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Just because your ex broke up with you doesn't mean they turned off their feelings for you like flipping off a light switch.
By learning which methods and techniques will bring your ex back to that 'honeymoon' mindset, you can renew their original interest and make your ex want you all over again. Bringing back that early magic is an integral part of winning back your ex's heart and starting over again. When your ex starts asking about your single life, it's because he or she isn't over you yet. An ex who suggests staying friends is trying to keep you around in a platonic holding pattern. Contacting your ex is a crucial part of getting back together, but it has to be done at exactly the right time.
Although your boyfriend or girlfriend might be currently avoiding you, this is pretty common. Your ex is avoiding direct contact for a reason, but they still aren't ready to lose you yet.

No matter what stage of the breakup you might be in, there are always steps you can take to reverse the momentum.
Understanding your ex's post-breakup mindset is one of the biggest obstacles you can overcome.
Withdrawing during the early phases of your breakup is okay, but you can't sit back and do nothing at all. Unfortunately, there's no magical phrase or saying that will make your ex fall instantly back in love with you. Learning what to say to your ex is important, as is the timing of when you should be approaching and talking to them. Essentially, you need to change your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend's opinion of your past relationship, and make them realize that they'd much rather be with you than without you.
The old "let's be friends" scenario is one of the more common ways your ex will push for a trial breakup. You should never agree to be friends with your ex - not if what you really want is to save your relationship.

There are ways of avoiding this type of friendship scenario, and the best ones involve putting yourself back in your ex's life as a potential mate - and not just as a platonic buddy. Remember, there are important reasons behind your ex wanting to be 'friends' after the breakup. If your ex started dating again shortly after breaking up with you, odds are good they're involved in nothing more than a rebound relationship. Find out which methods are best for subtly reinserting yourself into your ex's life, even when they have a new boyfriend or girlfriend. By now, you've probably already tried a few things to help get your ex to change his or her mind.
This site contains 20+ pages of amazing free advice on how you can win back the person you're still in love with.

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