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We’ve all accidentally deleted an important file — or forgotten to save a file after typing up a whole page worth of changes. But then, I also have VMware Fusion virtual machines on my external harddrive — yes, the same one I use for backups. Then, I downloaded a copy of OS X Mavericks beta from my developer account inside the OS X virtual machine, and think I’ll copy the installer to my external hard drive before installing it. Disk Drill lets you see all of your files as they’re rediscovered, organized by type and format. The latter problem is fixed with Autosave in most modern Mac apps, and the former is usually fixable if you have a Time Machine backup setup or if the deleted file was in Dropbox (where you can undelete files or roll back changes to them for up to 30 days for free, from their site). Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of disk recovery, and how to get the most of your data back if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. There’s not internal space in my Mac to have a copy of Windows 8, Ubuntu, and a second test copy of OS X installed, so I keep them installed in virtual machines stored on the external hard drive. I access my Mac (the host machine, remember) over the virtual network, open the external drive (that the virtual machine file is stored on and currently running from), and start copying the file over. The transfer crashed, I shut down the virtual machine, and then opened my external drive on the MacBook.
The files I wanted tended to be larger, 2-5Mb photos, so just by simply sorting by size I was able to rediscover my photos, with all the metadata intact except for the file name itself.
8 of my 13 recovered ISO files were fine as well, though figuring out what’s a Windows 8 and Windows XP installer takes opening the ISO and digging through files.

I noticed that it only showed one file — the OS X virtual machine — on the external drive, but for some reason assumed it was just a quirk.
Low and behold, everything was missing other than the virtual machine and the Mavericks installer — and the virtual machine file was messed up too, enough that it couldn’t reboot.
Or, you can mount everything it finds as a disk and browse through the files in Finder, where you can open or copy them as your would normally. I found everything from the file copy animation from Windows XP (saved as a .avi file) to cached images apparently from the Windows 8 news app that were terribly corrupted.
So bookmark this article, and when you need to restore files from an apparently empty disk, you’ll know how. I just had this happen to my personal backup disk, and after recovering from my initial panic, took Disk Drill for a spin to see how much it could get back.
It’ll take quite some time — around a half hour for me — but will start showing you the files that you can recover almost immediately, organized by file type and extension. Your mileage may vary, of course, but if you’re needing to recover documents, pictures, audio, and videos in normal formats you should be fine, but anything else is hit or miss. I’m not too much of a hoarder, since it all fits there, but it has some rather invaluable stuff like our wedding pictures and videos. It won’t recover your original folders, or even your original file names in most cases, but it will find the actual data, or even the parts of it that are left. Otherwise, let the scan run the whole way, then recover everything you have to another disk to prevent your files being recovered from getting overwritten.

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