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Mercury traditionally rules trade and commerce, so when Mercury is retrograde you could also notice a backward turn in your finances. An otherwise incredibly positive week is bookended by two disharmonious lunar configurations in the Mutable signs. As the Government’s chief legal  adviser in all aspects of public administration law,  international law, legislation and law reform, the Attorney General’s Chambers  is able to provide a vast array of  legal  expertise for the good governance of Montserrat. Our website contains all of the laws in force in Montserrat including laws up to 3 months before today’s date.
The SRO section contains all subsidairy legislation which have been enacted since publication of the last revised edition.
Statutory Instruments or SI’s are laws passed by Her Majesty in Council and are operational in Montserrat. To facilitate review and consideration of Bills introduced in the Legislative Assembly, the Legal Department has created a section headed BILLS under which all draft laws will be posted until they have been passed by the Legislative Assembly. The section under the rubric FORMS was created to provide residents with ready access to forms which are used regularly in Government Departments for the purpose of transacting business.

The judgements posted on this website all arise from cases initiated in the High Court in Montserrat. The establishment of a legal department with career-building and retention capacity and staffed by highly experienced and motivated officers with a conviction for, and commitment to excellence in their legal service delivery to the Government and the people of Montserrat. To provide high quality, timely and comprehensive legal service to the Government of Montserrat and related satellites. Collaborate with Government to ensure a just and law abiding society with an accessible, fair and efficient system of justice, and to promote respect for rights and freedoms, the law and the constitution.
Using your personal birth date, you'll find custom advice for love, work, friendship, everyday life and beyond.
But, if you know the rules for success during the three-week retrograde influence, you can avoid financial stress, and even lay the groundwork for future prosperity. A T-square on Monday and Grand Cross on Sunday can cause much unnecessary worry and suspicion. We hope that you find the information provided on our website to be useful and informative.

The REVISED LAWS  section contains all laws which were published in the last revised edition of Laws. Interested persons may submit comments on drafts to the Legal Department either electronically or through regular post.
The Attorney General’s Chambers plays a pivotal role in enhancing the rule of law and strengthening the efficiency and integrity of Montserrat’s legal system. The OMITTED LAWS  section contains all laws which excluded from the last revisied edition of laws.

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