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Welcome to the three hundredth and thirtieth in a series of examinations of comic book legends and whether they are true or false.
In 1973, famed science fiction author Larry Niven wrote a novella titled Flash Crowd, about the problems caused when cheap teleporation is introduced to the public. The mini-series never came about, although Niven’s ideas were adapted by Gerard Jones for the 1990 Green Lantern ongoing series. Before it could go very far, though, it was squelched by whoever was handling Gardner at the time (I am unsure if it was by the Justice League International staff or the Green Lantern staff). COMIC LEGEND: Universal Press Syndicate banned a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon featuring a joke about Calvin playing in a washing machine.
In celebration of Almost Hidden month (where we spotlighted uncollected comic books – here is a list of the books featured), here is a legend about the only uncollected Calvin and Hobbes strip! Universal Press Syndicate refused to publish an early Calvin and Hobbes cartoon because they were afraid it would encourage children to play in washing machines.
However, that version only ran in some of the papers that had Calvin and Hobbes at the time.
Headon agreed to an audition but didn’t bother going; he’d briefly been in Jones’ previous band, the London SS, “but they were all long hair and afghans and stuff”.
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Here’s a very cool system for reactivating old clients, generating referrals, and building your Power List. Many agents I know have a drawer full of old clients they simply forgot.  Life gets busy and before you know it, it’s been months (even years) since you last contacted some of your clients. This is an easy way to get back in touch and harvest referrals and repeat business from your network, and this  letter has worked for hundreds of agents all over the world.
They may or may not use it, but it’s a stand-out way to remind them that you work by referral.
Agents tell me they start getting calls within a few days after this letter goes out.  But you can also follow up by phone 7 days after sending the letter.
Going forward, you’ll want to keep in contact in a meaningful way.   I’m not talking about pumpkin seeds or calendars here.
Hi People im Making Some Skins Before The Release of The New Minecraft Update and This is a popular One What Do You Think? Can't they make two half slabs, into a completely new block, with the two textures combined? All I can do now is sit and dream, reminiscing on what might have been, wishing you would come back to me. What happens is that large groups of people suddenly show up at places at once, causing all sorts of problems. In the late 1980s, DC Comics approached Niven about coming up with a history of the Green Lantern Corps.

He bought that week’s edition of the NME, however, “and who’s on the cover, but Mick, Joe and Paul [Simonon, bass player], and it was like… ‘Oh, I’ll be down in a minute, then!’ I went in there and went bang! Having set off for the audition in casual clothes and with long hair, he returned home dressed in punk gear, his head sporting hacked spikes. If we hit 3,000 likes on Facebook you’ll get a bonus edition of Comic Book Legends the week after we hit 3,000 likes!
Out of the USA comes this bizarre, one-sided text correspondence from a girl directed at the guy who bedded her, then discreetly sent her on her way. His name was changed next; Simonon rechristened him after deciding their new drummer looked like Mickey the Monkey from the children’s comic, Topper.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. It’s painful to read, especially as the texts were all unleashed over a period of, wait for it, a day. It was going to appear in a three-issue Prestige Format mini-series that would lead into a new Green Lantern series.

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