 3 days. Keith Richards and Mick Jagger made up, DLR is with Van Halen again, hell, even Duff was onstage with GnR recently.
Most of them are fed up with all the BS and drama that has occurred here in the past few weeks.
But to give myself some credibility around here my two favorites are my 1998 Orville LP Standard and my 1998 Standard Strat.

After rumors swirled today that the two were engaged, Kandi gave the exclusive to Us Weekly confirming that it's indeed true. Congrats to both Kandi and Todd I'm sure all of the HATERS will have something negative to say, but ignore them all, and I hope God Bless you all. My best friend has just announced her wedding with a handsome millionaire, they met on ~~~ W?nkMillionaire.C0M ~~~ where you have the opportunity to make friends and chat with rich and cool guys ,hot and sexy girls, supermodels and so on. Kandi's is in her mid 30's & Todd is DAMN NEAR 40, so they're no SPRING CHICKENS & time is of the essence!
Congrats to Kandi but I can't help but give her the side eye, I think we need Marlo back to get her all RADDLED UP about being a SUGAR MAMA which she is.
Well, I know one thing by your reaction to my comment, you are either a SUGAR MAMA OR A BABY MAMA based on how offended you are about MY COMMENT ABOUT HER! LMAO i bet you he'll stop talking to him once he does ichat or skype with his beastly tranny behind.
Actually, when I noted 'obviously, nothing wrong with that until they get tired of being used', I meant by the unpaid Black men they tend to chase. Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. I was thinking before I heard about a different type of toilet I would rent a saw and a jack hammer because there should be re-barb in the cement to cut.
The vent it goes out of the roof but isn't that all you need is the vent that is already there. Although I must say, going to the Gibson Les Paul forum lately has just been a bunch of repeated threads.
I'm happy to see the children happy and I've very excited to see you two discuss buisness with a smile on your face, I see the love and don't ever worry about people speaking or approving your union, just know and feel that what you two have is what matters, not my approval, your friends, or talk show host, you two deserve love just like everyone else, carry on! I can't help but listen to what her daughter said about how quickly she moved Todd in, no telling how many MEN over the YEARS that child as seen Kandi go through. Yeah, the show has lost sum of it's humor, all they do is TALK SH!T, DRINK, & TALK MO SH!T lol. Phaedra with Apollo, Kandi with Todd, Toya with Woman Beater, Rasheeda with her hubanger, Whitney with Bobby, etc. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. EVERY SEC OF THE DAY A WOMAN IS SERIOUSLY ABUSE WITH GREAT TRAUMA THAN RIHANA, CHILDREN BEING RAPE EVERY SEC OF THE DAY, A CHILD IS DYING EVERY SEC OF THE DAY DUE TO AIDS ETC, A CHILD IS HUNGRY EVERY SEC OF THE DAY, A FAMILY IS HOMLESS EVERY SEC OF THE DAY, EVERY SEC OF THE DAY A FAMILY LOST THEIR JOB, SOME ONE IS DEPRESSION, KILLING , RAPING, DUE TO LACK OF CONNECTING OUR SOUL TO THE CREATOR OF THIS WORLD.
Drainage fittings shall have no ledges, shoulders or reductions which can retard or obstruct drainage flow in the piping.
No wonder her daughter wants to move to the guest house,her home as been an REVOLVING DOOR of MEN IN and OUT of that childs LIFE! It is a known FACT that KANDI has been RAN THRU by JEMAINE DUPREE,the late GERALD LAVERT and many many other dudes like HER CHILDS FATHER the BOYFRIEND THAT DIED and MANY MANY MANY MORE! Maybe we can start a petition to bring Marlo back since that seems to be the NEW WAY to add ur 2cents into the makin of REALITY SHOWS! This ain't funny but when the guy found out a Tranny went down on him , he took a can and bashed him in the head.

He's probably SOCIALLY AWKWARD & EMOTIONALLY CRIPPLE so he can't connect with ppl lmao!
I remember her mom on a talk show once, and I believe she said that.Gwen seemed like such a nice person. Not very many of them(Black men) are successful and the ones that are, date 'others' when they get a little money.
Successful Black women (and Black women in general) should definitely think outside the box. MONEY DOES NOT MAKE HUMAN HAPPY WITH THEM SELF, MONEY IS A TEMPOARY HAPPINESS, ITS AN ELUION OF HAPPINESS. So you remove the floor drain basin, cut the pipe, put in a T at the right depth and then replace the drain basin to the pipe.
Threaded drainage pipe fittings shall be of the recessed drainage type, black or galvanized. If other plumbing fixtures fed into it (say a 2nd floor bath- if this was a 1st floor bath) it would be a wet vent.
NO WONDER WHY I THOUGHT YOU WERE SO BRILLIANT" COME "LIKE" THE PAGE AND BE A PART OF THE LIBRA EXPERIENCE!!!!!!! Women like Kandi are BAD examples for their daughters and teach them how to be SUGAR MAMA'S! So instead of allowing Kandi to BE ALL YOU BABY MAMA'S & SUGAR MAMA'S INSPIRATION OF HOPE, you should "GET YO LIFE " and stop getting bent out of shape about OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES that you don't know either BAYBEEEEE! These type of women will always appear to be sugar mamas because they refuse to think outside the box. THE GOD I KNOW WILL TAKE BACK THE FREE CHOICE AND THE SOUL, THE SOUL NEVER DIE SO THAT WHERE THE SURPRISES AND DRAUMA WILL BE IN THAT GRAVE WHEN GOD TAKE BACK THE SOUL, FREE CHOICE AND THE WORMS EAT THE FLESH.
HAPPINESS IS WHEN A HUMAN RESPECT THE CREATION OF THE CREATOR, GRATEFUL FOR THE BRILLION CREATION OF GOD, LOVE , PEACE, BE POSITIVE, HEALTH, BRING SOUL TO THE EARTH, CARE FOR EACH OTHER, THAT HAPPINESS. Drainage fittings shall be designed to maintain one-fourth unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (2-percent slope) grade. Todd looks like an OPPORTUNIST who would have never ever liked Kandi, he looked like he may have went for a totally different type from her! I guess being the other woman you would have to fight,but woman who aren't the other woman, and women with self respect know better than to fight for or over a man. And when asked about their status in a recent Vanity Fair interview, Patton shared: We've known each other since we were teenagers.
This section shall not be applicable to tubular waste fittings used to convey vertical flow upstream of the trap seal liquid level of a fixture trap. I don't BLAME Todd if this SUGAR MAMA wants to take care of him, move him in, throw him parties, take him on trips, fly him around in helicopters. I hope it works out this time but, THE TRUTH IS STILL THE TRUTH about her REALITY SHOW OR NOT! Everyone has a different relationship pattern and marriage time table, but if a dude is making you wait for more than half a decade it's probably safe to say it's not going anywhere.

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